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Human (and the Forsaken and the Pure) characters belong to one of seven different Classes:

  1. Assault Assault
  2. Heavy training.png Heavy
  3. Sniper training.pngSniper
  4. Berserker training.png Berserker
  5. Infiltrator training.png Infiltrator
  6. Technician training.png Technician
  7. Priest training.png Priest

Each class has seven levels, each of them corresponding to a Skill, including a starting skill that defines the character as belonging to that particular class, and a 4th level skill that enables dual classing (so there really are 5 unique skills to acquire in each class). For a complete description and commentary on the class skills, see below.

Each operative can also unlock 3 random personal perks (often called third-row skills, because of their location on the character sheet).

In Polaris (the free update with the Year One Edition) most of the personal perks providing buffs to damage have been modified; some now provide a lower buff: Bombardier,Trooper, Reckless and Self Defense Specialist, while others no longer provide any damage buff: Strongman and Close Quarters Specialist (for shotguns the damage buff has been removed, the damage buff to melee weapons is the same)

Assault Assault

- Proficient with assault rifles and shotguns (complete list here)

As with all classes in Phoenix Point, the role of the Assault training.png operative depends on how you build it. Some of the skills are compatible with a support role (Ready for Action, Onslaught), others are better suited for the offense (Return Fire, Rapid Clearance), and Dash is something that you wish all your operatives had regardless of their role or class.

It is very common to multiclass other classes into Assault training.png to take advantage of Dash and Rapid Clearance.

Dash Dash

Move up to 1/2 of the movement of the character (3WP and 1AP; limited to 2 uses per turn) (e.g. with a movement stat of 20, a soldier can move 10 tiles casting Dash)

Useful whenever you want to move 2 AP at the cost of one and you are willing to pay 3WP for it, which happens very often (in fact, too much, as you can be tempted to cast it multiple times, e.g. to attack a faraway enemy, neglecting good positioning, exposing your soldier to retaliation and unnecessarily depleting its WP).

Often used to get close to an enemy, attack it, and get back to safety.

Also useful in conjunction with Onslaught to assist another operative.

How to achieve Extreme Mobility (and kinda break the game):

The max movement that can be derived from the speed attribute is 20. Some armors and augmentations provide a bonus to movement; a combination of the Aksu Body Armor Aksu Body Armor and Agile Legs mutation provides a bonus of +6. The Quarterback Quarterback perk adds 2 to movement and Thief Thief another +1. Casting Instil frenzy.png Frenzy (using the Judgement Head Priest mutation) provides a +50%. Bloodlust bloodlust (LVL5 Berserker passive skill, increases the damage and movement up to 50% in proportion to damage suffered) can provide an additional +50%.

Thus, a soldier’s movement can be increased to 58, while most maps in Phoenix Point are 48 tiles in length, a single Dash (29 tiles) allowing the soldier to move half the map at the cost of 1 AP and 3 WP.

Return Fire Return Fire

Shoot back at an enemy when it attacks, provided that character is using a direct-fire projectile weapon with proficiency, and the enemy is within half perception range (passive skill)

All Arthron icon.png wielding Machine Gun MG have Return Fire

Does not activate in the following circumstances:

  1. On melee attacks
  2. If the character is on overwatch, unless the overwatch is activated immediately before the attack (for example, if an enemy runs into the overwatch cone, setting it off, and then the same enemy or a different one attacks the character)
  3. Does not activate if the character is Dazed.png dazed or Panic panicked

For purposes of calculating the perception range, the stealth stat of the attacker is taken into account. So if the attacking enemy has a stealth of 50%, and the character has a perception of 35, Return Fire will not activate unless the enemy is within 8 tiles of the operative.

Since Behemoth update (YOE 1.1, released on May 25, 2021), hovering the pointer over an enemy with Return Fire will show range (red sphere) at which the ability will be activated if attacked by the currently selected operative

Ready for action.pngReady for Action

Reloading and inventory management costs 0 AP (passive skill)

This is useful for moving grenades from the backpack to the quick inventory slots. With high strength, Boom Blast Boom Blast and Quarterback Quarterback trait the operative can throw up to 4 grenades in a single turn (without taking into account AP refund skills, Rally the troops.png and Rapid Clearance) at a range of strength x 0.6 x 1.75 tiles (to a maximum of 44 tiles), essentially acting like ultra-precise artillery.

It can also be used for equipment sharing in the field: by positioning the operative with Ready for Action in the middle of a group of soldiers, it is possible to move items between them and to reload their weapons for free. This is useful when, for example, attempting to paralyze a large Pandoran when you only have a single Hera Hera (and plenty of ammo for it)

Onslaught Onslaught

Refunds 2AP to another operative within 10 tiles, can only be used once per turn by the same soldier (cost 4WP and 2AP)

Although no AP are generated, but merely transferred from one operative to another, this is a very useful skill as very often an operative low on AP can make a better use of them than the Assault. For example, this can be used to allow a Heavy to get into position using the Jet Jump jet jump and then fire the main weapon.

Can be used several times by different operatives on the same soldier (this is known as 'Cheerleading'), for example to maximise the utility of Boom Blast Boom Blast, Rapid Clearance or Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush, or run around the map taking advantage of extreme mobility.

Rapid Clearance Rapid Clearance

Get back 2 AP for each kill until the end of the turn (cost 5WP)

This is one of the most abused skills in Phoenix Point and the most common ingredient in the 'Terminator Builds'

If, once activated, the operative can consistently kill for 2 AP or less, he can clear large chunks, or entire maps of enemies on the first turn before they even had a chance to move.

Several things have to come together for this, but it's very easy for it to happen if you keep stacking buffs as the game encourages you to:

1) you need to maximize damage, which in the game you can currently do up to +>200%:

+50% from Sneak Attack sneak attack,

+50% from Bloodlust bloodlust (maximum)

+10%-25% from one of the weapon proficiency personal perks (Bombardier, Close Quarters Specialist, Self Defense Specialist, Sniperist, Strongman or Trooper), +10% from Reckless.png reckless

+50% from Brawler.png brawler if attacking with a melee weapon

+10-15% from vivisection research

+10% from spoiler - near endgame Synedrion research

Note that the last two damage buffs from researches are multiplicative, while the rest are additive, i.e. For the latter all the percentages are added and then damage is increased by them, while for the former damage is increased by each percentage in turn

+10 damage per attack from Mark for Death mark for death

2) you might need to reduce the AP cost of firing the weapon, which you can do with Quick Aim quick aim, Boom Blast Boom Blast or Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush.

3) you need to deliver the damage to your helpless victims ... errh, I mean the awful, terrible, dangerous, and scary Pandorans! This can be easily done using a fraction of the extreme mobility that you can currently achieve in the game.

And you can have up to 8 soldiers on most missions so they can soften enemies for each other and cast Onslaught onslaught to keep the Rapid Clearance killer loops going.

The most effective and well-known abuse of Rapid Clearance is casting it by a Berserker / Assault with Strongman strongman equipped with a Deceptor MG Deceptor MG benefitting from extreme mobility and casting Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush afterward.

However, even something as basic as an Assault with the Self Defense Specialist self defense specialist perk (and a Gorgon Eye-A Gorgon Eye-A) can do obscene amounts of damage and keep recovering AP with each kill. Needs to be verified now that the Self Defense Specialist self defense specialist perk gives only +10% to damage

Heavy training.png Heavy

- Proficient with machine guns, cannons and grenade launchers (see complete list here)

As always, remember that in Phoenix Point classes don't dictate roles. This can be a fast, lightly armored, hard hitting melee fighter, a tank, a dedicated shooter, a crowd controller, a long range artillery piece, etc.: a Heavy will be what you build it to be.

Some things to bear in mind before we look at the skills:

- They are notoriously inaccurate when fully clad in heavy armor (that inflicts a 16% penalty on their accuracy), wielding a Hel II CannonHel II Cannon or a Deceptor MGDeceptor MG (which have short effective range) and targeting small or medium sized enemies at anything more than 5-10 tiles.

However, the advantage of heavy weapons is that they pack such a punch that it doesn't matter where they hit their targets, which means that often they can engage them at the same range as Assault with their assault rifles, which do have to target specific body parts when dealing with armored enemies.

- If you invest enough in strength, they can easily one-bash kill most Arthron icon.png Arthrons and Triton icon.png Tritons, or at least Dazed.png daze them (see melee; in summary, bashing scales with strength of the character and weight of the weapon needs adjustment as damage from bash has been reduced , so a Heavy with, e.g. 20 strength, wielding a Hel II CannonHel II Cannon will do 20*5 = 100 damage, with Brawler +50%, so 150 damage; with 30 strength it goes up to 225).

- With the Jet jump.png Jet Jump ability, they can move 20 tiles for 3 AP and 2 WP. Therefore they can neglect speed and willpower attributes in favor of strength, which gives them more HPs and increases their throwing distance and the damage they do with bash.

They are the only operatives capable of using the Jet Jump jet jump ability of the heavy body armors without a chance to fumble

- The mounted weapons proficiency allows them to use Destiny III Destiny III, which has an effective range of 999 (i.e. it's 100% accurate at any distance) and shoots 3 projectiles that do 80 damage each for only 1 AP, easily outperforming any sniper rifle Actually, because Destiny III is so accurate, it doesn't matter if the operative wielding it has the mounted weapons profiency or not. However, you can only equip Destiny III on heavy body armors or neural torso

Brawler Brawler

Bash and melee attacks deal 50% more damage (passive skill)

This is a must have skill for a melee oriented Heavy, very effective in combination with Jet Jump jet jump.

It can also be used in a multiclass build with an Assault with the vengeance torso to create a melee 'Terminator'.

War Cry War Cry

Limits the AP of all enemies within 10 tiles to 2 (3WP 1AP)

In practice what this does is prevent most of the enemies affected by War Cry from attacking you on their turn. This is because usually they want to move before shooting, and with just 2 AP they cannot do that. Some enemies will never attack at all because they need 3AP for that (Chiron icon.png Chirons indirect fire, for example).

Boom Blast Boom Blast

Reduces the cost of using explosives by 1 AP and increases their range by 50% until the end of the turn (5WP)

Also works with Destiny III Destiny III and Archangel RL1 Archangel RL1

This skill allows launching 2 grenades from the Goliath GL 2 Goliath GL2 and a mounted rocket (or four grenades and a rocket using Ready for Action ready for action

There are personal perks that make these attacks even more effective (Strongman old.png Strongman for a grenade launcher, Bombardier bombardier for rockets, and Reckless reckless for both)

And you can cross a Heavy and an Infiltrator Infiltrator and top the whole thing off with another +50% to damage from Sneak Attack sneak attack

Inspire Inspire

Killing an enemy grants allies 1 additional WP (passive skill)

This is very useful to replenish WP of the other operatives in the squad by killing small enemies such as Worm icon.png worms, Egg icon.png eggs and Mindfragger icon.png Mindfraggers, especially when using area of effect attacks against them.

Note that it doesn't grant the additional WP to the Heavy himself

Rage Burst Rage Burst

Fire the weapon 5 times in an arc, limited to one use per turn by the same soldier (5WP + standard AP cost of firing the weapon)

What this skill offers is shooting the target multiple times for the same AP cost, but without being able to freeaim and expending excess ammunition.

Though you aim with a cone, you actually have to select a target (as you move the cone, once it locks onto an enemy you will see a red square under it and the cone will start swaying, following the idle animation of the critter).

It doesn't work against multiple targets unless they are very closely packed together.

It works best against very large targets (such as Scylla Scylla), and using burst weapons (such as the Deceptor MG Deceptor MG or any assault rifle or personal defense weapon).

Beware of obstacles between you and the target, as some scenery pieces are surprisingly resilient (or indestructible).


- Proficient with sniper rifles and pistols (see complete list here).

Everyone likes sniper rifles because of their long effective range and high damage per shot. It's an easy package for reliably overcoming armor at long distances.

Sniper skills make it even better with cheaper overwatch (Extreme Focus) and cheaper fire with proficient weapon (Quick Aim), even higher accuracy when there are no enemies nearby (Master Marksman), removal of armor from the body part that gets disabled (Weakspot) and a damage multiplier spell (Mark for Death).

However, sniper rifles have the lowest Damage per Second/Damage per AP of all types of weapons and they don't do shred damage. However, the Sniper skills are useful with other weapons, whether through multiclassing or third-row weapon proficiency.

Extreme focus.png Extreme Focus

Overwatch cost is reduced by 1 action point(passive skill)

It can reduce the cost of overwatch to 0 AP if the weapon only costs 1 AP to shoot, so it is very common to use this skill to setup a free overwatch with a handgun. Alternatively, it can be used to set up overwatch with a sniper rifle after making a shot with it using Quick Aim

Quick Aim Quick Aim

The AP cost of the next shot with proficient weapon is reduced by 1 (3WP)

The most common use of this skill is to shoot a sniper rifle twice in a single turn, but of course it offers interesting combinations for other weapons as well (Dash + Quick Aim to land a shotgun blast being a favorite). Even more interesting effects happen when this is used with weapons that cost only 1 AP to use, such as most handguns and all PDWs, especially in combination with Rapid Clearance, as it nets 2 APs per kill. So a broken rapid clearance chain can be resurrected with a pistol kill, perhaps with an assist from a buddy.

Master Marksman Master Marksman

Accuracy with a proficient weapon is increased by 30% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles (passive skill)

Currently the bonus to accuracy is not shown in the info panel, but it still applies as long as the conditions are met.

This skill is particularly useful as part of kitting out an operative for 'extreme' accuracy, in combination with other buffs to accuracy, and not necessarily used with sniper weapons.

Weak Spot Weak Spot

Disabling a body part also remove that body part's armor (passive skill)

This is best used in combination with another operative to make a heavily armored target extremely vulnerable.

Mark for Death Mark for Death

Increases damage suffered by the target by 10 from each hit until the end of the turn (4WP)

This skill is very effective in multiplying damage to a target from burst weapons, especially shotguns and the Deceptor MGDeceptor MG. The longer the burst (and the more bursts the target will receive) the more utility can be obtained from this skill.

However, it is not worth it to use it to increase the damage from single shot weapons, like sniper rifles.

Berserker training.png Berserker

Essentially a meta-class. There is no reason at all to use Berserker as melee fighters. It's probably the one thing they are actually bad at, and this is neatly reflected by their skill set.

Armor Break Armor Break

Next attack will shred an additional 30 armor (4WP)

Using this with a melee weapon is a very poor choice indeed:

First, the one advantage of melee weapons is that they have the highest damage per hit of any type of weapon, so they naturally overcome armor; if you are close enough to someone to hit them with a hammer, just club them to death and forget about the armor.

Second, even if for some reason you want to strip armor from the target while standing right next to it, don't do it with a melee weapon, because you have no idea what part you are going to hit and if it needs removing armor or not (remember, it is not possible to target body parts with a melee attack).

Close Quarters Evade Close Quarters Evade

Attacks from enemies within 10 tiles deal 25% less damage (passive skill)

It's nice, being a passive skill, but it's not a game-changer by any stretch. Also, it doesn't encourage the use of melee weapons.

Bloodlust Bloodlust

Damage and movement are increased proportionally to the health lost (up to double) (passive)

It doesn't matter how, or when the health was lost, so friendly fire and denial of health care are fair (meta) game.

If anything, this encourages to keep Berserker training.png away from the action, indulging in the Bloodlust high from a safe distance with, say, a sniper rifle.

Ignore Pain Ignore pain

Disabled body parts remain functional. Cannot Panic or be Mind Controlled (passive)

This makes Berserker training.png particularly useful for dealing with Sirens and Terror Sentinels in Lairs but doesn't really encourage using them as melee fighters.

Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush

All abilities cost 1 AP until the end of the turn, can't use any skills or abilities that cost WP after casting it, Accuracy reduced by 50% and you are Dazed dazed the next turn (5WP)

Bear in mind that you can:

  1. use skills that cost WP before casting Adrenaline Rush... Like Rapid Clearance, for example.
  2. avoid getting Dazed dazed by giving the Berserker training.png the Armored Head armored head mutation.
  3. use weapons that cost 3 AP at the cost of 1AP, particularly heavy weapons (including the Goliath GL 2 Goliath GL2) and sniper rifles.
  4. negate the penalty to accuracy through armor/bionics/mutations, or by extreme mobility.

This is what the number one ’Terminator Build’ amounts to: Berserker training.png/Assault with the Strongman old.png Strongman and top movement, wielding a Deceptor MGDeceptor MG. It can clear maps in one turn all by itself. (Yes, that's an 'it', because it's clearly not human)

Infiltrator training.pngInfiltrator

- Proficient with crossbows and spider drones (see complete list here)

- Gain +25% to stealth while undetected

Infiltrators are very versatile, their skill set allowing them to fulfill very different roles even without multiclassing.

To use infiltrators properly it's important to understand how detection works.

Unlike with other operatives, you always know when the infiltrator is undetected because of the blue hue and the crossed-out eye on top of the screen when you select him (this icon Undetected icon.png)

Though infiltrators are stealthy because of their training (as long as they are undetected, they get a +25% boost to stealth) and their class-specific 'styx' armor (1styx helmet.png,1styx body armor.png and 1styx leg armor.png), you can choose not to take advantage of it until they achieve a higher level, because their armor makes them squishy and they don't get a buff to their damage for attacking from stealth until they are LVL7 with the Sneak Attack sneak attack skill.

Their starting link =infiltrator_weapons Eros CRB III crossbow is not a bad weapon - it does the damage and has the AP cost of the NJ pistol 1iron fury.png Iron Fury but has nearly three times the precision (effective range of 34 vs 14) and is also silent. The biggest drawback is the clip size (only 3 bolts).

The way I approach them, infiltrators have two defensive skills, Deploy decoy.png Deploy Decoy and Spider drone pack.png Spider Drone Pack, and two offensive skills, Vanish Vanish and Sneak Attack sneak attack, while their 'styx' armor is only really meaningful if they are used as scouts

Surprise Attack Surprise Attack

Attacks from behind gain shock damage equal to 3 times the damage dealt (passive)

Though the description refers to damage dealt it is the max damage the weapon can deal, not taking into account how the damage is reduced by armor or certain special effects (like Orichalcum buff in the Legacy of the Ancients DLC). For example, a character hit on a body part with 20 armor for 60 standard damage will receive 180 shock damage shock damage, and not 120 shock damage.

The difficulty of taking advantage of Surprise Attack is that directional positioning in Phoenix Point is more accidental than intentional. However, it can be quite useful situationally, because it is one of the few ways of inflicting shock damage shock damage at a distance and Dazed dazing an enemy can be a life-saver (for example, to break mind control of a Siren Siren over an operative).

As the link =infiltrator_weapons Eros CRB III has limited damage potential (it does 60 standard damage, thus 180 shock damage with Surprise Attack) it might require softening the target before it is effective, or use a weapon with a high damage per projectile (such as a sniper rifle.

Deploy Decoy Deploy Decoy

Deploy holographic decoy at the chosen location. The decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies (4WP 1AP)

It can be a bit of a hit or miss because of enemy AI that can react to the decoy in unpredictable ways, sometimes ignoring it altogether. However, as a rule, if you place the decoy in a convenient spot and there are no more convenient targets for the AI, it will go after it.

Spider Drone Pack Spider Drone Pack

Deploy 3 spider drones with one action (2AP)

A great way to distract enemies by presenting them with three convenient targets. Though spider drones can also be used offensively, without the Technician training.png Technician's Manual Control manual control to control them directly, you can't use them on the same turn that you deploy them, and have to wait until next turn (as long as you have an active Infiltrator, you can manually control the spider drones, but if he dies, panics or evacs the AI will take over controlling them).

You can also use them for scouting, but beware of using them in Lairs lairs and Citadels citadels as they can easily activate Terror Sentinels Terror Sentinels, and their Psychic Scream Psychic Scream affects every operative in a 24 tile radius.


Move within 5 tiles and disappear from view until the end of turn or is revealed by contact with mist (3WP 1AP)

Combined with Sneak Attack sneak attack, it is one of the easiest and most reliable ways of doing extreme damage.

To benefit from the Sneak Attack buff Infiltrator must remain undetected at the time of the Sneak Attack, and the best way to achieve this is by casting Vanish. It's the only way to achieve it if you want the infiltrator to use melee weapons, because no matter his stealth he will be detected when getting close to enemies (at a distance of 5 tiles, to be precise).

Sneak AttackSneak Attack

Damage dealt while not spotted is increased by 50% (passive)

This applies to any damage dealt by the operative with any attack but not to Damage over Time (DoT) effects. So, for example, the Psyche CRB IV Psyche CRB IV will deal Standard Damage 75 (because 50 increased by 50%), but will continue to inflict Poison Damage 40, not 60. However, all other special damages besides DoT will be increased by 50%. So, for example, Blast Damage Blast Damage, or the Mind Crush mind crush attack, will be increased by 50%.

Technician training.png Technician

PENDING REVIEW - Proficient with PDWs, Auto Turrets and Exo-Arms (see complete list here)

One interesting multiclass is infiltrator/technician, clad in stealth armor (so no exo-arms). He can scout ahead, remaining undetected, and leave a turret, or two, closer to the enemies than to your team

Turrets (as well spider drones and turret vehicles) can be controlled several times by different soldiers and the 600 pts of damage that the laser turret can deliver per attack at the cost of 1AP and 3WP is *a lot*.

Fast use.png Fast Use

The action point cost of medkits, stimpacks and robotic arm abilities is reduced by 1(passive)

This is mostly for dedicated healers.

Manual control.png Remote Control

Take manual control of a turret or vehicle weapon and shoot at a target (2WP 2AP)

Devastating when used with any auto turret.

Can also be used with spider drones to quickly explore the map during the first turn and/or a precision explosive.

Technician training.png does not receive any benefits or rewards from the killing down by the spider drones, vehicle or auto turrets, such as WPs, APs (if multiclassed and using rapid clearance) or XPs.

Can't be used to make Scarab Scarab shoot more than once per turn. All rocket weapons are hard-coded to be used only once per turn

Field medic.png Field Medic

Restore 10 hit points and 10 armor to all body parts of the selected target. Disabled body parts are restored (2WP 2AP)

Requires VVA-2 Exo Arms VVA-2 Exo Arms and costs one charge (ammo).

One of two only ways for the player to restore disabled non-augmented limbs in combat (the other is Aspida Aspida)

Remote deployment.pngRemote deployment

Turrets can be thrown in a radius of 10(?) tiles and deployed for 1 AP (passive)

Electric reinforcement.pngElectric reinforcement

Give yourself and allies within 20 tiles a bonus of 20 armor for 1 turn. This effect does not stack (6WP 1AP)

Priest Priest

- Proficient with weapons that deal Virus Damage virus damage (that is, Redeemer Redeemer and Subjugator Subjugator)

- Can use special head mutations, which give them additional abilities

Priest focus on decreasing enemy WP (using weapons that deal Viral Damage viral damage and Psychic Scream psychic scream) and taking advantage of it (with Mind Control mind control and Induce Panic induce panic).

Because Virus Damage virus damage does Damage over Time, you have to wait until the enemies turn for it to take effect. This means that you can't use Virus Damage to reduce the WP of an enemy to lower the cost of Mind Control or to Induce Panic on the same turn.

Priest also have an area of effect attack that can be 'metaed' into something wicked (Mind Crush), and what can be best described as a combined haste & bravery spell (Frenzy frenzy).

There is a defensive-support side to the Priest, with Psychic Ward psychic ward that offers some protection to friendlies, and with Mind Sense Mind Sense that shows as red blips all enemies within 15 tiles, but in Phoenix Point (usually) you don't need to be a psychic to spot most enemies much further away and the skill does not seem to be working at the moment anyway(seems to be working now as described).

Additional Priest training.png abilities acquired from head mutations

A particularity of Priest is that they have access to a unique set of head mutations, each of them adding another ability (or 'spell') to their repertoire:

  1. Judgement Head Judgement Head: Instil Frenzy frenzy in friendly characters within 20 tiles for 2 turns, increasing their movement by 50% and making them immune to panic (1AP, 4WP)
  2. Screaming Head Screaming Head: Cast Psychic Scream psychic scream, reducing WP of all enemy units in an 8 tile radius by NTC (1AP, 4WP)
  3. Synod Head Synod Head: Living allied units within 7 tiles recover 2 WP at the start of the turn (passive skill)

However, Judgement Head and Frenzy that comes with it are the best choices by far in most circumstances. A 50% increase in movement and immunity to panic for 2 turns? Any of these effects would have been enough to make it a worthwhile investment, but together it's a no-brainer

Mind Control Mind Control

Gain control of an enemy in range and with line of sight (WP cost equal to enemy's current WP, 1AP; costs 1-10 WP per turn to maintain, depending on target type)

How to use it effectively:

The cost in WP of initiating Mind Control of an enemy is its current WP and the cost of maintaining it on each subsequent turn varies on the type of character (1WP for Worms, 2WP for Arthron icon.png and humans, 3WP for Triton icon.png, 5WP for Siren icon.pngSirens and Chiron icon.png, and 10WP for Scylla icon.png).

Beware that

  1. if casting Mind Control will lower your WP to 0, you will lose the WP and fail to Mind Control the enemy;
  2. if the enemy is panicked, you can Mind Control them but they can't do anything;
  3. while under Mind Control the enemy is for all intents and purposes on your team, which means that it will gain WP from Inspire and from killing enemies.

So what you want to do is reduce the WP of your target before casting Mind Control, and you want to start by reducing its max WP by disabling its head. You will probably want to bring the WP even lower by, for example, casting Priest Psychic Scream priest psychic scream, or killing some of its mates to bring down the morale. You don't want to reverse the order because if you first kill some enemies, or cast Priest Psychic Scream, and then disable the target's head, the reduction in max WP will absorb those initial losses and you will not lower the cost to Mind Control.

Finally, don't forget that you can release the critter from Mind Control if it is convenient for any reason (for example, to avoid paying the cost of maintaining Mind Control next turn, or because you want its water... I mean, WP for dispatching it).

So with Mind Control you want to carefully plan ahead and do some math before you pick a victim

Induce panic.png Induce Panic

Cause a target to panic if its current WP are less than the Priest (3WP, 1AP)

Minds sense.png Mind Sense

All organic enemies within 15 tiles are automatically revealed (passive)

'Revealed' meaning shown as red blips.

Currently doesn't work for detecting dormant Ancients (Legacy of the Ancients)

Psychic ward.png Psychic Ward

Allies within 10 tiles are immune to panic and psychic damage attacks (passive)

Currently only prevents characters from panicking, does not reduce psychic damage Fixed in 1.10 Orryx

Mind Crush Mind Crush

Deal 100 damage to all enemy entities within 10 tiles (6WP, 1AP)

The damage dealt by Mind Crush ignores armor need to check if triggers Return Fire

Devastating when used against mobs, as it can be cast multiple times.

'Tuning' the Mind Crush:

The 100 damage is enough to kill Worms worms (though not Mindfraggers Mindfraggers), and do considerable damage to humans, Arthron icon.png Arthrons and Triton icon.png Tritons, but you can stack it with Reckless Reckless or Sneak Attack sneak attack to give it a more murderous touch. Or you can cross the Priest with a Heavy for the ultimate crowd control experience. Or with Assault to gain Rapid Clearance rapid clearance.