New Jericho Research

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Every finished research is available for the player when he reaches aligned diplomacy status with the faction. The whole faction tech tree is available for 1pp.png Phoenix Project to research after reaching allied diplomacy status.

Each research has a priority and factions will always choose the highest priority research available. Researches are sorted from highest to lowest priority. Costs of research in research points for each research are in brackets.

Each research center Haven zone generates 1 research point per hour. NJ.png New Jericho starts with 8 Research centers. If the faction loses Havens with Research centers its research will be slowed down.

You can speed up research progress of a faction after reaching allied diplomacy status. Research sharing works both ways so if you research something from a faction tech tree it will also be researched for the faction.

In order to receive any shared research from a faction, you need to finish their research in Phoenix Project research (New Jericho research that is unlocked after you discover their first haven).

XAJSI TechTree(NJ).jpg

Already researched

These three pieces of research are already finished at the start of the new game.

New Jericho Aircraft Technology (200)

New Jericho Aircraft Technology.jpg

The Thunderbird is the pinnacle of New Jericho air transport technology.

The New Jericho Thunderbird is a third-generation quad-rotor VTOL transporter, designed specifically for the current battlefield and atmospheric conditions. Covered with reinforced external armor and coated with anti-corrosive material, it offers protection from enemy fire and organic attacks alike.

Despite its considerable weight, thanks to its four Vimana-2 engines the Thunderbird is capable of speeds exceeding 320 kph. At present, the Thunderbird has a capacity of 7 people, but the design incorporates the potential for improving this.

New item for manufacturing available: Aircrafts#thunderbird New Jericho Aircraft (Thunderbird)

New Jericho Combat Armor Research (200)

New Jericho Combat Armor Research.jpg

Based on earlier models produced by the Vanadium corporation, this tactical armor has been significantly modified to resist all forms of attack and to provide a variety of configurations.

New Jericho's combat armor is based on the tactical armor initially developed by Vanadium Inc., the company founded by Tobias West that became the core of New Jericho. The initial design largely consisted of an exoskeleton operated via advanced hydraulics, with additional plating to protect the user from high caliber rounds, but the current version has been enhanced and extended in a variety of ways, with emphasis on modularity and customization. Additional weapons and equipment can be attached to the plating and the power unit, allowing for a variety of configurations.

New items for manufacturing available: New Jericho assault, heavy and sniper Helmets.png Head, Body armors.png Body and Leg armors.png Legs armors

Gauss technology (200)

Gauss technology.jpg

New Jericho scientists have been developing Gauss technology for years, with the potential for creating a new category of infantry weapons.

Military-grade coilguns that use electromagnetism for projectile acceleration had already been developed by Vanadium Inc. well before the Pandoravirus outbreak. However, under pressure from rival manufacturers, the United States military withdrew its support for the project and the prototype Gauss rifle was scrapped.

After founding New Jericho, Tobias West brought the technology back, and it soon became central to the New Jericho arsenal.

New items for manufacturing available: 1bulldog.png New Jericho Gauss Assault Rifle (Bulldog AR-50), 1deceptor.png Gauss Machine Gun (Deceptor MG), 1cyclops.png Gauss Sniper Rifle (Cyclops SR7)) and 1iron fury.png Gauss Handgun (Iron Fury HG)


Neural Implant Technology (700)

Neural Implant Technology.jpg

Direct command of weapon systems by thought alone can transform soldiers into heavy weapons platforms.

After an extensive testing program, direct control of weapons and mounted equipment is now possible with cranial input hubs.

The cranial implant procedure has proven to be relatively painless, and allows an individual to co-ordinate weapon systems by sight and thought.

New items for manufacturing available: 1fury2.png New Jericho Missile Launcher (Fury-2)

New Jericho Combat Training (600)

New Jericho Combat Training.jpg

New Jericho combat training is focused on efficiency and coordination, combining reason, instinct, and human will into one lethal package.

Combat, according to Tobias West, is about the triumph of the will in the service of human supremacy of our planet earth. It is the only way to earn the privileges of citizenship and leadership.

All citizens are expected to participate in training programs, and those with aptitude to specialize in the most demanding roles.

Bonus effect: Training facility efficiency improved by 50%

Basic Bionic Technology -Blood and Titanium only (700)

Basic Bionic Technology.jpg

Based on an abandoned New Jericho cybernetics project, bionics technology would allow enhance human capabilities with cutting edge cybernetics implants and prosthetics transforming them into walking tanks on the battlefield. Vastly improved from the first New Jericho attempts, the technology no longer leaves the subjects dead or crippled. A new set of bio-implants have successfully been developed thanks to advancements in neural co-processors and light metal alloy development. The new implants allow personnel to withstand heavy amounts of damage, land safely from great heights and even run through walls if needed.

Bonus Effect: Cybernetics Lab facility and additional designs

New Items for Manufacturing available: Bionics.png Bionics - Clarity Head, Armadillo Legs, Juggernaut Torso and Repairkit.png Repair Kit

Technician Development (1200)

Technician Development.jpg

A new type of combat support specialist can be derived from New Jericho neural tech.

A new soldier class has been created based on the development of neural implants. Technicians are highly trained support specialists with the ability to control powerful robotic arms through their cranial input hub. Their armor is combined with an exoskeleton framework with mount points for the robotic arms and support for heavy lifting. Technicians are trained in deployment of automated turrets and they are skilled with Personal Defence Weapons.

Bonus effects: Technician training.png Technician soldier class now available. New armor available: 1techops7 helmet.png TechOps-7 Helmet, 1techops7 body armor.png TechOps-7 Body Armor and 1techops7 leg armor.png TechOps-7 Leg Armor

New items for manufacturing available: 1vva2.png New Jericho Mech Arms (VVA-2 Arms), 1watcher.png New Jericho Gauss Auto Turret (Watcher AT) and 1defender.png New Jericho Gauss PDW (VDM Defender)

Advanced Bionic Technology - Blood and Titanium only (700)

Advanced Bionic Technology.jpg

Further advances in Bionics would provide soldiers with enhanced capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate their bodies with existing neural technology. A new series of equipment and procedures now allow test subjects to have parts of their bodies replaced with more sophisticated mechanical components increasing their efficiency in battle. Thanks to the development of bio-alloys implant rejection rates are less than 0.02%, allowing nearly seamless incorporation of the original nervous system and other connecting tissue. As of yet bionic self-reparation has proven unsuccessful. requiring complete replacement should a malfunction occur. All new implants can now be produced in the Bionics lab.

Bonus Effect: Cybernetics Lab facility and additional designs

New Items for Manufacturing available: Bionics.png Bionics - Disruptor Head, Propeller Legs, Neural Torso and Repairkit.png Repair Kit

Armadillo development (800)

Armadillo development.jpg

A group of New Jericho scientists proposed upgrading older armored vehicles with the newest tech to create an APC better adapted to present conditions.

A new all-terrain Armored Personnel Carrier that utilizes hybrid electric charging and bio-fuels has been developed. It is fully AI controlled, heavily armored, and capable of carrying 4 fully loaded soldiers.

A new automated gauss gun turret has been mounted to help with combat operations. The new APC, codenamed Armadillo, is set for production.

New item for manufacturing available: Armadillocrop.png New Jericho Armadillo Ground Vehicle (Armadillo)

Incendiary technology (600)

Incendiary technology.jpg

Tobias West once remarked that purity has no greater ally than a burning flame. Incendiary weapons could be the ideal cleansing tools.

A new type of bio-fuel has been created to use with modern flame throwers, and compact incendiary grenades have been developed from solid-fuel technology.

The new weapons will assist with clearance, especially inside alien structures.

New items for manufacturing available: 1dante.png New Jericho Flamethrower (Dante FT) and Purification grenade.png Purification Grenade

Satellite Uplink Research (1400)

Satellite Uplink Research.jpg

A new uplink system could interface with the remaining satellites launched by Vanadium before the war. These could be used to improve general operations and intelligence.

New Jericho can now build satellite uplinks in havens, which improve the operational range of havens and actively locate alien structures.

The construction of these facilities would likely antagonise other factions, but it would also greatly improve New Jericho’s ability to fight the Pandoran infection. The technology would also be useful for our own operations, improving the range of our satellite scans.

Bonus effect: Scanning range of Phoenix Bases is increased by 25%

Armor piercing technology (900)

Armor piercing technology.jpg

A new generation of armor-piercing Gauss weapons would provide a much needed advantage on the battlefield.

The heat problems caused by extreme muzzle velocities have been overcome, allowing gauss weapons to be significantly upgraded. Although the new weapons will have a smaller caliber, the ammunition will penetrate armor much more effectively. The cost of production remains high, but such technological advances are essential if we are to defeat the Pandorans, whose very existence forces us into a neverending arms race.

New items for manufacturing available: 1piranha.png New Jericho Piercing Assault Rifle (Piranha AR-51) and 1raven.png New Jericho Piercing Sniper Rifle (Raven SR13)

Production Robotics (1200)

Production Robotics.jpg

New Jericho's robotics technology can be incorporated into all types of production.

New Jericho advancements in robotics have dramatically improved the efficiency of automated factories and fabrication plants.

Trial runs indicate a potential 50% increase in productivity.

Bonus effect: Fabrication Plant facility efficiency is increased by 50%

Advanced Technician Weapons (800)

Advanced Technician Weapons.jpg

The new armor-piercing Gauss tech can be used to upgrade Technician turrets and PDWs.

This merging of technologies has proven a complete success. The new turrets have surpassed expectations, being potentially capable of bringing down even the larger Pandorans.

The new PDW design combines high agility with extreme firepower for the first time.

New items for manufacturing available: 1rattlesnake.png New Jericho Piercing Auto Turret (RattleSnake AT) and 1enforcer.png New Jericho Piercing PDW (VDM Enforcer)

Walls of Jericho Project (2000)

Walls of Jericho Project.jpg

Sometimes old solutions are the best solutions. With the increase of Pandoran activity, Havens are becoming more and more vulnerable. For the protection of humanity, Tobias West has ordered general improvements to haven fortifications.

The research has resulted in an array of defence measures and physical barriers which improve the defences of all New Jericho havens with little cost.

The benefits will apply immediately and are estimated to improved defensive capability by around 25%. From the Phoenix point of view, the technology will reduce the threat level of any Pandoran attacks on our bases.

Bonus effect: Pandoran attacks on Phoenix bases are reduced by one threat level


A sub-research branch that unlocks after Phoenix Project finishes Pandoravirus research.

Pandoran Physiology (1300)

Pandoran Physiology.jpg

Analysis of Pandorvirus interactions with earth life forms could boost our understanding of fundamental Pandoran physiology.

Drawing on the extensive Phoenix Pandoravirus research, New Jericho scientists have made a breakthrough. AI algorithms are now able to sequence Pandoran DNA with great speed and accuracy, despite the large genome size and constant mutations. All research into Pandoran creature types and mutations will proceed at a much faster pace. There is also the possibility that further research could improve our soldiers' resistance to Pandoran viruses.

Bonus effect: Pandoran related research speed increased by 25%

Project Hecate (2000)

Project Hecate.jpg

A procedure that will strengthen an individual's immune system.

Discovered during attempts to create a vaccine for the Pandoravirus, this procedure will significantly strengthen an individual's immune system, making them resistant to viral attacks and less easily affected by the mist.

Bonus effect: All soldiers are virus-resistant, and the Will Point penalty of mist is reduced by 50%

Hecates children triggers.

Project Vulture (2200)

Project Vulture.jpg

Player must choose option that Harlson is right in order to unlock this research

A genetic upgrade that increases muscle growth. Derived from experiments on human beings. This procedure will induce rapid and relatively painless muscle growth in a subject.

Controversially, the process was derived from studying the effects of the Pandoravirus on human biology in unwilling subjects. However, contrary to the rumors, it does not involve injection of the virus itself.

Bonus effects: All soldiers gain +3 Strength

Advanced Rocket Technology (2000)

Advanced Rocket Technology.jpg

A new generation of rocket launchers would make fighting the larger Pandoran creatures more feasible.

A breakthrough in explosives technology has led to the development of a new rocket launcher design. It packs a huge punch, capable of taking down even the larger Pandoran creatures.

The rockets are expensive to produce but will be effective if deployed intelligently.

New item for manufacturing available: 1archangel.png New Jericho Heavy Rocket Launcher (Archangel RL1)

Fire resistant Technology (1000)

Fire resistant Technology.jpg

With the emergence of creatures such as the Fireworms, it is becoming increasingly necessary to invest in better fire resistance technology.

New heat resistant undersuits have been developed for use on the battlefield.

The module is light to wear and can be incorporated into virtually any armor, increasing tolerance to flame and heat by 62%.

New item for manufacturing available: Fireres.jpg New Jericho Fire-Res Vest Module

Advanced Missile Technology (1600)

Advanced Missile Technology.jpg

New Jericho missile guidance and explosives technology can dramatically improve suit mounted missile systems.

A new infantry missile launcher system has been developed, capable of hitting targets with pinpoint accuracy with devastating destructive power.

The missiles are expensive to produce, but they could be decisive in critical missions. The AI guidance tech may prove useful in further weapons development.

New item for manufacturing available: 1thor.png New Jericho Advance Missile Launcher (Thor AML)

Festering Skies DLC research

Factions start with this research once Behemoth is spawned. Behemoth is spawned after The Gift mission. These researches have the highest priority so if all prerequisites are fulfilled factions will start researching them as a top priority.

New Jericho Air Force Division (100)

Air force divi res.jpg

Prerequisities: Behemoth has spawned. Behemoth spawns either after completing The Gift mission or when the 15 days you have to do the mission expire without doing the mission.

Tobias West has ordered the formation of the New Jericho Air Force Division tasked with taking on the new airborne threat. It appears the program has been secretly in development for years and only now revealed to the public.

While ground warfare remains New Jericho's preferred method of Pandoran destruction, the faction has invested heavily in an Air Force Division. For the past few years their own innovation team, partnered with a collective of external researchers, has reached great progress in perfecting air-to-air weaponry, extra-light armor plating and arming a large Thunderbird squadron for aerial conflict.

In a publicly broadcast speech, Tobias West has expressed great satisfaction with the developments of the Air Force program and announced a large military parade where he will personally test pilot a brand new Thunderbird pattern aircraft.

New Items for manufacturing available: Marauder.jpg Marauder AC-4, Gadfly.jpg Gadfly RC-6, and Armor plates.jpg Armor plates

Fuel Tank (250)

Fuel tank res.jpg

Prerequisities: Armadillo development is researched

This efficient module allows the aircraft to travel greater distances, while only negligibly increasing its overall weight

Modern flight technology owes a big part of its development to earlier discoveries made for efficient land travel. One such discovery is efficient fuel consumption. Applying principles first tested on Armadillo armored transports, New Jericho aircraft can now optimize fuel consumption to drastically improve the range of its flying war machines.

New Item for manufacturing available: Fuel tank.jpg Fuel Tank

Cruise Control (250)

Cruise res.jpg

Prerequisities: Production Robotics is researched

This superior navigation AI system allows aircraft to move faster and find optimal routes across enemy-infested skies.

Even if a machine's construction is flawless, there is always one big weakness in any navigation system - the human factor. Even the most experienced pilots are known to make impulsive decisions in times of crisis. Luckily, New Jericho's improved AI takes the emotion out of the equation and makes sure every route selected is optimized. Using this tech, our aircraft can now reach their destinations faster, taking into account factors such as weather and even the presence of enemies.

New Item for manufacturing available: Cruise.jpg Cruise Control

Armageddon AAM (1000)

Armageddon res.jpg

Prerequisities: Project Nemesis is researched

The proudest invention of the New Jericho Air Force wears a name appropriate to its destructive firepower.

New Jericho spares no expense or man-hours when it comes to improving its arsenal. Since the launch of the Air Force program, researchers have been exploring numerous ways of making their most powerful warheads light enough to be carried by aircraft and launched at close targets. By all accounts, they've succeeded.

The Armageddon air-to-air missile is the pinnacle of New Jericho innovation and their ultimate answer to any and all airborne threats to humanity.

New Item for manufacturing available: Armageddon.jpg Armageddon AAM

Critical research

1pp.png Phoenix Project must finish research of Pandoran Telepathic nodule and Yuggothian entity in order to unlock these researches for NJ.png New Jericho. Factions share their critical research with Phoenix Project only if diplomacy status is allied.

Signal Disruption Tech (1800)

Signal Disruption Tech.jpg

Prerequisities: Satellite uplink research by NJ.png New Jericho and Pandoran Telepathic nodule by 1pp.png Phoenix Project.

Our understanding of Pandoran T-cluster waves could be used to disrupt Pandoran mass attacks on havens.

Our collaboration with New Jericho scientists has enabled us to devise a multi-wave beam that interferes with Pandoran T-cluster reception.

These waves can be projected from any suitably equipped satellite towards havens, improving our ability to defend havens by delaying the Pandoran incursions.

Bonus effect: Pandoran attacks on Havens are disrupted, preventing damage or casualties until 4 hours after attacks are detected.

Command Fortress (1800)

Command Fortress.jpg

Prerequisities: Satellite uplink research and Walls of Jericho Project by NJ.png New Jericho

Tobias West's plan to save the Earth requires a central command hub, an unassailable fortress from which the war effort can be coordinated.

The plans for the Fortress incoporate the best of New Jericho command and control systems. Production costs will be high, but once built, the Fortress will become the capital of New Jericho and the central hub of all its military and production systems.

From here, Tobias West will be able to fully exercise his strategic genius, planning the campaign to utterly annihilate the Pandoran threat on Earth.

The AI analysis and communications systems in this design will also help us identify and reach out to more potential recruits, reducing our recruitment costs significantly.

Bonus effect: Soldier recruitment cost is decreased by 50%

Effect: NJ.png New Jericho starts building Command fortress in one of its Havens. Defend the Haven. When the Fortress is built player receives City upon a hill mission.

Centralized AI (3000)

Centralized AI.jpg

Prerequisities: Signal Disruption Tech by NJ.png New Jericho and Yuggothian Entity by 1pp.png Phoenix Project.

For Tobias West's plan to save humanity to work, he aims to organize production and deployment on a global scale with far greater efficiency. A centralized AI is the means to achieve this.

Understanding the reality of an alien mastermind directing its minions on earth, New Jericho has responded in comparable way. They have created a centralized, non-autonomous Artificial Intelligence under the direct command of Tobias West. The objective is to analyse and locate Pandoran communications between the higher Pandorans and the Yuggothian entity. The AI will also direct production and deployment as needed to maximize output and training in preparation for the final struggle against the alien infestation.

Bonus effect: All base Facilities output is increased by 50%

Project Nemesis (3200)

Project Nemesis.jpg

Prerequisities: Advanced Missile Technology and Centralized AI is researched by NJ.png New Jericho. City upon a hill mission is finished by 1pp.png Phoenix Project

The Yuggothian Receptacle must be destroyed, and New Jericho is developing a way to make sure not a single cell of it survives: a bomb that will make the Pandorans tremble at the power of humanity.

Nemesis is the goddess who punishes those who commit the sin of hubris, overbearing pride before the eyes of the gods. That is why Tobias West chose to name this missile system in her honor. It is designed to punish the Yuggothian Entity for its arrogance before the gods of this planet: the human race.

Controlled via the satellite-connected AI system we helped New Jericho build, the Nemesis missile will utterly annihilate the Yuggothian Receptacle before it gets a chance to become a host to the mind from Yuggoth. The centralized AI can locate the giant structure protecting the receptacle, but a squad will have to enter it, locate the alien entity, and place a beacon, allowing the AI to pinpoint its target.

Final mission for NJ.png New Jericho victory is unlocked: The Plan