The Forsaken

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For decades Anu.png Disciples of Anu had practiced the exiling, or outcasting, of their members that were too weak to withstand the mutation gifts they acquired.

According to preliminary reports, ninety percent of them would die within a few weeks.

With time, tho, the survivors slowly grouped together forming bandit squads that would roam the world looking for food and resources.

Completely mutated and with no loyalty to 1exalted.jpg The Exalted or anyone else, these outcasts banded together in their mind breaking dreams.

They appear to lack any hierarchy or command structure, yet are able to organize themselves to attack small targets.

Lately, their attacks have become bolder and better planned, as if they are somehow linked to each other.

At present, the outcast’s threat level remains low.

Old Enemy, New Enemy

Triggers when Anu Priest Class research is finished by the Anu.png Disciples of Anu.

There have been increasing reports of severely mutated humans attacking patrols throughout the world.

These creatures, referred to as "The Forsaken", are rapacious and have already ambushed several NJ.png New Jericho and Anu.png Disciples of Anu patrols.

Extreme caution is advised when visiting Exploration sites.


The Forsaken start to appear on Tactical missions.

Forbidden Frequency

Triggers when Technician Development research is finished by NJ.png New Jericho.

We’ve received an automated emergency transmission from a NJ.png New Jericho science facility.

The message is composed of the word “Overrun” repeated in a loop.

Tracking down the location of the transmission has revealed some security footage.


Site added to Geoscape: Overrun. Cinematics 2 are played.


Mission briefing:

It has been confirmed that the transmissions originated from the NJ.png New Jericho Zayatz research facility. Based on initial reports the entire area has been overrun by the Forsaken.

The exact research conducted at the facility remains unknown, but based on satellite pictures there’s evidence that it’s linked to NJ.png New Jericho’s new bionics program.

Analysis suggests that at least five NJ.png New Jericho scientists have managed to survive by barricading themselves in the facility.

After mission:

In The Nick Of Time. The operation has been a success. Not only did we manage to rescue the scientists, but also managed to gather invaluable research data. All information has been successfully decrypted and available for further research and analysis.


New research available - Advanced Bionic Technology

NJ.png New Jericho's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project +10