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You can deploy up to 8 operatives on any of the general missions, using one or more aircraft.

Threat Level: indicates how difficult the mission is. Can be low, medium, high and extreme. The Experience Points (XP) and the Phoenix skill points (SP) rewards for a mission scale with the difficulty: you receive 75XP for killing all enemies and general mission experience on low threat missions, 100XP on medium, 125XP on high, and 150XP on extreme.

Reinforcements: on some maps enemies will continue to arrive throughout the mission until it is completed. The arriving enemies will have a single AP which they will use to move a little. You will often see the enemies arrive and move even if you don't have Line of Sight on them.

Light Level: day or night (at night, perception of all characters is reduced by 50%)

Evac: most missions have an evac zone missing pic from where you can evacuate your operatives to

  1. abort a mission
  2. complete a mission (as some mission types require evacuating your operatives and/or friendlies under your control)
  3. remove one or more operatives for whatever reason (because they are injured, out of ammo, etc.)

Paralyzed operatives are evacuated and paralyzed Pandorans are captured automatically on any mission once it is over.

If you evacuate all your operatives except those under Mind Control, they will be KIA.


Scavenging missions have a chance of appearing as the outcome of exploring Points of Interest.

There are three main kinds of missions: scavenging for resources (marked with this Crates Scavenging Site.png icon on the Geoscape), rescuing soldiers (also marked with this Crates Scavenging Site.png icon, after Polaris different icon) and recovering vehicles (this Vehicles.png icon).

There are also 'overgrown' scavenging sites that appear later in the game (ntc date), which provide higher yield and higher difficulty missions and are marked with this Scavenging overgrown site.png icon.

The mission can be initiated by the player at any time by flying a crewed aircraft to the site.

The enemies can be human raiders, a human faction with which 1pp.png is at war, the Forsaken, the Pure or Pandorans.

When facing Pandorans, there are always 1 or 2 Mist Sentinel mist Sentinel on these maps that will spawn mist automatically every turn.

Only items manually picked up will be recovered after end of the mission.

Reward 300XP, 3SP for common pool.

Higher reward for overgrown missions; need to check.


Mission will be considered successful even if evac immediately after starting without picking up any crates for purposes of SP rewards for operatives.


You have to approach neutral soldiers to gain control of them and then evac them with your operatives.

There are two basic setups for these missions:

  1. You start close enough to the neutrals to gain control of them on your first turn, but they are already surrounded by enemies at close range and the evac zone is on the side of the map.
  2. The neutrals can't be reached on your first turn, the enemies are also some way away, and the evac zone is close to the neutrals.

Therefore, these missions are designed so that unless you are very aggressive and run as fast as possible to the rescue, most of the neutrals will get killed before you reach them.

The recruits come with 'raider' tier armor and weapons that are inferior to everything else in the game and cannot be researched nor manufactured, and when you run out of ammo for them it can't be replaced.


Just as with recruits rescue ops, you have to approach the vehicle to take control of it and there are 2 basic setups:

  1. You start next to the vehicle and have to evac on the other side of the map.
  2. You start next to the evac zone and the vehicle is on the other side of the map. You have to reach and it bring it back.

However, these missions are notoriously easy because the enemies will not attack the vehicle until you take control of it.

These are the only missions on which it is possible to have control of 2 vehicles at the same time: the one you recover during the mission and the one you can deploy with the rest of your squad.

Beware that if you place any items in the vehicle inventory you will lose them.


To initiate a raid mission you have to travel with a crewed aircraft to a haven of one of the factions. Once you open the haven info panel you can choose to raid one of the districts. The type of raids available depend on the districts and what is in them.

Whether you succeed or not you will lose 6 attitude with the faction and 15 attitude with the haven leader.

You can deploy up to 8 operatives.

Pending - What does the alert status mean?

Steal a technology

Raiding for resources

Rewards 400XPs, 4SPS for common pool

You can raid Food Production, Factory and Research districts for Food.png, Materials.png and Tech.png, respectively.

These missions are practically identical to the resource scavenging missions, in that you have a variable number of blue crates that contain resource packs and other items, and you have to grab as many of them as possible and evac, while enemy reinforcements continue to arrive.

One thing to consider is that Tech.png is much more valuable than Food.png and Materials.png for trading purposes, so although the Tech.png raid missions have fewer crates on them, the yield is actually higher.

As with scavenging ops, to recover items you must manually pick them up; any armor worn by an operative that is KIA will be lost.

Aircraft theft

If there is an aircraft present at the Haven you can attempt to steal it.

First you have to reach the loading bay of the craft and 'activate' one of the blue tiles surrounding it.

You then have to survive for 5 turns and keep the craft safe as the enemies attempt to disable it.

After 5 turns you automatically win the mission, even though according to the mission description you have to secure the aircraft and evacuate. If the aircraft is destroyed before that, the mission ends in failure and you don't have to evac your operatives.

Tip: this mission is easier to do with a land vehicle.


Missions to sabotage haven districts are given to you by factions. You can accept them in the 'Diplomacy' tab, where you will see what kind of district the faction giving the mission wants sabotaged and which faction is targeted.

The mission can be carried out in *any* district belonging to the targeted faction.

To start it you have to click on 'Raid' at the corresponding district (as always, you have to travel to the haven with a crewed aircraft) and choose the 'Sabotage' option.

The mission will take place on a procedurally generated map, exactly like the one for a haven defense mission, only this time you have to destroy all the structures to win and enemy reinforcements (the faction troops) will continue to arrive.

Once you destroy all the structures the mission will end, you do not have to evacuate your surviving operatives and you will recover any items left on the ground, including armor from operatives KIA and items dropped by enemies.

You will recover all these items even if at the end of the mission there are still active enemies left on the map

Resources Items Other XPs SPs (Pool)
Tech.png Materials.png Food.png All items dropped by dead operatives and enemies diplo rep and attitude loss from raid (-6, - 15), diplo rep gain with faction that gave the mission (+15) 500 5

For Energy Generator sabotage the reward offered is always seems to be 120 900 200, and the reward given is always 60, 450, 100 For Research lab and food production 160 700 300, and given 80 350 150

Nop, got different reward for food production sabotage mission..., 400XPs, 4SPs,different amount of resources.

Pandoran Bases

The missions to destroy a Pandoran base become available once the Pandoran structure is discovered after a succesful Haven or Base defense mission, or as a result of a Satellite Uplink scan from a PX base after researching Pandoran Citadel.

The mission is triggered once the player sends a manned aircraft to the Pandoran base. Multiple aircraft can be send to the same structure to assign up to 8 operatives to the mission. The player can equip the operatives and augment them, as well as spend excess SPs right before starting it.

Destroy the Nest

The Nest is a procedurally generated cavern map, with Fog of War and tight passageways. The enemies are eggs with different kinds of worms or Mindfraggers in them, Arthons, Tritons and between 1 and 3 Hatching Sentinels, which mass-activate nearby eggs if approached by PX operatives. The objective is to destroy the Hatching Sentinels: once all of them are destroyed, the mission will end.

Pandorans (Arthrons and Tritons) will continously spawn at the reinforcement points.

Reward: 400XP, 4SP

Destroy the Lair

The Lair map is a procedurally generated, large and open battlefield, with Fog of War. The enemies are eggs with different kinds of worms or Mindfraggers in them, Arthons, Tritons, Sirens, Chirons and Terror Sentinels, as well as the Spawnery. The objective is to destroy the Spawnery and to evacuate the PX operatives.

To destroy the Spawnery, attack the eggs at the sides.

Pandorans (Arthrons, Tritons and Sirens) will continously spawn at the reinforcement points.

Reward: 375 XP destroy Spawnery

Destroy the Citadel

The Citadel map is a procedurally generated battlefield with tall, indestructible walls creating separate avenues of approach towards a central room with the Scylla, one or two Chirons, 'egg igloos' with resource crates and sometimes a Terror or Mist Sentinel.

There are several reinforcement points from which Arthrons, Tritons and Sirens will spawn, one or two of them close to the deployment zone.

The mission will end successfully once you evacuate after killing or paralyzing the Scylla.

You can read here advice and tips on how to capture the Scylla.

There are many different ways to kill the Scylla, depending on your operatives and their weapons. She is very vulnerable to acid and heavy weapons. However, it is also possible to kill her by disabling several limbs and waiting for her to bleed out.

Has crates with items/resources.

Reward: 600 XP, 6 SP, +15 Rep all factions


It can be triggered any time one of your aircrafts explores a Point of Interest (POI). You will not be able to equip the troops before the mission starts, therefore it is important to have all the operatives ready before initiating the exploration.

A faction, a subfaction or the Pandorans can be the attackers.

The operatives will deploy in the middle of the map, surrounded by enemies. After 3 turns, an evac zone will appear at one of the edges of the map. At that point enemy reinforcements will start arriving, and continue to do so each turn until all the operatives are removed from the map (evacuated or dead).

These missions are designed to be easy; they are meant to discourage exloring the Geoscape with an undermanned or underequipped squad.

Only items picked up by the operatives will be recovered from the mission, except any deployed turrets which are always automatically recovered. This means that you will lose the armor of any operative who dies during the mission.

Base Defense

Reward 375 XP, 4 SP

It is triggered when a PX base is attacked by Pandorans and there are PX operatives or vehicles at the base.

The player will be warned 24 hours in advance when the base will come under attack, and a timer will be displayed on the right hand corner of the Geoscape.

The player can choose not to defend the base, in which case all its facilities will be damaged and require repairing.

If you choose to defend it but there aren't any soldiers at the base or even a Living Quarters facility, it is possible to still defend it by sending an equipped craft to the base and waiting there until the attack arrives.

There will be no opportunity to equip the operatives before starting the mission, so you should equip all your troops at the base before the timer runs out.

The Pandorans will spawn in the hangar from where there is a only single access to the rest of the base, creating an ideal choke point.

PX operatives and vehicles will spawn randomly all over the base map, some inside the hangar.

The Pandorans will try to reach the rest of the base to damage its facilities.

The mission is won when all the Pandorans are killed, and is lost if there are no remaining PX operatives or vehicles at the base.

These missions can be very easy if the player successfully utilizes the access corridor from the Hangar to the rest of the base to create a choke point. All area of effect attacks (explosives, fire, mind crush) are particularly effective.

Any items dropped during the Base defense will be automatically recovered by the player upon successful completion of the mission

Clear Out The Infestation

Reward ??? XP, ? SP

Clear Out The Infestation happens when a Phoenix Point base is activated but there's a high infiltration chance (bases on the mist have 100% chance) that triggers the presence of enemies at the location. In order to be able to use it, the base must be cleared first of all hostiles by a Phoenix Point squad.

The player's starting positions are inversed regarding Base Defence - the PX squad starts outside and needs to invade the base and clear it of enemies to prevent them from further damaging its facilities.

The mission is won when all the Pandorans or human enemies are killed, and is lost if there are no remaining PX operatives or vehicles at the base.

This type of mission, where you need to assault a PX base, can also be triggered as one of the subquests, where you need to clear the base of human raiders and gain control of a new base that wasn't visible on the Geoscape before.

Haven Defense

Low difficulty XP reward:

75 kill all enemies 75 general mission experience 150 key structures protected/civilians alive

Anu 40 tech 350 materials 250 food NJ 45 tech 338 75 food

Medium difficulty XP reward:

100 kill all enemies 100 general mission experience 200 key structures protected/civilians alive

High difficulty XP reward:

125 kill all enemies 125 general mission experience 250 key structures protected/civilians alive

NJ 75 tech 562 materials 125 food SYN 100 tech 438 materials 188 food

Havens lose population by the hundreds during the attack.

Rewards 300XPs and 3 SPs to common pool for low threat mission. Resource reward varies with threat level Haven leader attitude change +11 low, +15 medium, +19 high

Extreme + 12 faction, +22 Haven leader

It is triggered when a Faction Haven is attacked by Pandorans, the Forsaken, another Faction, or the Pure (with the Blood and Titanium DLC).

The player will be warned when a revealed Faction Haven comes under attack. The attack will have some numeric value, and if it's higher than the defense value of the Haven, it will eventually succeed and the Haven will be destroyed unless the player intervenes, sending a squad to the Haven in time and destroying all the enemies in the defense mission.

If the defense value is higher than the attack, the attack will fail even without intervention of the player, though the Haven will suffer some casualties and damage, reducing its defense for the next attack

The defense value of the attack is determined by the haven stats

There are two variants: prevent structures from being damaged and prevent civilians from getting killed.

However, failing these objectives but destroying all the enemies still counts as a win - the only penalty is that your operatives will receive less experience points.

The map on which the mission takes place varies depending on the Faction and the type of district under attack.

There will be a number (from 2 to 4?) of allied Haven defenders, which you can take full control of by approaching them.

Note that you can take control of a Haven defender using your own operative, another Haven defender under your control, or with a spider drone, but not with a civilian under your control

(Bear in mind that the death of allied Haven defenders and civilians, even if not under your control, will result in all your operatives losing WPs.) removed in Arkham

You can't control friendlies if they are panicking.

Evacuating civilians does not grant any advantages beyond ensuring that they will not be killed.

Upon completing the mission, the player will receive a reward in the way of resources and rep boost with the Faction and with the Haven leader, but also incur a rep penalty with the other Factions.

The size of the reward will depend on the difficulty of the mission - the higher the difficulty the higher the reward

A successful haven defense mission against the Pandorans has a chance of revealing the location of the Pandoran base from which the attack was launched. If the Pandoran base is within the scanned area of a 1pp.png base or a 1pp.png base was attacked, this chance is of 100%. If not, it has a 20% chance of being revealed on the first successful defense, 50% on the second, 80% on the third and 100% on the fourth. Note that this is true for attacks coming from the same Pandoran structure. The player can then send a squad to destroy it.

Any items dropped during the Haven defense, including by allies (including auto-turrets) will be automatically recovered by the player upon successful completion of the mission