Phoenix Project research

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1 Research Lab generates 4 research points per hour. The cost of research in research points for each research is in brackets. Flowcharts aka Tech Tree is here: Tech Tree.

In order to get access to faction research you need to improve your diplomacy levels with them. Every finished faction research is available for the player when he reaches aligned diplomacy status with the faction. The whole faction tech tree is available for 1pp.png Phoenix Project to research after reaching allied diplomacy status. Faction research is here: Disciples of Anu Research, New Jericho Research and Synedrion Research.

Autopsy research is unlocked when you kill the specific alien type.

Vivisection research is revealed when you finish Autopsy research for a given enemy type and have Pandoran capture and containment research finished. You need to capture alive these enemy types to unlock vivisection research.

Every weapon and armor in the game can be reverse-engineered. You need one or two of these weapons / armors in order to do it.


Basic research

Atmospheric analysis (50)

Atmospheric analysis.jpg

Prerequisites: none

Before research: We have managed to connect to some of the remaining weather satellites. We should use these to assess the extent of the new mist outbreak.

After research: Atmospheric Analysis Reprogramming of our satellite systems has revealed the extent of the new mist outbreak. The origin sites are in the coastal sea region, as in the previous two incursions, but the activity level seems higher, posing a serious threat to remaining life on earth.

Havens caught within the mist will be at risk of attack, so we should explore mist-covered regions thoroughly and defend any havens trapped within them. Our geoscape monitoring systems have been updated with current mist coverage.

Bonus effect: Global mist monitoring system available Mist explained here

Haven recruitment protocols (50)

Haven recruitment protocols.jpg

Prerequisities: Atmospheric analysis research

Before research: The leader of a reconnaissance team has proposed that we attempt to recruit capable people from the Havens. They might not share the technological know-how of Phoenix Project operatives but have been battle-hardened by the horrors of the world.

After research: We have created a set of biometric and psych-eval tests in order to identify potential recruits. We need to locate havens with leaders favorable to our cause and barter any resources they want in order to secure our recruitment choices.

It will probably be cheaper and easier for us to get recruits from havens with higher populations.

Bonus effect: We can now recruit soldiers from Havens Recruiting from Havens explained here

Haven trade protocols (50)

Haven trade protocols.jpg

Prerequisities: Haven recruitment protocols research

Before research: Some trade between Havens occurs, but it is a difficult and dangerous process. With our access to transportation, we are in a unique position to assist the different settlements by providing supplies. This might be a perfect opportunity to establish trade relations that would benefit all sides. Bonus effects: We can know trade resources with Havens.

After research: We have established a series of diplomatic protocols for trading with Havens.

While many settlements may have needs that we could meet, the sad truth is that in today's atmosphere of fear and paranoia, we will have to establish good relations with the Haven's leadership and show that we're not potential swindlers or raiders before they will consider engaging in trade with us.

Bonus effect: We can now trade resources with Havens Trading explained here

The Phoenix Archives (100)

The Phoenix Archives.jpg

Prerequisities: Atmospheric analysis research

Before research: We have discovered a batch of encrypted files on the mainframe of the newly-reclaimed Phoenix Base. According to the filenames, these are the Phoenix Archives, or what remains of them.

After research: Randolph Symes III's notes indicate the existence of a private retreat owned by the Symes family, used as a place of meditation and research. It may contain information that could help us understand what Symes was trying to achieve in his final days.

After cinematics: Whatever happened to Dr. Symes? Randolph Symes's notes indicate the existence of a private retreat owned by the Symes family, used as a place of meditation and research. It may contain information that could help us understand what Symes was trying to achieve in his final days. Site added to escape: The Symes Retreat. We should send our operatives to investigate.

Bonus effects: cinematics about Randolph Symes the third. Site added to Geoscape: The Symes Retreat. Phoenix bases are revealed and can be activated. Base activation explained here

Human population census (50)


Prerequisites: The Phoenix Archives research.

Before research: By collecting information from all human havens we can evaluate the Pandoran threat to human survival on our planet

After research: The total human population gathered in the safety of havens can now be tracked on a daily basis.

We have also calculated the survival threshold for human reproduction once the Pandoran threat is eliminated.

If the population falls below this threshold, then humanity will not survive in the long term. It is imperative that we do not let this happen.

Bonus effect: Human population monitoring available Human population census explained here

Disciples of Anu (50)


Prerequisities: Discover Anu.png Disciples of Anu haven on Geoscape.

Before research: Said to have been a series of cultist sects before the Third World War, the Disciples of Anu have grown to become one of the greatest powers in what is left of our world. Not much is known about their religion other that they embrace the mutations brought by the Pandoravirus, and are ruled by a leader referred to only as 'The Exalted'.

After research: The Disciples of Anu are a syncretic religion formed out of several previous cults (the Children of the Black Tide, the Holy Disciples of the Xenoglossic Doctrine, and the Order of ANU) by the messianic figure known only as The Exalted. She forged the disparate elements of the cults into a unified belief system built around her visions of ANU, the Dead God.

The Disciples of Anu leadership follows a strict hierarchy, and access to The Exalted is reserved only for the most faithful. Should we seek out an alliance with her, we would first have to gain the approval of her servants: the Apostle to the Once-Born, the Keeper of the Threshold, the Voiceless Hierophant, the Blind Legate, the Shadowed Hierarch and finally the Synod of Yearning. The latter said to be a 'compound being' of some kind, effectively runs the day-to-day operations of the Disciples.

Rewards: Food.png FOOD +250 and Anu.png Disciples of Anu cinematics are played.

New Jericho (50)


Prerequisities: Discover NJ.png New Jericho haven on Geoscape.

Before research: New Jericho is a militaristic organization founded by the enigmatic billionaire Tobias.jpg Tobias West.

After research: New Jericho is a militaristic organization founded by Tobias West, the enigmatic billionaire founder of Vanadium Inc. Ideologically committed to West’s values of reason and meritocracy, New Jericho valorizes human will as the foundation of freedom and sees the Pandorans as a threat to the very core of human identity. West is said to have developed a long-term military strategy that will succeed where previous campaigns have failed. Some accuse him of having built a cult of personality around himself.

Rewards: Materials.png MATERIALS +315 and NJ.png New Jericho cinematics

Synedrion (50)


Prerequisities: Discover Synedrion.png Synedrion haven on Geoscape.

Before research: An anarchist organization without leaders, dedicated to new technologies and freedom of thought. Synedrion aims to find a way of co-existing with the new ecosystem.

After research: Synedrion is an amalgamation of several political movements, with roots in social ecology, anarcho-syndicalism, and similar belief systems. Built on a strong opposition to hierarchies, Synedrion is egalitarian and radically democratic, with decisions being made via public assembly. Despite this, certain more prominent individuals do exist, and two streams of thought have begun to crystallize: the Polyphonic Tendency, who believe that the origin of humanity's dysfunctional relationship with the environment lies in hierarchies of dominance, and the Terraformers, who believe in putting humans first and are less opposed to the idea of leadership. The current official goal of Synedrion is finding a way of co-existing with the new ecosystem, but that goal is being challenged from within.

Rewards: Tech.png TECH +190, Synedrion.png Synedrion cinematics

General research

Pandoran Goo (100)

Pandoran Goo.jpg

Prerequisities: Pandoran with Goo encountered

Before research: A member of our assault team has brought a sample of the green Pandoran goo from the battlefield. The substance has been isolated in a Biohazard 2 containment laboratory, awaiting further analysis.

After research: An analysis of the substance referred to as “Goo” by our field team and laboratory scientists have found it to be a mutated form of the Caulbacter cresentus bacterium. The bacterium has adhesive properties and thrives in wet spaces, although it does react negatively to oxygen.

Experiments have shown that exposed to air, the substance dies in a matter of moments, rendering the “goo” harmless.

Needed to unlock Goo repeller research

Goo repeller (300)

Goo repeller.jpg

Prerequisities: Pandoran Goo research is finished. Capture Pandoran with Goo ability.

Before research: An analysis of the Pandoran goo has revealed ways in which we can counter its adhesive properties. We can develop substances for use in clothing and equipment manufacture. Making such a breakthrough would increase troop mobility, allowing them to walk through goo infested terrain without slowing down.

After research: Devising Goo Repeller technology has been a difficult task. After sequential testing of more than seventeen thousand materials, both mineral and organic, it became apparent that a new approach was needed. The way in which the caulbacter cresentus bacterium reacts to oxygen presented the solution. Equipped with two oxygen capsules, the Goo Repeller module is attached to the leg of a soldier's combat armor gear and is capable of spraying a high concentration of our oxygenated compound to kill enough bacteria, allowing for movement through goo covered areas.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Goomodule.jpg Phoenix Goo-repellant Boot Module (Mark C)

Psychic Influences (400)

Psychic Influences.jpg

Reveal requirements: Siren Autopsy and Terror sentinel researches are finished.

Unlock requirements: Capture Pandoran with psychic abilities

Before research: It has been confirmed that some Pandorans can inflict visions of terror on our soldiers on the battlefield. We should look to capture a Pandoran with this ability and dissect it to find out more about how this works.

After research: Intense analysis has shown that the Pandoran ability to instill fear in humans is a direct result of an overstimulation of the amygdala through a form of infrasound combine with some kind of psychic influence. Based on current observations, only certain Pandoran species are able to produce the effect, although the exact method through which they do so remains unknown. A dampening module has been developed to negate this type of effect.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Clarity.jpg Phoenix Psychic-neutralising Helmet Module (Clarity Helmet)

Pandoran Virus Infection (400)

Pandoran Virus Infection.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Pandoran with viral ability or weapon.

Before research: While treating a soldier affected by a Siren attack, the Phoenix medical team discovered that what they believed to be poison was a new virus strain. Attempts to treat the strain have shown promise, but additional time and resources are needed if any real progress is to be made.

After research: The Styx Virus was discovered after extracting an infected sample from a survivor of a Siren attack. The virus appears to be a simplified, smaller strain of the Pandoravirus. Originally, it was believed that the Styx Virus was a neurotropic pathogen that causes hallucinations, loss of motor control, and death. After further observation, it was found that the Styx virus’ main function is to weaken the mind in order to gain control of it. Death only occurs as an aftereffect.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Virophage kit.png Virophage Kit

Pandoran Evolution (600)

Pandoran Evolution.jpg

Prerequisities: Evolved Pandoran is killed or captured.

Before research: Field teams have reported seeing mutated versions of Arthrons and Tritons with evolved body parts. While similar in appearance to the original classifications, these new specimens are considerably tougher. We could be witnessing the emergence of several new types of Pandoran.

After research: Field reports are indicating that some Pandorans of the Arthron and Triton types are gradually developing resistances and counters to our weaponry. While this process in some ways resembles traditional evolution, it is clearly a much more directed process. Rather than adapting to evolutionary pressure, the Pandorans are being adapted with a goal in mind - the eradication of humanity.

Rewards: Tech.png TECH +190, Materials.png MATERIALS +375, Needed for Virophage weapons research

Pandoran Colonies (300)

Pandoran Colonies.jpg

Reveal requirements: reveal any Pandoran Base (Nest, Lair, Citadel), Unlock requirements: destroy any Pandoran Base (Nest, Lair, Citadel). Revealing Pandoran bases explained here

Before research: The underground breeding sites of the Pandorans must form a crucial part of their biology and should be investigated as soon as possible.

After research: Pandoran Colonies are underground tunnel-like structures made of Pandoravirus-produced biomass. Following the ecological transformation of the sea, they appear to be the next step towards the total conquest of the Earth's ecosystems. Each colony produces its own specific mutations, which is why we see certain mutations predominate in different regions. The colonies seem to expand their area of operation over time, attacking any human settlements they find. Based on colony growth patterns, we suspect that there are multiple levels of development. The initial level has been classified as the Pandoran Nest.

Rewards: Tech TECH +125, Materials.png MATERIALS +250, Food.png FOOD +375. Unlocks research of Pandoran Capture and Containment, Enables Pandoran Lair research

Pandoran Capture and Containment (400)

Pandoran Capture and Containment.jpg

Prerequisities: Pandoran Colonies research is finished.

Before research: We are close to being able to create technology capable of capturing and containing live Pandoran subjects.

Achieving this goal would allow research on living Pandorans, further enhancing our understanding of them.

After research: Specialized Pandoran Containment facilities have been designed and successfully tested, allowing us to safely keep Pandorans in a state of constant paralysis.

This represents a step forward in our struggle to understand their biology.

Bonus effect: Containment facility available for construction. Neurazer Neurazer available for manufacturing Capturing Pandorans explained here

Food Harvesting Technology (400)

Food Harvesting Technology.jpg

Prerequisities: any Pandoran is captured. Capturing Pandorans explained here

Before research: A member of the science team has explored the possibility of harvesting Pandoran flesh for food. The idea is dangerous and distasteful on many levels, but considering the circumstances, might be necessary in order for the human race to survive.

After research: After a series of failed experiments, the science team has finally managed to extract edible biomass from Pandoran specimens. While the taste remains terrible, it is a first step in ensuring that the Phoenix Project personnel have the necessary nourishment. As long as live specimens are brought from the field, they can be transformed into rations.

In order not to cause disruption or morale issues, all information regarding Project Cornucopia has been compartmentalised. Only individuals with Harvester Access Clearance are allowed to perform the procedure.

Bonus effect: Food can now be produced from captured Pandorans in the Containment Facility

Pandoran Lair (800)

Pandoran Lair.jpg

Prerequisities: destroy Pandoran Lair

Before research: Larger in size than Pandoran Nests, Lairs are more abundant in Pandoran creatures and home to more advanced specimens. Further field research and exploration would be of benefit to our understanding.

After research: Lairs represent larger and more complex Pandoran colonies. Based on our observations, when several Pandoran Nests come in contact with each other, a dominant Nest assumes control of the others, entering its second level of development. While Nests are only able to spawn lesser mutated creatures, Lairs produce specialized types known as Sirens and Chirons, as well as all Pandoran subtypes that the Nests within were previously creating. It is speculated that Lairs are capable of merging, leading to an even larger and more dangerous structure.

Rewards: Tech.png TECH +190, Materials.png MATERIALS +375, Food.png FOOD +500 and Enables Pandoran Citadel Research

Pandoran Spawnery (200)

Pandoran Spawnery.jpg

Prerequisities: Pandoran Lair research is finished

Before research: Hungry and immobile, the Spawnery lies at the heart of a Pandoran Lair.

After research: Although the exact method of mutation remains unknown, it has been confirmed that the Spawnery is capable of producing more advance Pandoran creatures. What we have learned is that the specimen determines the exact nature of the batch it breeds, creating the mutations best suited for its needs. At this point, it remains unknown where the Spawnery receives the biomass needed to create such vast amounts of mutations. Analyses of Spawnery samples have revealed the presence of hundreds of strands of DNA, including humans, though not all of them appear to be used in the creation of its progeny. ADDITIONAL FINDINGS: Field reports have confirmed that destroying a Spawnery effectively renders the Lair inoperable, causing the structure to be abandoned.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Spawneries is increased by 20%

Pandoran Citadel (1500)

Pandoran Citadel.jpg

Prerequisities: destroy Citadel

Before research: The largest type of Pandoran structure, a Citadel acts as a huge control complex, directing all Pandoran activity in a vast region. Citadels are home to the largest and most terrifying Pandoran creatures.

After research: Our research shows that when several Pandoran Lairs exist in one overlapping territory, they merge into one single structure. It is noted that this new network is larger than before and no longer has a Spawnery. Instead, the Citadel contains a single controlling Scylla, while all other creatures are created from clusters of biomass in the cave network itself.

Killing the controlling Scylla will cause a cascade reaction that will effectively destroy all biomass in the entire Citadel, including all the creatures created from it. All citadels should be destroyed as soon as they are discovered.

Bonus effect: Area scans will now detect Pandoran colonies. needed for Yuggothian Receptacle research

Pandoravirus (800)


Prerequisities: 3 sites are finished

Before research: We have isolated a sample of the Pandoravirus and prepared it for analysis. This virus is widely considered to be responsible for the mutations and ecosystem changes that have led to the near-collapse of civilization.

After research: Until now, we believed the Pandoravirus to be a nucleocytoplasmic large DNA virus that rapidly mutates any living organism in an unusually directed way, incorporating DNA from multiple species to create the horrors we have witnessed. The suggestion that the Pandoravirus could be extraterrestrial was widely debated by scientists in the 2020s, due to its enormous genome size and the dissimilarity of many of its genes to those of any other lifeform on Earth. Many suspected that its intelligent-seeming behavior could not be fully explained by the usual evolutionary models.

Our analysis, incorporating new data from the cryogenic facility, the Chinese sinkhole, and the Siberian lab, confirms three facts with worrying implications:

1. The Pandoravirus existed on Earth long before the current outbreak.

2. The Pandoravirus is non-terrestrial in origin.

3. The Pandoravirus is the product of design, not evolution.

There had always been rumours that maybe the Pandoravirus wasn't from Earth; that some alien disease had come down from the stars like a plague from heaven. But now that we finally had the evidence we needed, we realized the truth was more terrible than that. The Pandoravirus was alien, yes.

But it wasn't a disease. It was a bioweapon. We were not alone. And whatever was out there... wanted us dead. None of this had deterred Randolph Symes. He'd continued his quest, hoping that whatever his great-grandfather had buried in Oglethorpe University's time vault held the answers he needed. We would have to hope that he was right.

The Shadow of the Past. We need to investigate Oglethorpe University's time vault, where Randolph Symes Sr. buried a collection of files that might shed light on the history of the Pandoravirus. The coordinates have been uploaded to our system.

Our research regarding the nature of the Pandoravirus has caused a great deal of controversy within the factions.

Tobias.jpg Tobias West sees our research as confirmation of what NJ.png New Jericho has always preached: the Pandorans are invaders, a military solution is the only way forward, and anyone who disagrees is helping the enemy.

In Synedrion.png Synedrion, internal debates rage. What are the socio-political rights of creatures created by a bioweapon? Should we even be trying to co-exist?

As for the Anu.png Disciples of Anu, there is no official statement from the Exalted or the Synod of Yearning, but rumors suggest they are neither surprised nor worried.

Outcome: Cinematics are played NJ.png New Jericho's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project +3, Synedrion.png Synedrion's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project +2. Site added to Geoscape: Time Vault

Antediluvian Protocivilization (900)

Antediluvian Protocivilization.jpg

Prerequisities: Time Vault mission is finished.

Before research: An encrypted but partially corrupted file has been found in a reactivated Phoenix Base. It is entitled "Antediluvian Protocivilization" and has been marked as extremely important.

After research: The archaeological evidence we have collected points to a startling conclusion: civilization on our planet first arose a much longer time ago than commonly believed - more than two million years ago, in fact. This globe-spanning civilization was created by a race of advanced hominins that preceded Homo sapiens, reaching a significant level of technological development before being destroyed by an unknown force. Small groups of these hominins survived for some time after the fall of their civilization, intermingling with Homo sapiens and passing along elements of their language and history, which formed the basis of the flood myths that are so common in cultures around the world. Could the unknown force that destroyed the Antediluvians have been the Pandoravirus? And if so, how did the rest of the planet survive? We must find out more.

Bonus effect: Soldiers gain additional 10% experience from missions and training, 2 Sites added to Geoscape: Seeking Dr.Symes (1) and Seeking Dr.Symes (2)

Phoenix Project Research and Development

Shotgun Technology (150)

Mercy research.png

Prerequisities: Arthron Autopsy

Before research: The proliferation of Arthron creatures has exposed a weakness in our arsenal. A powerful, short-range combat shotgun might be an effective riposte.

After research: The Mercy SG3 Shotgun adds devastating firepower to our assault class troopers. It is extremely effective at tackling close range targets and is a valuable complement to the standard assault rifle.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Mercy SG3 Phoenix Shotgun (Mercy SG3) is available for production

Combat Shield Technology (150)

Shield research.png

Prerequisities: Triton Autopsy

Before research: The Triton is an cunning creature, which may be capable of wielding human weapons. In order to protect our soldiers against this potential threat, a powerful battle shield would be useful.

After research: The combat shield is based on the latest carbon fiber fabrication techniques, providing a light, extremely tough shield. In situations where cover is sparse or weak, this shield will allow our soldiers to roam across the battlefield.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Phoenix Combat Shield Phoenix Combat Shield is available for production

Improved Medkit Technology (150)

Improved medkit research.png

Prerequisities: Poisonworm Autopsy

Before research: The various biological threats posed by Pandoran species, such as the Poisonworm, require a significant improvement in our battlefield medical technology.

After research: The new Medkit tech provides a 50% healing power increase compared to the old kits. All Medkits have been equipped with the new technology, greatly improving the survivability of our operatives on the battlefield.

All Medkit Medkits heal 50% more Hit Points

Grenade Launcher Technology (150)

Goliath research.png

Prerequisities: Mindfragger Autopsy

Before research: A heavy, long-range clearance weapon would be a useful advancement against the proliferation of small, agile Pandorans such as the Mindfragger.

After research: The Goliath GL-2, based on old Vanadium designs, is wielded by heavy class infantry. Its wide blast radius, great range, and large magazine provides the equivalent of mobile artillery on the battlefield. It is not very accurate, but with this amount of explosive power, it doesn't need to be.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Goliath GL 2 Phoenix Grenade Launcher (Goliath GL 2) is available for production

Blast Resistance Technology (150)

Blast vest research.png

Prerequisities: Hatching Sentinel

Before research: The unusual organic molecular structure of the hatching sentinel's skin has some promising applications in blast resistance technology.

After research: The new blast resistance vest can be fitted under all torso armor sections. It reduces the impact of explosive munitions by roughly half, providing valuable protection against the new Pandoran threats.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Blast-Res Vest Blast-Res Vest is available for production

Shotgun Advancement (400)

Slamstrike research.png

Prerequisities: Siren Autopsy

Before research: Sirens pose a unique threat - they are tough, agile, and deadly. A new type of light assault weapon with a devastating punch would be a useful development.

After research: The new Slamstrike shotgun design fires a heavy, high-velocity slug capable of dazing targets. Its agility and power make it a useful assault weapon against Sirens and other highly armored Pandorans.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Slamstrike Shotgun Slamstrike Shotgun

Heavy Cannon Development (500)

Hel research.png

Prerequisities: Chiron Autopsy

Before research: The arrival of huge and very tough Pandoran mutations requires us to reconsider our battlefield strategy. A heavy weapon with substantial power should be developed to support our heavy class soldiers. After research: The Hel II Cannon provides soldiers with a significant firepower boost. This weapon has the power to dispatch smaller enemies in a single shot and can destroy cover elements. Its impact force can also stun tougher creatures if it doesn't outright kill them. It is difficult to wield, so its accuracy is low. However, it is ideal against larger targets.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Hel II Cannon Hel II Cannon is available for production

Light Sniper Rifle Technology (250)

Hawk research.png

Prerequisities: Fireworm Autopsy

Before research: The appearance of another worm mutation - the Fireworm - has inspired our designers to consider developing a more agile sniper rifle that can deal quickly with small targets at range.

After research: The Hawk-41K Light Sniper Rifle givers our Snipers greater agility in response to multiple Pandoran threats. Whilst it is not as powerful as heavier sniper rifles, its quicker aiming makes up for it.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Hawk-41K Light Sniper Rifle Hawk-41K Light Sniper Rifle is available for production

Agile Grenade Launcher Development (300)

Agile research.png

Prerequisities:Acidworm Autopsy

Before research: The appearance of a deadly new worm mutation - the Acidworm - has prompted our team to consider a better way to take out these creatures from a safer distance.

After research: The new, lightweight Vidar launcher adds extra capability to our assault class operatives. Its compact rounds, long-range, and quick targeting provide many advantages over the conventional grenade, even though its explosive power is roughly similar.

New Item for Manufacturing available: Vidar Grenade Launcher Vidar Grenade Launcher is available for production

Combining faction tech

Researches from this category combine faction researches. You need to get access to some faction researches in order to unlock these researches for yourself. Combining faction tech results into new weapons.

Advanced melee weapon (500)

Advanced melee weapon.jpg

Prerequisities: Berserker Class research is finished by Anu.png Disciples of Anu and shared with Phoenix Project

Technician Development research is finished by NJ.png New Jericho and shared with Phoenix Project.

Before research: Phoenix operatives have requested a light and efficient non-lethal weapon to use on the battlefield.

After research: The new shock weapon design uses specific voltages and frequency modulation to target the nervous system of any known living organism, including Pandorans. It should prove useful on the battlefield.

New Item for Manufacturing available: 1lance.png Phoenix shock melee weapon (Phoenix Shock Lance)

Mutagen Harvesting (500)

Mutagen Harvesting.jpg

Prerequisities: Pandoran Capture and Containment research is finished. Anu.png Disciples of Anu Mutation Technology research is finished and shared with the Phoenix Project. This research can also be unlocked by researching Mutoid Genetics if you play with Corrupted Horizons DLC.

Before research: A method for extracting mutagens from captured Pandorans is being devised. The process is still in its infancy, but should it be successful it would provide us with a virtually endless source of mutagens.

After research: We discovered that certain tissue samples retain the ability to mutate. The discovery was made when a test subject accidentally had a mutated sample injected into them. The error was discovered too late, but scientists observed the results and found that Pandorans have a set of cells, derived from the original Pandroavirus infection, that have unique properties.

We call these mutagens. They were the same cells the Disciples of Anu use in rituals to “evolve closer to The Exalted.” Since the discovery, the process has been refined, allowing 70% of a creature’s mutagens to be extracted during a lab procedure. For the harvesting to be successful the specimen needs to be alive during the process.

Bonus effect: Mutagens can be harvested from captured Pandorans in the Containment Facility

Advanced Acid Technology (700)

Advanced Acid Technology.jpg

Prerequisities: Acid Weapons Technology research is finished by Anu.png Disciples of Anu and shared with the Phoenix Project.

Before research: The New Jericho research and development group have managed to create a prototype Heavy Cannon capable of effectively firing acid-filled ammo without risking the weapon itself. Investing the time to streamline the production process would make this type of weapon set for mass production.

After research: Following a breakthrough in acid weapon technology, a new development program was initiated to bring these innovations to the battlefield. A method for putting acid pockets in a metal alloy casing, allowing them to disperse on impact, was refined and brought into production. The breakthrough was finding a non-corrosive material capable of storing the acid and enduring high-velocity transfer but shattering on impact to deliver the payload. The resulting Jormungandr Cannon prototype and ammunition are now available for production.

Bonus effect: Acid weapons efficiency increased by 20%. New Item for Manufacturing available: 1jormungandr.png Phoenix Acid Cannon (Jormungandr Cannon)

Advanced Shredding Technology (1100)

Advanced Shredding Technology.jpg

Prerequisities: Shredding Technology development research is finished by Anu.png Disciples of Anu and shared with Phoenix Project, Advanced Rocket Technology research is finished by NJ.png New Jericho and shared with Phoenix Project.

Before research: Combining New Jericho's explosive tech with the armor-shredding tech developed by the Disciples of Anu could in a new generation of extremely powerful weapons.

After research: After careful analysis and comparison of weapon discoveries made by New Jericho and the Disciples of Anu, the anaerobic bacteria used by the Disciples for enhancing the shredding capability in shotgun cartridges have been put to more efficient use – in missiles and grenades. Field tests have shown that this type of armament is capable of stripping armor plating and Pandoran exoskeletons with ease.

The resulting weapon types have been made available for production in all factories.

New Items for Manufacturing available: Odin grenade.png Phoenix Shredder Grenade (Mjolnir Grenade) and 1ragnarok.png Phoenix Shredding Missile Launcher (Ragnarok)

Advanced Laser Technology (1200)

Advanced Laser Technology.jpg

Prerequisities: Laser Weapons research is finished by Synedrion.png Synedrion and shared with the Phoenix Project.

Technician Development research is finished by NJ.png New Jericho and shared with the Phoenix Project.

Before research: We could extend our current tech to create mounted laser weapons.

After research: By combining tech that already existed, our scientists and engineers have developed mounted laser weapons. The process was relatively simple but required extensive field testing to make sure the components were properly compatible.

New Item for Manufacturing available: 1gorgon.png Phoenix Laser PDW (Gorgon Eye-A), 1scorcher.png Phoenix Laser Auto Turret (Scorcher AT), and 1destiny3.png Phoenix Laser array (Destiny III)

Critical research

Pandoran Telepathic Nodule (1000)

Pandoran Telepathic Nodule.jpg

Prerequisities: Siren Vivisection research is finished.

Before research: We have recently identified a small nodule located in the brain of every single Pandoran creature. This anomalous neural cluster may explain some of the Pandorans' inexplicable behaviors and abilities.

After research: Discovered during multiple autopsies but initially dismissed as a tumor, the telepathic nodule or T-cluster is in fact an essential part of how the Pandoravirus controls its victims. Located in the cerebral cortex, this cluster of Pandoravirus-produced neurons can radically alter behavior, completely overriding the victim's sentience. More significantly, we have empirical evidence that the T-cluster is capable of receiving and transmitting signals of some kind over vast distances in a process akin to telepathy.

It should be noted that the size of the cluster depends on the type of Pandoran. Arthrons, Tritons, and Chirons have minuscule almost, unidentifiable nodules, while those of Sirens and Scyllas are much more pronounced.

The real question that must be answered, however, is this: is the T-cluster only used for communication between Pandorans, or are they receiving orders from an outside force?

Unlocks many other researches - Virophage Injector, Pandora Key, Project Domovoy and Signal Disruption Tech

Triggers Control event: Our research has once again caused controversy.

To NJ.png New Jericho, the existence of the telepathic nodule is unsurprising: they have always seen infection as an attack on human will. But it's made their relationship to the Anu.png Disciples of Anu deteriorate even further, as they now see the Anu.png Disciples as not only trying to pervert but to enslave humanity.

To Synedrion.png Synedrion, confirmation that the Pandorans are controlled by an external force is deeply shocking. To the Polyphonic Tendency subfaction, it means co-existence is no longer as simple: the Pandoran creatures must be liberated first. But the Terraformers argue that this is naive; the task is to take control of the Earth for humanity, not romanticize the alien invaders.

The Anu.png Disciples, meanwhile, have released a rare official statement from the Exalted: "Behold, our people have drunken deep of the Waters of Life, and yet they are free. Our path leads not to enslavement, but to liberation from the flaws of the old flesh."

Outcome: Anu.png Disciples of Anu's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project +2, NJ.png New Jericho's attitude to Anu.png Disciples of Anu -5.

Pandora Key (800)

Pandora Key.jpg

Prerequisities: Pandoran Telepathic Nodule research is finished, Pandoravirus research is finished, and The Schism mission is finished

Before research: With the information gathered by the Temple of Eanna, The Exalted has cracked the encryption used by the Yuggothian Entity in its transmissions. Now The Exalted's DNA must be modified so that she can hack the signal itself.

After research: The Exalted's genetic makeup has been altered to include the so-called Pandora Key sequence; she can now directly access the datastream being broadcast to Earth from Yuggoth.

It took some time for her to learn how to use this ability without extreme pain, and one more step will be necessary before she can execute her plan: she needs a vulnerable access point. But she assures us that the Yuggothian Entity will soon provide us with one, in the form of the Yuggothian Receptacle. We must prepare.

Unlocks final research for Anu.png Disciples of Anu - Liturgy of the Divine Flesh

Virophage weapons (1200)

Virophage weapons.jpg

Prerequisities: To Antarctica mission is finished and Pandoran Evolution is researched.

Before research: It would be possible to adapt a weakened, highly-modified form of the Antediluvian Virophage into weapons for our operatives.

After research: We have produced designs and functional prototypes for a new set of virophage-based weapons, which will exclusively damage lifeforms that carry traces of the Pandoravirus. Note that this includes anyone who has undergone controlled mutation, such as the Disciples of Anu. After extensive testing, the weapons are now ready to go into full production.

Working with the Antediluvian Virophage has been challenging; it is almost as dangerous a weapon as the Pandoravirus, and under any other circumstances the only correct response would be to destroy it immediately. Any larger-scale application constitutes a potential extinction event.

New Item for manufacturing available: 1gungnir.png Phoenix Virophage Sniper Rifle (Gungnir SR-2) and Yggdrasil grenade.png Phoenix Virophage Grenade (Yggdrasil Grenade), needed for Virophage Injector research.

Yuggothian Entity (1200)

Yuggothian Entity.jpg

Prerequisities: To Antarctica mission is finished

Before research: The existence of the telepathic nodule suggests the possibility that whatever created the Pandoravirus is controlling the Pandorans directly. We must find out more about this entity.

After research: Our analysis of the Antediluvian texts, combined with the knowledge gathered by the Phoenix Project over the course of the last century, has forced us to acknowledge a shocking truth: the war against Earth is being waged by an alien entity. This being of unimaginable age and power is located on Yuggoth, the ninth planet of our solar system.

Yuggoth's orbit is highly elliptical, coming close to Earth once every 17.000 years. When it does, Yuggoth expels meteorites carrying various iterations of the Pandoravirus, a bioweapon intended to radically transform the Earth's ecosystem to the advantage of the Yuggothian Entity.

The Entity communicates with its creatures via some form of quasi-telepathic signal. Evidence suggests that some human beings are sensitive to these transmissions, explaining the occurrence of the name "Yuggoth" and variations thereof in the work of artists such as H.P. Lovecraft, Virginia Gutierrez, John Bellairs, Ralph Pabodie, and many others. This presumably represents an earlier, less powerful expression of the phenomenon we have termed Oneiric Delirium.

We have concluded that the ultimate purpose of the Entity is to create the ecological conditions that will allow it to come to Earth, and have hypothesized the existence of the Yuggothian Receptacle, a clone or replica to which the Entity will transfer its consciousness. We believe the Pandorans are already in the process of accumulating biomass and genetic material for this purpose.

Finally, we knew our enemy. The Pandoravirus was only a tool. It was the hand that wielded it that truly mattered. The creature we came to call the Yuggothian Entity. It was old - perhaps older than the Solar System itself. On Yuggoth, the ninth planet, it lay waiting. For thousands of years, it slept in the outer darkness.

But when Yuggoth's orbit approached the Earth, it expelled the seeds of our destruction. Its mind reached out, haunting our dreams, infesting our stories. Its ultimate purpose was to transform our world into its own - to recreate whatever long-lost abyss it had come from. Its creatures were already assembling a new body it could inhabit. And when they were done... when the Yuggothian Entity came to Earth... nothing could stand in its way.

Know Thy Enemy. Finally, we have revealed the true enemy behind the Pandoravirus: the Yuggothian Entity.

For NJ.png New Jericho, this is excellent news. Finally, a proper war with clear sides - and they know which side they're on. There's no more time for traitors or accommodationists.

For Synedrion.png Synedrion, it's now a question of philosophy - do they want to seize the master's tools and transform the world, or destroy this cosmic hierarchy and let things take their own course? The answer will have to be reached democratically.

The Anu.png Disciples of Anu have no official statement on any parallels between the Yuggothian Entity and their Dead God. The Liturgy of the Divine Flesh draws close, and they have more important things to focus on than the ravings of those trapped in ideologies of the old world.

Outcome: NJ.png New Jericho's attitude to Anu.png Disciples of Anu -5, Anu.png Disciples of Anu's attitude to NJ.png New Jericho -5, NJ.png New Jericho's attitude to Synedrion.png Synedrion -3.

Needed for Yuggothian Receptacle research

Yuggothian Receptacle (2200)

Yuggothian Receptacle.jpg

Prerequisities: Yuggothian Entity, Pandoran Citadel and Scylla Vivisection researches are finished.

Before research: The existence of the telepathic nodule suggests the possibility that whatever created the Pandoravirus is controlling the Pandorans directly. We must find out more about this entity.

After research: As we had feared, the Pandorans are accumulating biomass and genetic material in order to construct what we have termed the Pandoran Receptable - a clone of the Yuggothian Entity, capable of downloading the Entity's mind. The sheer size and power of the Entity mean that an enormous structure is required in which to construct the Receptacle.

This structure, which we are calling the Pandoran Palace, is most likely being built at this very moment. Locating it is one of our highest priorities. Our analyses suggest that should the Yuggothian Entity's plan succeed, humanity's chance of survival drops to 0%.

Needed for Virophage Injector research

Virophage Injector (2000)

Virophage Injector.jpg

Prerequisities: Yuggothian Receptacle, Pandoran Telepathic Nodule and Virophage weapons researches are finished.

Before research: If all other alternatives should fail, we could follow in the footsteps of the Antediluvians and use the virophage as a weapon of mass destruction. WARNING: While this would lead to victory, it would also lead to the near-extinction of our own species.

After research: WARNING: This option must only be considered as a last resort.

If we inject sufficient quantities of the Antediluvian Virophage into the Receptacle, we will trigger a chain reaction that will lead to the death of the Palace and, after some time, every single Pandoran on Earth . However, simulations show that a vast proportion of the human population would also be affected, leading our species perilously close to extinction.

Are we willing to take this risk? The factions will certainly turn against us if they realize we are planning such an atrocity.

Outcome: Unlocks Phoenix Project ending - Site added to Geoscape: The Last Resort. Removes all other faction ending options.

Synedrion.png Synedrion's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project -50, NJ.png New Jericho's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project -50. Anu.png Disciples of Anu's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project -50


You need to encounter and kill the enemy types in order to unlock the researches.

Mindfragger Autopsy (100)

Mindfragger Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Mindfragger.

Before Research: Specimen: MINDFRAGGER. These small, agile beasts have one function - Taking control of people.

After Research: Summary: Mindfraggers are a bio-weapon designed to control and possibly abduct human subjects. The creature's head detaches from the body during an attack becoming permanently linked to its host. Fortunately, killing the attached creature will remove it safely, restoring the victim to a normal state of mind.

Genetic origins: 22% Arthropoid, 3% Human, 75% Unknown

Function: Mind control. The precise mechanism of control is unknown.

Reproduction: Eggs (from hatcheries in Pandoran Nests)

Mobility: Very fast - but unable to climb or jump high. Take the high ground.

Weakness: Easy to kill - very vulnerable to explosives. Once attached - dispatch with a single shot weapon in order to minimize damage to the victim.

Rewards: Materials.png MATERIALS +190

New Research: Grenade Launcher Technology

Fireworm Autopsy (100)

Fireworm Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Fireworm.

Before Research: The Fireworm appears to be a mobile incendiary bomb with a singular purpose.

After Research: Summary: The fireworm contains multiple chambers of various chemicals, which are mixed on detection of an enemy to cause a large incendiary explosion. The creature kills itself in the process.

Genetic origins: 28% Annelid, 72% Unknown

Function: To inflict as much damage through an incendiary explosion. Possibly a defensive mutation for Pandoran nests, but has been see in offensive roles.

Mechanism: The powerful incendiary chemical mixture is combined via several internal chambers.

Mobility: Surprisingly agile, with limited high jump capability.

Strength: Immune to fire

Weakness: Relatively easy to kill - vulnerable to explosives.

Rewards: Materials.png MATERIALS +125

New Research: Light Sniper Rifle Technology

Poisonworm Autopsy (100)

Poisonworm Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Poisonworm.

Before Research: These annelid mutations are highly mobile poison bombs.

After Research: Summary: The Poisonworm seeks hostile entities and then ruptures itself, emitting a powerful spray of deadly poison. The creature has little sense of self-preservation but will attempt to advance under cover to reach a target.

Genetic origins: 28% Annelid, 72% Unknown

Function: Sacrifices itself via explosive mechanisms to spread a lethal poison mixture within a limited area.

Mechanism: Gas-containing chambers are pumped with poison fluid until they explode, killing the creature.

Mobility: Surprisingly agile, with limited high jump capability.

Strength: Immune to poison.

Weakness: Relatively easy to kill - vulnerable to explosives.

Rewards: Materials.png MATERIALS +125

New Research: Improved Medkit Technology

Acidworm Autopsy (100)

Acidworm Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Acidworm.

Before Research: The Acidworm's ability to contain highly corrosive substances within its anatomy makes it a worthwhile subject of study.

After Research: Key findings: The creature contains a powerful acid of unknown chemical structure. It's only purpose is to move towards a target and explode with the hope of damaging or destroying the target.

Genetic origin: 24% Caecilian, 76% unknown.

Function: Seek and destroy. The corrosive payload can eat through all known armor types and represents a serious threat to vehicles and heavily armored infantry.

Weakness: Relatively easy to kill with automatic weapons.

Rewards: Materials.png MATERIALS +125

New Research: Agile Grenade Launcher Development

Terror Sentinel (100)

Terror Sentinel.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill Terror Sentinel.

Before Research: Specimen: TERROR SENTINEL. The specimen appears to be a semi-sentient plant mutation with three components resembling a human upper torso. We suspect it to be some sort of hyper-aware living turret.

After Research: Field analysis has shown that the sentinels are in fact an amalgamation of mutated plants and humans merged into a single entity. Attempts to separate the humanoid individuals from the plant stem or each other have resulted in failure causing the death of the respective entity. Whoever these people were before, they ceased to be human long ago. Careful examination of the Sentinel’s heads has revealed enhanced vocal and brain development allowing for the specimen’s shriek. Changes in the cerebellum indicate that the shrieks also affect living creatures on a neurological level.

ADDITIONAL FINDINGS: Terror Sentinels are able to “detect” the presence of living and mechanical entities within six meters. The exact mechanism of detection remains unknown.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Terror Sentinels is increased by 15%

Hatching Sentinel (100)

Hatching Sentinel.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill Hatching Sentinel

Before Research: Specimen: HATCHING SENTINEL. This appears to be the key structure supporting the Pandoran Nest colonies.

After Research: Summary: This remarkable structure is a living DNA laboratory, constantly mutating new variants of the Pandoran creature. It produces egg-like structures which are gestated in Pandoran "Nests". Once hatching sentinels within a Nest structure are destroyed, the nest is neutralized and quickly abandoned by any remaining Pandorans.

Offensive mutations: No offensive capability has been detected.

Defensive mutations: The hatching sentinel can detect intruders and then induce all eggs within a wide area to hatch immediately.

Countermeasures: On detection, destroy the organism as soon as possible in order to prevent its mass hatching mechanism from taking effect.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Hatching Sentinels is increased by 15%

New Research: Blast Resistance Technology

Mist Sentinel (100)

Mist Sentinel.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill Mist Sentinel

Before Research: The specimen appears to be fungal in origin. Although lacking obvious protective elements, it is capable of emitting a viral airborne mist when provoked.

After Research: The Mist Sentinel is an enigmatic phenomenon, an immobile fungoid structure hosting mutated symbiotes. It produces a complex aerosol with hundreds of different types of microbes, which is basically a concentrated version of the mist coming from the sea.

It seems to have a defensive role, with the proximity of hostile organisms triggering a release of mist in a local area. We see them “growing” across the land, promoting the transformation of flora and fauna, for what purpose we do not know.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Hatching Sentinels is increased by 15%

Mindfragger Egg (100)

Mindfragger Egg.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill Mindfragger Egg.

Before Research: The specimen is a large organic vessel that contains a single Mindfragger. At present, the exact method of how the egg is created and distributed remains unknown.

After Research: The specimen’s shell has proven to be considerably durable, able to resist fire, acid, and small arms fire. The egg contains various animal and plant DNA strands. So far it has been determined that the eggs act more like a biological stasis pod which holds Mindfraggers in a state of suspension rather than being a growth/incubation chamber. The exact mechanism by which the specimen appears and grows remains unknown.

ADDITIONAL FINDINGS: Field reports indicate that Mindfragger Eggs react to human and mechanical presence, beginning to hatch when any foreign entity approaches them.

Rewards: Materials.png MATERIALS +65, Food.png FOOD +500

Worm Egg (100)

Worm Egg .jpg

Prerequisities: Kill Worm Egg.

Before Research: The specimen is an organic pod covered in a layer of hard chitin. The egg can host all known species of Worms.

After Research: Virtually identical in nature, the Worm Eggs may contain any of the Pandoran worm sub species. At present three subtypes have been identified, different in only the shell surface and the subtype they contain. In all cases, the outer shell has proven to be highly resistant to damage. In contrast to other alien eggs, the outer layers of the specimen are also highly flexible and capable of containing corrosive, flammable, and toxic substances.

ADDITIONAL FINDINGS: Worm Eggs react to foreign proximity, triggering the hatching process whenever a human or mechanical presence is sensed.

Rewards: Materials.png MATERIALS +65, Food.png FOOD +500

Arthron Autopsy (200)

Arthron Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Arthron.

Before Research: Arthrons are among the earliest Pandorans encountered, and they are the most numerous. They have multiple mutations to adapt to different combat roles.

After Research: Summary: Early mutations of this creature type are associated with the first mist incursion in 2029. The vast populations that were compelled to walk zombie-like into the sea under the influence of the mist have been merged, somehow, with sea creature DNA to create these Frankenstein monsters. Now we are seeing increasing numbers of Arthrons on land. The hypothesis is that land-based gestation structures are breeding Arthrons under cover of a new mist outbreak. The latest Arthron mutations have little humanity left in them, and they are considerably more dangerous to civilian populations. The longer-term danger is that we can expect their "evolution" to continue at a rapid pace.

Genetic origins: 25% Arthropod, 15% Human, 60% Unknown

Function: Combat. Sub-human intelligence allows the use of melded weapons.

Reproduction: Cloned and mutated. Ancillary objective - locate nests.

Offensive Mutations: Claw, melded gun, organic grenade launcher, poison spit.

Defensive Mutations: Bony carapace, bony shield.

Mobility: Agile mutations are known to have high jump ability (max 3m)

Weaknesses: Upper arms can easily be disabled. Unable to climb.

New Research: Shotgun Technology

Triton Autopsy (200)

Triton Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Triton.

Before Research: Specimen: TRITON Humanoid in basic form, Tritons have unusual secondary "arms" and some unusually specialized mutations.

After Research: Summary: Early versions of this mutation were identified on video streams in 2027, and seen in greater numbers during the second mist of 2040. The current specimens have evolved to the extent that they are intelligent enough to use human equipment. In addition to human-like arms, they have secondary appendages with varied and specialized functions. Other body parts also reveal extraordinary variations and adaptations. We are seeing increasing numbers of these creatures, often deployed alongside Arthrons. Given their more land-based adaptation we can infer that they are being gestated in land-based structures within the bounds of the new mist outbreak.

Genetic origins: 12% myctophids, 8% other deep-sea fish, 22% human, 58% Unknown

Function: Sufficient intelligence to use a variety of human weapons in sniper or assault roles, plus various stealth capabilities.

Offensive mutations: Good night vision and perception. Primary arms - dextrous enough for using rifles or handguns. Secondary arms with close combat capability - paralyzing, piercing.

Defensive mutations: Mist emission. Chameleon-like evasion in response to an attack. Rapid regeneration.

Mobility: Agile variant has a high jump capability.

Weakness: The Triton's thick skin provides less protection than the Arthrons chitin plating.

New Research: Combat Shield Technology

Siren Autopsy (300)

Siren Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Siren.

Before Research: The Siren is a powerful, advanced Pandoran mutation, appearing for the first time with the third mist incursion.

After Research: Summary: The Siren is named after its bone-chilling screech, which has psychic as well as sonic components. It incorporates human and myriapoda genetic information, resulting in a particularly gruesome monster. However, its mind control abilities are its most terrifying characteristic. In order to understand more about its mechanisms, it is imperative that we capture and study a live specimen. This could be the key to understanding the whole structure of the Pandoran symbiotic collective.

Genetic origins: 9% Arthropod, 8% Myriapoda, 23% Human, 60% Unknown

Function: Leadership, abduction, close combat

Mind control: Can directly control an enemy with a low will (especially after attack by a virus or psychic scream).

Offensive Mutations: Acid ejection, slashing blades, viral infection, Psychic scream

Defensive Mutations: Multipedal variant is armored

Mobility: Agile variant can move rapidly

Weakness: Very limited ranged ability

Rewards: Materials.png MATERIALS +190

New Research: Shotgun Advancement

Chiron Autopsy (300)

Chiron Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Chiron.

Before Research: Chirons were first described as a cross between a beetle and an artillery launcher. Dissecting one would bring more insight into the firing mechanism of their bio-organic weapons.

After Research: Summary: Chirons are a newly discovered mutation without any previous precedent. We speculate that they originate from a more advanced structure than those used to gestate Arthrons and Tritons. They fulfill a support role, attacking from great distances, although some mutations also have close-range capabilities.

Genetic origins: 20% Arthropod, 15% Coleoptera, 10% Homo sapiens, 55% Unknown

Function: Long-range attack - limited close-range capability in some mutations

Offensive mutations: Abdominal launchers - explosives, worms, goo. Close range - stunning ""stomper"" legs, front leg melee variant

Defensive mutations: Heavily armored legs

Mobility: Very limited, but agile variant can leap

Weakness: The head is poorly armored - the target for maximum damage

Rewards: Tech.png TECH +65, Materials.png MATERIALS +125, Food.png FOOD +375

New Research: Heavy Cannon Development

Scylla Autopsy (400)

Scylla Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Scylla.

Before Research: Battlefield reports suggest that the Scylla is the apex alien. It is suspected that in addition to the creature’s destructive capabilities, it’s able to control lesser creatures. A complete autopsy will be able to reveal more.

After Research: Summary: The Scylla is something like a Pandoran battleship, with multiple weapons and defence systems, and critical command and control abilities. It is certainly highly intelligent and seems to be responsible for the increasing strength of Pandoran attacks on havens. Many of its mutations seem to be oriented towards the abduction of human populations rather than an outright massacre. It is absolutely essential that we capture a live specimen, even though it will be an extremely dangerous task.

Genetic origins: 8% Arthropod, 4% Arachnid, 11% Human, 77% Unknown

Function: Leadership, abduction, mass terror, demolition - some mutations have the ability to instill frenzied attacks by lesser Pandorans

Offensive Mutations: dual “smashers”, dual melded “cannons”, mist launcher, Sonic blast, goo launcher, deployment of Mindfraggers

Defensive Mutations: Reactive mist emission, armored variants

Mobility: Agile variant can leap over short distances

Rewards: Tech.png TECH +125, Materials.png MATERIALS +250, Food.png FOOD +625


These researches show when you finish Autopsy research for a given enemy type and have Pandoran capture and containment research finished. You need to capture alive these enemy types in order to do vivisection researches.

Mindfragger Vivisection (200)

Mindfragger Vivisection.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Mindfragger

Before Research: Specimen: MINDFRAGGER. A live Mindfragger specimen is required in order to continue with its research. The Mindfragger requires 1 free laboratory space in the Containment Facility. When placed in isolation the specimen has shown to be extremely docile, entirely ignoring all mechanical tools. The research will therefore proceed remotely with no human presence within three meters of the specimen.

After Research: Key Findings:

Intelligence: Minimal, but an effective hunter.

Mechanisms: Once a Mindfragger attaches to the victim's head, a specific area of the brain is "activated" by injected or inhaled, viral mixtures, and the victim loses conscious control to the Mindfraggers own neural inputs via "needle tendrils" penetrating the brain stem.

Countermeasures: Our behaviour tests on the live specimen have resulted in some advantages for our soldiers in tackling this mutation in the field.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Mindfraggers is increased by 10%

Fireworm Vivisection (200)

Fireworm Vivisection.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Fireworm

Before Research: Specimen: FIREWORM. A live Fireworm specimen is required in order to continue with its research. The Fireworm requires 1 free laboratory space in the Containment Facility. The specimen is an extremely stupid creature with no self-preservation skills of any type. If it wasn’t prone to exploding it is likely to have made a wonderful low-maintenance pet.

After Research: The intelligence level of the creature is low. For all intents and purposes, the specimen can be classified as a biological smart bomb than an actual creature. It has no regard of its own safety or anything else as long as it reaches its target. The mechanism through which it homes in on humans remains unknown. The scent, sound, sight, and biological particles have been ruled out, leaving the possibility of some sort of psychic detection.

The live specimen has simple behavioral patterns, but we have learned enough for our soldiers to gain some advantage against them in battle.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Fireworms is increased by 10%

Poisonworm Vivisection (200)

Poisonworm Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Poisonworm

Before Research: Specimen: POISONWORM. A live Poisonworm specimen is required in order to continue with its research. The Poisonworm requires 1 free laboratory space in the Containment Facility. The specimen has been placed in a Biohazard 2 laboratory after exhibiting signs of poison dispersion. While lacking intelligence, the creature remains capable of spraying small amounts of poison while moving. All lab equipment must be sterilized after the completion of any further research.

After Research: Classification: SECRET An analysis of the subject's behavior has shown it can sense and move towards its intended target with no regard for preservation. Experiments have shown that only fire acts as a deterrent, though there is no full guarantee this will stop the creature. Interestingly enough, the Poison Worm is only able to produce its bioactive substance while alive. Attempts to duplicate the process have been unsuccessful so far, but are still ongoing. Our physilogical analysis of the live specimen has given our soldiers some tactical advantages in battle.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Poisonworms is increased by 10%

Acidworm Vivisection (200)

Acidworm Autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Acidworm

Before Research: Specimen: ACIDWORM. A live Acidworm specimen is required in order to continue with its research. The Acidworm requires 1 free laboratory space in the Containment Facility. Referred to as "the death balloon" by field teams, the specimen appears to have the sole function of reaching its target and exploding. All personnel are forbidden to approach closer than three meters until research has concluded.

After Research: Classification: SECRET After subjecting the specimen to all sorts of stimuli, it has been confirmed that human proximity is the only factor to make render it active. the outer skin of the specimen demonstrates significant resistance to acid as do its internal cavities, allowing it to contain significant amounts of corrosive chemicals while remaining fully functional. Tests on the live specimen will allow our soldiers to exploit some weaknesses on the battlefield.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Acidworms is increased by 10%

Arthron Vivisection (400)

Arthron Vivisection.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Arthron

Before Research: Specimen: Arthron. A live Arthron specimen is required in order to continue with its research. The Arthron requires 1 free laboratory space in the Containment Facility. Tests on live Arthrons will give us information about their mental capacities and physiological weaknesses.

After Research: Summary: When kept in isolation, the Arthron's behaviour seems to revert to the most basic animal functions. On the battlefield, they clearly rely on intelligent direction from some more intelligent Pandoran mutations. From what we can decipher, their language relates mostly to combat and killing but mixed in with some strange references to an "all-seeing" entity. They are not independent beings but are created by some kind of cloning process that constantly mutates in a similar manner to the RNA "editing" process first discovered in coleoid cephalopods.

Language: Rudimentary, vocabulary estimated at 450 words.

Interrogation: AI reproduction of language was not able to elicit any useful information - except the reference to a superior being.

Countermeasures: Behavioural and physiological analysis will give our operatives an advantage in combating Arthrons in the field.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Arthrons is increased by 10%

Triton Vivisection (400)

Triton Vivisection.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Triton

Before Research: Specimen: TRITON. A live Triton specimen is required in order to continue with its research. The Triton requires 1 free laboratory space in the Containment Facility. Initial analyses of the Triton’s upper set of arms have shown them to be a recent development. It is notable that once removed these limbs have the capability of re-attaching themselves to the host.

After Research: There is evidence that the specimen used to be human, but was subjected to violent mutation. The creature appears to have been engineered with the goal of acting as an infiltrator, combining speed and camouflage capabilities taken from marine and land species. The specimen has proven devious in its attempts to escape, suggesting it has retained a significant part of its human intelligence, yet all attempts to communicate with it have failed. Attempts to restore the creature’s mind process to its human state have also proven unsuccessful.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Tritons is increased by 10%

Siren Vivisection (600)

Siren Vivisection.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Siren

Before Research: A live Siren specimen is required in order to continue research. The Siren study will require 1 free laboratory space in the containment facility.

After Research: Summary: We have detected powerful, unusual wave-forms from the Siren's brain which can influence human thought, especially if the mind is in a weakened and receptive state. Complementary mutations, such as viral injection or psychic scream are simply designed to make the victim's mind more vulnerable to total mind control. Lesser Pandoran mutations are effectively directed and controlled by Sirens by the same mechanism. The next step is to isolate and analyze the part of the creature's brain responsible for this extraordinary ability.

Language: None. Directs other Pandorans through telepathic transmissions. Lesser Pandorans can receive, but not transmit.

Countermeasures: Physiological tests have resulted in enhanced capability against Sirens in the field, but, as yet - no countermeasures for their mental powers. Extreme caution must be taken when encountering these creatures in the battlefield.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Sirens is increased by 10%, needed for Pandoran Telepathic nodule research

Chiron Vivisection (600)

Chiron Vivisection.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Arthron

Before Research: A live Chiron specimen is required in order to continue with its research. Due to the Chiron's size, nine laboratory spaces are required in the containment facility. The Chiron is a huge, powerful creature used to support large scale Pandoran attacks on human settlements.

After Research: Summary: The capabilities and behaviour of this creature are so narrowly focussed we can only assume that some extraordinary intelligence is co-ordinating the mutation process. The Chiron originates from larger, more sophisticated gestation structures than those of the human-sized Pandoran mutations. Our speculation is that a very large, probably immobile, organism sits at the heart of such structures.

Language: Very little - we suspect it responds to some kind of signaling from more intelligent Pandorans.

Countermeasures: Multiple weapons tests on live specimen has given our operatives greater effectiveness against these mutants in the field.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Chirons is increased by 10%

Scylla Vivisection (1000)

Scylla Vivisection.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Scylla

Before Research: A live Scylla specimen is required in order to continue with its research. The Scylla requires 25 free laboratory spaces in the Containment Facility. The Scylla must be kept in a constant state of sedation. All sanctioned research sessions must be supervised by armed personnel at all times.

After Research: No doubt the Scylla is the apex Pandoran mutant and serves as a command hub for the largest Pandoran colonies. Its extraordinary intelligence allows it to understand human languages. From the specimen, we have managed to "interrogate" we understand that it receives commands from some higher entity via some multiple wave frequencies, but we could not understand the origin of these commands as "explained" by the Scylla. Vivisection has revealed a highly developed sensory nodule near the brain stem which we believe is the receptor for these signals. Other information the creature has provided will allow us to discern the purpose and function of the largest Pandoran colonies and give some clearer idea of what the Pandorans are trying to build.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Scyllas is increased by 10%, needed for Yuggothian Receptacle research

After researching Scylla Vivisection, Victory by Understanding event triggers:

Tobias.jpg Tobias West: Congratulations on capturing a live specimen of such a fearsome predator. It can't have been easy, and I admire your dedication to understanding the enemy. Thank you.

Some of my people think killing the Pandorans is enough, but if that were true, why did all the armies of the world fail to stop them? To win a war, you need to know when and where to strike. Maybe we're a step closer now.

NJ.png New Jericho's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project +3

Legacy of the ancients DLC

Available only if you play with DLC 2 Legacy of the Ancients. This research path enables the manufacturing of ancient weapons. Legacy of the Ancients content explained here

Project Glory (50)

Project Glory.jpg

Prerequisities: Rise by sin, by virtue fall is finished

Before research: Investigation hints at a past connection between Randolph Symes and Tobias West, specifically common endeavor codenamed Project Glory.

After research: Project Glory was a secretive attempt to study the nature of enigmatic ruins that predate Homo Sapiens. Funded by the Phoenix Project and Vanadium Inc., it was led by the visionary archaeologist Dr. Helena Lewandowski. As often happens the Phoenix Project and Vanadium Inc. had a fallout. It appears Tobias West used force to apprehend Helena Lewandowski.

Dr. Helena Lewandowski was considered to be the world's foremost scientist of pre-historic archaeology. We recently located her whereabouts at a secretive New Jericho Facility, and we have reasons to believe she is held there against her will. Perhaps she will join us when free.

Cinematics are played Site added to Geoscape: Saving Helena

Antediluvian Archaeology (75)

Antediluvian Archaeology.jpg

Prerequisities: Saving Helena mission is finished

Before research: The scientific field of Antediluvian Archaeology studies the evidence left behind by pre-human civilization. For centuries detractors doubted the existence of such a civilization, but eventually, the scientific community had to accept the mounting evidence. Extreme global warming caused by the spread of the Pandoravirus throughout the world's oceans revealed many sites of interest. With this, we are prepared to get back on track and discover the secrets of the Ancients once and for all.

After research: To achieve a breakthrough in Antediluvian Archaeology, we have to provide our scientists with a constant stream of precursor artifacts. To accomplish this, the rapid discovery of ancient sites is essential. Our scientists have devised a scanner probe which can be produced in the Archeology Facility. When launched from a Manticore, it can detect Antediluvian sites. Then, the hazardous process of excavating can begin.

Bonus effect: Unlocks new facility: Archaeology Lab

We are not the first to seek the secrets of Antediluvian Civilization. Throughout history, great collectors have prized surviving texts and schemata of Antediluvian origin. Today, some of these collections lie forgotten in the ruins of our own pre-Pandoravirus cities. Others are in the hands of Disciples of Anu, New Jericho, and Synedrion. We need them if we are to succeed against the Pandoran threat.

Our research indicates one such collection, which describes a weapon of staggering simplicity and effectiveness, is located in a city not far from our base Further investigation is a priority.

Site added to Geoscape: The Mattock


In order to unlock enable ancient weapons research, you need to do a blueprint mission. One blueprint mission gives you one blueprint and unlocks the next blueprint mission.

Mattock of the Ancients (100)

Mattock of the Ancients .jpg

Before research: The collection of Antediluvian schemata we obtained can be studied to develop a new type of melee weapon.

After research: The Mattock of the Ancients is a melee weapon of pure Orichalcum - a mysterious metal alloy of Antediluvian origin that exhibits properties contradicting our understanding of quantum physics.

New Item for Manufacturing available: 1mattock.png Ancient tech one-handed melee weapon (Mattock of the Ancients)

Shard Gun (150)

Shard Gun.jpg

Before research: The collection of Antediluvian schemata we obtained can be studied to develop a new type of shotgun weapon.

After research: The alloys the Ancients used allow the production of flechettes, or shards, that make devastating, close-range projectiles. Using an Antediluvian power source, the Shard Gun Eclipses and shotgun-class weapon in existence.

New Item for Manufacturing available: 1shardgun.png Ancient tech shotgun (Shard Gun)

Rebuke (150)


Before research: The collection of Antediluvian schemata we obtained can be studied to develop a new type of high-explosive weapon.

After research: The Rebuke Grenade Launcher is the logical next step in utilizing the favorite power sources of the Ancients: a non-Newtonian fluid known as Protean Mutane Gas.

New Item for Manufacturing available: 1rebuke.png Ancient tech grenade launcher (Rebuke)

Scorpion (200)


Before research: The collection of Antediluvian schemata we obtained can be studied to develop a new type of sniper rifle.

After research: The Scorpion sniper is the pinnacle of our Antediluvian research so far. It combines all three of the exotic Antediluvian materials.

New Item for Manufacturing available: 1scorpion.png Ancient tech Sniper Rifle (Scorpion)

Crystal Crossbow (200)

Crystal crossbow.jpg

Before research: The collection of Antediluvian schemata we obtained can be studied to develop a new type of crossbow weapon.

After research: Using bolts of Living Crystal, this silent weapon, dubbed the Crystal Crossbow by our tactical operatives, exceeds the capabilities of any competitor.

New Item for Manufacturing available: 1crystalcrosbow.png Ancient tech silent crossbow (Crystal Crossbow)

Scyther (300)


Before research: The collection of Antediluvian schemata we obtained can be studied to develop a new type of weapon.

After research: It is difficult to describe how the Scyther weapons work. It is best observed in a practical situation. Caution: Do not point towards friendlies.

New Item for Manufacturing available: 1scyther.png Ancient tech two-handed melee weapon (Scyther)

Festering Skies DLC

Phoenix Aerial Combat Program (100)

Px air res.jpg

Prerequisities: Atmospheric analysis is researched. Behemoth has spawned. Behemoth spawns either after completing The Gift mission or when the 15 days you have to do the mission expire without doing the mission.

The attacks of the Behemoth and the lesser flying Pandorans require immediate retaliation. We need to mobilize and arm our Manticore squadron and prepare it for aerial combat.

Our researchers have been tirelessly analyzing intelligence reports, footage, and witness testimonials to learn everything they can about the Behemoth, the newly discovered flying species, and the Festering Skies. The Pandorans seem to be organized by a higher form of intelligence and their flight patterns are far from random. Careful observation of air movements reveals the Pandorans complete very specific objectives such as reconnaissance, raids, and in many cases infestation of human settlements.

Our course of action is clear: arm a squadron of Manticores and systematically attack the Pandoran patrols to prevent their rampage. While we intercept the attacks, a dedicated researcher unit will be working around the clock to study the Pandorans' behavior further and make ongoing improvements to our air-to-air arsenal.

New Items for manufacturing available: Afterburner.jpg Afterburner, Nomad.jpg Nomad AAM, and Orochi.jpg Orochi HC-1

Myrmiddon Egg (100)

Myrmi egg res.jpg

Prerequisities: Myrmiddon Egg was killed

The specimen is a large organic vessel that contains a single Myrmidon. At present, the exact method of how the egg is created and distributed remains unknown.

The specimen’s service has shown resistance to various hostile elements, including acid and poison exposure.

The egg contains strands of insectoid, Pandoran and unknown DNA.

Close observation shows the egg is reactive to approaching humans and even machinery, and the shell serves more like a stasis pod, rather than an incubation or mutation chamber.

Myrmidon Autopsy (100)

Myrmi auto res.jpg

Prerequisities: Myrmiddon was killed

Myrmidons are small and nimble Pandorans often used to support attacks on human settlements.

Summary: Myrmidons are relatively simple organisms, but their group tactics and strategic use of terrain suggests they are guided by some sort of hive mind intelligence. Remarkable feature of their bodies are their light wings capable of performing short-distance flights, making them the perfect reconnaissance trooper for the Pandorans. Their nimble legs provide stability and very fast walking speed. Closer inspection of their internal organs shows close resemblance with various Pandoran worm species.

Genetic origins: 12% oecophylla, 11% brachyura, 12% annelida, 65% unknown

Function: This small Pandoran mutation seems to excel in supporting raids by flanking targets and securing strategic zones.

Offensive mutations: Capable of releasing dangerous gas explosions.

Defensive mutations: These creatures move in large numbers but attack in groups of few, strategically reinforcing certain areas.

Mobility: Very nimble and capable of short-distance flight

Weakness: Vulnerable to gunfire

Corruption Node Autopsy (300)

Node res.jpg

Prerequisities: Corruption Node was killed (Corruption Node appears on every Infested Haven mission).

Specimen: CORRUPTION NODE A species that look utterly alien, even compared to other highly mutated Pandorans. Its unusual anatomy and powerful brain activity, even after its death, need to be carefully studied.

Summary: The first Corruption Node was discovered shortly after the emergence of the Behemoth, and our scientists speculate there is a strong connection between it and the Festering Skies. The shape of the creature is alien and unnatural, and the vast majority of its DNA structure does not resemble anything we've previously observed. Pandoran specialists speculate this creature is the most advanced form of Pandoravirus mutation, something the Disciples of Anu often refer to as "The True Form". It exhibits a very advanced and powerful form of intelligence, though all attempts to communicate with it, or even catch one alive, have been futile. All unarmed humans in contact with a Corruption Node have been telepathically overpowered to the point of complete loss of free will and their settlements overtaken.

Genetic origins: 6% teuthida, 5% octopoda, 2% caudata, 9% human, 78% unknown

Function: Attaches to human facilities to create some sort of symbiotic connection. Its powerful telepathic emission can mind-control humans and even take over human technology, something we haven't seen other Pandoran species attempt.

Offensive mutations: Takes over and controls entire human settlements and technology, including aircraft.

Defensive mutations: Spreads viral agents around it's body to fend off attackers.

Mobility: Once attached, the body remains completely immobile.

Weakness: It seems to have one-sided telepathic connection with its victims. Once the body is dead, all mind-control connection with all entities is broken.

Masked Manticore (1500)

Masked res.jpg

Prerequisities: Virophage weapons and Corruption Node Autopsy are researched.

Using the experimental fusion of alloys and Pandoran DNA will allow us to reach the Festering Skies undetected.

One of our laboratories dedicated to studying the Festering Skies has recently made an exceptional breakthrough - a way to fuse Pandoran DNA with aircraft alloy. Influenced by the Tiamat technology that fuses living flesh with machinery, our team has perfected the method and added one huge advantage - testing proves that Pandorans can't distinguish the material from their own flesh.

This powerful technology now allows us to construct a new kind of masked aircraft and fly it straight to the Festering Skies without being attacked from all sides.

Let's just hope that other factions share our enthusiasm for this genius contraption. If not, we'll have yet another airborne enemy to worry about.

New Item for manufacturing available: Masked manti.jpeg Masked Manticore

Aircraft modules

Escape Pods (100)

Pods res.jpg

Prerequisities: Human population census is researched and Phoenix Aerial Combat Program is researched.

This upgrade will protect all Phoenix operatives even if a Manticore is shot down from the sky.

The PX Manticore aircraft is regarded as one of the safest state-of-the-art flying machines, and for a good reason. In times of crisis, our new escape pod models provide means of timely emergency ejection and safe landing for every onboard operative. Even if the machine is completely destroyed the odds of survival of the crew are practically guaranteed.

New Item for manufacturing available: Escape pods.jpg Escape Pods

Flares (200)

Flares res.jpg

Prerequisities: Phoenix Aerial Combat Program and Myrmidon Autopsy are researched.

We can employ some of our knowledge of Pandoran biochemistry to significantly upgrade our flare fuel.

The Pandoran species known as Myrmidons are a recent discovery, but our scientist are putting it to good use. Using biochemical analysis of their entrails, we were able to synthesize a high-energy flare fuel that bursts with blinding light upon ignition. Using this technology, we designed specialized rockets that can be used not only as a signaling mechanism, but as an effective distraction to airborne enemies.

New Item for manufacturing available: Flares.jpg Flares

Aircraft weapons

Brokkr AC-3 (250)

Brokkr res.jpg

Prerequisities: Phoenix Aerial Combat Program and Pandoran Spawnery are researched.

Standard issue Manticore autocannon.

A perfect compliment to the Nomad air-to-air missiles, the Brokkr Autocannon provides suppressing fire and is often employed to force the enemy to partake in unfavourable maneuvers to avoid the threat.

New Item for manufacturing available: Brokr.jpg Brokkr AC-3

Fenrir RC-7 (1000)

Fenrir res.jpg

Prerequisities: Phoenix Aerial Combat Program and Virophage weapons are researched.

A powerful Manticore virophage rotary cannon

Our Aerial Combat Program team of researches has been employing data gathered from recent dogfight engagements in the air to develop a brand new style of weapon. The Fenrir RC-7, named after its characteristic burst of seven virophage-infused projectiles, is sure to increase our effectiveness when fighting airborne Pandorans.

New Item for manufacturing available: Fenrir.jpg Fenrir RC-7

Thunderbolt HC-9 (1000)

Thunder res.jpg

Prerequisities: New Jericho Air Force Division and Advanced Laser Technology are researched.

A powerful electrolaser weapon developed by New Jericho experts and based on Synedrion technology.

The "threat from above" has made the Synedrion even more open to information-sharing and cooperation, and this has gotten the attention of New Jericho. The two, together with a team of Phoenix engineers have been hard at work perfecting a Synedrion-patent laser guiding system. Using the core principles of electrolaser guidance in combination with extremely powerful New Jericho generators, our joint team has successfully developed the state-of-the-art Thunderbolt HC-9.

It's rumored that Tobias West himself, who was actively involved in the project, has begun referring to the weapon as "the pinnacle of air-to-air warfare".

New Item for manufacturing available: Thunderbolt.jpg Thunderbolt HC-9

Hand of Tyr (1000)

Tyr res.jpg

Prerequisities: New Jericho Air Force Division and Advanced Shredding Technology are researched.

Through an uncharacteristic sharing of valuable know-how between us, New Jericho, and the Disciples of Anu, our joint team has developed a unique aircraft weapon.

To Synedrion's great disbelief, the Disciples of Anu, New Jericho, and the Phoenix Project have been actively cooperating on the design and construction of a brand new weapon pattern.

Project "Hand of Tyr" is based on hypersonic technology that we successfully developed in conjunction with New Jericho tech experts and invaluable, if at times frustrating, guidance by a clique of innovation-minded priests of Anu.

One particularly excited engineer has jokingly proclaimed she's found the key to uniting two rival factions - a shared love for destruction.

New Item for manufacturing available: Tyr.jpg Hand of Tyr

Corrupted Horizons DLC

Acheron Autopsy (300)

Acheron autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Acheron

Before research: Specimen: ACHERON. Acherons are large sized creatures that focus more on affecting living creatures in a specific area than attacking directly. They are the only known Pandoran capable of spreading the new corrupted strain of Pandoravirus.

After research: Summary: There have been no sightings of this mutation prior to 2045. At present it remains unclear whether the creature evolved naturally or was the result of enhanced genetic experiments. All involved in the lab it broke out of have been found dead, and no research records have been recovered. The creature appears to be infected with an unseen strain of the Pandoravirus, capable of causing nightmares and slowly corrupting a person's sanity. As such a strict quarantine has been imposed while analyses continue.

Genetic origins: DNA of over 112 species has been found at present

Function: intelligence remains undetermined. It's speculated that its goal is to spread the new corrupted pandoravirus strain throughout the world

Offensive mutations: strong dispersal glands located on the creature's husk allow it to disperse biochemical droplets in a large area. Additionally the creature can squirt concentrated liquid through organs in its hands.

Mobility: the creature is fast and has the ability to jump at great distances

Weakness: the creature has been observed to adapt to any type of damage once dealt. it is recommended that attacks of various nature are used on it simultaneously before it can adjust.

Effect: Mutagens Mutagens + 250. Corruption treatment using Mutagens Mutagens is available.

Acheron Vivisection (600)

Acheron vivi.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Acheron

Before research: Called the "plague carrier," the specimen appears to be the only known pandoran that can adapt itself and others through biochemical elements of highly mutating nature. Due to its ability to spread corruption, its holding containment and research lab are quarantined and must undergo a full purge after use.

After research: Summary: There is no doubt that the specimen was artificially created. Analysis suggests that the primary goal of the creature was to spread a new strain of Pandoravirus (referred to as the Corruption). We can assume that the Acheron's ability to adapt to any threat and damage is a side effect of its body resisting the corruption's effects while still being able to spread it. Further tests suggest that unlike other Pandoran specimens this one might have been created in a human lab through the use of pandoran mutagens. The exact reason for this remains unknown.

Language: The specimen appears to have been constructed to mimic Pandoran forms of communication, despite it not being a Pandoran per se. This allows it to enter colonies unharmed and also call Pandorans in vicinity to its location.

Countermeasures: tests have concluded that the Acheron becomes resistant to any type of weapon after receiving damage from it. The good news is that the creature's resistance doesn't improve further after that.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Acherons is increased by 10%.

Mutoid Genetics (1000)

Mutoid gene.jpg

Prerequisities: An unexpected emergency mission is finished

Before research: Research materials found in the unknown genetic lab have found to reference a series of projects relating to construction of autonomous genetic entities. Apparently someone was trying to merge human subjects with Pandoran DNA in a more controlled fashion in order to create the ideal soldier.

After research: After significant research, the secrets behind the "Mutoid" project have been uncovered. Despite their lack of ethics, the original scientists have successfully managed to find a way to build artificial human soldiers through the use of cloning technology and Pandoran mutagens. The newly created Mutoid soldiers thus are immune to the corrupted strain of the Pandoravirus and are capable of learning all human skills, and many of the Pandorans' as well (provided DNA samples are available).

Bonus effects: Mutagens Mutagens + 500, Mutoid production is available. Mutoids can be created from Geoscape -> Personnel -> Mutoids

Specimen 0 (600)

Specimen 0.jpg

Prerequisities: Mission 2: Experiments continue is finished

Before research: We have finally found one of the original Acheron specimens that escaped the rogue lab facility. Named, Specimen 0, this Acheron is one of the few Pandorans that have an original unmutated version of the corruption virus. Now that we have it in our facility, our efforts to find a cure can begin.

After research: The successful capture of Specimen 0 has led to a number of scientific breakthroughs. Thanks to the Phoenix Initiative's processing power, a solution to treat the Corruption has been found. Testing on living specimens has confirmed that genetically enhanced mutagens could be used to treat anyone infected by this dangerous Pandoravirus strain. While all medical facilities have been equipped with the necessary equipment, the treatment is highly individual and requires a fresh supply of mutagens. Finding a permanent cure would require access to an original sample of the new Pandoravirus strain.

Effect: New research available - Vita Grenade

Vita Grenade (500)

Vita grenade.jpg

Prerequisities: Specimen 0 research is finished

Before research: Discoveries made during the Acheron autopsy have allowed us to make a theoretical model of a grenade with the ability to heal soldiers at a distance.

Making a prototype of this is a key priority!

After research: After dozens of attempts we have finally discovered a way to make the Acheron spray useful in grenade form.

Compact and efficient, the Vita grenade has the power to close minor wounds of all organic beings in a radius of several meters.

New Item for manufacturing available: Vita grenade item white1.jpg Vita Grenade

Reverse engineering

Every weapon and armor in the game can be reverse-engineered. You need one or two of these weapons / armors in order to do it.