Corrupted Horizons

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Corrupted Horizons is DLC 4. This DLC adds one more soldier class: Mutoid, one new mechanic: Corruption, one new enemy type: Acheron, three new story missions and 5 pieces of research.


Corrupted Horizons DLC starts when Pandoran Colonies research is finished.


Reveal and Destroy Pandoran colony[edit]

A successful haven defense mission has a chance of revealing the location of the Pandoran base from which the attack was launched. If the Pandoran base is within the scanned area of a PP base or a PP base was attacked, this chance is 100%. If not, it has a 20% chance of being revealed on the first successful defense, 50% on the second, 80% on the third and 100% on the fourth. Note that this is true for attacks coming from the same Pandoran structure.

Research Pandoran Colonies[edit]

This research is unlocked when player reveals and destroys one Pandoran Colony (it can be any type of colony). Link to this research: Pandoran Colonies research.

After this research is finished cinematics 1 (CH Corruption Breach) are played: Hello? Anyone? This is station sigma-seven-one. We need immediate evacuation. I repeat we need immediate evacuation. The facility has been compromised. The specimen two escaped containment chamber and is roaming throughout the lab! You need to get us out of here and purge the entire facility! The specimen must not be allowed to escape into the open! if it does... Its has released strain variant. I am initiating self-destruct procedure. The strain must not....

Call for help: We have received an urgent distress call from an unknown location, warning of contagion breach. We had better look into it. Site added to Geoscape: An unexpected emergency.

Mission 1: An unexpected emergency[edit]

Mission briefing: According to the distress call, unknown Pandoran specimens are attempting to escape, bringing with them an unknown virus strain. Our goal is to prevent that from happening and secure the lab to prevent the virus from speading.

Mission: On this mission players has to secure the area and reboot security system. Mission is full of turrets. Turrets can be taken under phoenix control one by one by moving soldier next to it or all of them at once by activating security system.

After mission: Cinematics 2 (CH Gene Ethics) are played: Phoenix Point, this is research team one. Area secure. No hostiles in sight. We are heading into the facility this creature came from. Stand by for direct feed. No idea who owns this place, but they have some serious tech. We are seeing a lot of bodies, not all of them human. Whatever broke out from here. Looks like gen-research. Whatever they were trying to make didn’t like being kept in here. Holy crap is this ugly! Moving in to further. I’m seeing, more tech here. Looks like… By the maker! Phoenix Point, we’ve found something you might want to see. Get a lab ready, we’re bringing some tech back to base.

We have successfully secured the lab and killed the abomination. While details concerning its nature remain unknown, cutting edge genetic equipment has been found in the lab. All functioning equipment has been sent to Phoenix Point. While the lab will be purged, there is fear that a few Pandoran specimens have managed to escape along with the infection.

Effect: New research available: Mutoid Genetics. Corruption mechanic comes into play.

Kill Acheron[edit]

Acheron will appear for example during An unexpected emergency mission.

Research Acheron Autopsy[edit]

You need to kill Acheron to unlock this research. This is the research: Acheron Autopsy This research will unlock Corruption treatment via mutagens.

Research Pandoran Capture and Containment[edit]

This is the research: Pandoran Capture and Containment. It is needed to unlock Mission 2: Experiments continue.

Research Mutoid Genetics[edit]

This is needed for Mission 2: Experiments continue to appear. It also enables creating Mutoids and unlocks Mutagen Harvesting research even if you do not fulfill the requirements.

Mission 2: Experiments continue[edit]

Acheron Autopsy, Mutoid Genetics and Pandoran Capture and Containment has to be researched in order for this mission to appear.

Before mission: We have discovered one of the original Acheron specimens, referred to as "Specimen 0", that escaped from the now destroyed research facility. Capturing it dead or alive is essential if we are to find a cure for the corruption virus. Site added to geoscape: Experiments Continue...

Mission briefing: We have located one of the escaped lab specimens. It is vital to capture this Achron and kill all Pandorans in the area so we can extract it safely.

Mission: Player has to capture Acheron and secure the area. If player kills Acheron instead of capturing it the mission will be failed.

After mission: We have successfully secured the Acheron "Specimen 0" and transported it back to base. Research into the species' inner workings can finally begin.

Effect: New research available: Specimen 0

Research Specimen 0[edit]

It is needed for Mission 3: Corrupted Lair to appear. This is the research: Specimen 0

Wait for Pandorans to research Citadel[edit]

They might already have it researched but if they do not you have to wait for it. You can find out that it was researched from Intel reports. There is not set time for them to research it as it depends on your game difficulty and on how well you are doing in your campaign.

Mission 3: Corrupted Lair[edit]

Specimen 0 needs to be researched by player and Citadel needs to be researched by Pandorans for this mission to trigger.

Before mission: The final push: We have found a lair which has become the host of the primary Acheron lab specimen. In order to devise a permanent cure against the corruption strain we must infiltrate the Pandoran nest and obtain a sample from the Lair's spawnery - after killing it, of course. Site added to geoscape: Corrupted Lair

Mission briefing: Our scouts have found a lair that has been occupied by an Acheron. Our goal is simple - destroy the corrupted spawnery so we could collect a pure sample of the virus from it. SUPPLEMENTARY: Synedrion operatives have been sighted entering the location. They might be of assistance to out mission.

Mission: Player has to destroy the spawnery and evacuate. Lair is under attack by Synedrion which will help the player.

After mission: Cinematics 4 (CH The Cure) are played: Finally, it is over. After a fighting our way through the lair, we found the spawnery which the first Acheron had infected and obtained a clean sample of the corruption strain. It wasn’t easy. The processing power of the entire Phoenix project went into analysing a strain to find a cure, but we succeeded. An inoculation process began, first on our troops, then our allies, and finally on anyone who wished to have it. Out aircraft flew over the globe, releasing potent anti-viral solutions over corpses and battlefield, to eradicate every trace of corruption until there was none. Now, long after the first Acheron specimen escaped from an unknown research facility, the horror is over. Humanity won this battle, but the larger war rages on…

Back to normal: Our mission was a glorious success! Now the final ingredient for devising a permanent cure for the corruption strain is in our hands.

Effect: Your soldiers can no longer become corrupted. Those that are currently corrupted still need treatment, though.


Acheron Autopsy (300)[edit]

Acheron autopsy.jpg

Prerequisities: Kill or capture Acheron

Before research: Specimen: ACHERON. Acherons are large sized creatures that focus more on affecting living creatures in a specific area than attacking directly. They are the only known Pandoran capable of spreading the new corrupted strain of Pandoravirus.

After research: Summary: There have been no sightings of this mutation prior to 2045. At present it remains unclear whether the creature evolved naturally or was the result of enhanced genetic experiments. All involved in the lab it broke out of have been found dead, and no research records have been recovered. The creature appears to be infected with an unseen strain of the Pandoravirus, capable of causing nightmares and slowly corrupting a person's sanity. As such a strict quarantine has been imposed while analyses continue.

Genetic origins: DNA of over 112 species has been found at present

Function: intelligence remains undetermined. It's speculated that its goal is to spread the new corrupted pandoravirus strain throughout the world

Offensive mutations: strong dispersal glands located on the creature's husk allow it to disperse biochemical droplets in a large area. Additionally the creature can squirt concentrated liquid through organs in its hands.

Mobility: the creature is fast and has the ability to jump at great distances

Weakness: the creature has been observed to adapt to any type of damage once dealt. it is recommended that attacks of various nature are used on it simultaneously before it can adjust.

Effect: Mutagens Mutagens + 250. Corruption treatment using Mutagens Mutagens is available.

Acheron Vivisection (600)[edit]

Acheron vivi.jpg

Prerequisities: Capture Acheron

Before research: Called the "plague carrier," the specimen appears to be the only known pandoran that can adapt itself and others through biochemical elements of highly mutating nature. Due to its ability to spread corruption, its holding containment and research lab are quarantined and must undergo a full purge after use.

After research: Summary: There is no doubt that the specimen was artificially created. Analysis suggests that the primary goal of the creature was to spread a new strain of Pandoravirus (referred to as the Corruption). We can assume that the Acheron's ability to adapt to any threat and damage is a side effect of its body resisting the corruption's effects while still being able to spread it. Further tests suggest that unlike other Pandoran specimens this one might have been created in a human lab through the use of pandoran mutagens. The exact reason for this remains unknown.

Language: The specimen appears to have been constructed to mimic Pandoran forms of communication, despite it not being a Pandoran per se. This allows it to enter colonies unharmed and also call Pandorans in vicinity to its location.

Countermeasures: tests have concluded that the Acheron becomes resistant to any type of weapon after receiving damage from it. The good news is that the creature's resistance doesn't improve further after that.

Bonus effect: Damage inflicted on Acherons is increased by 10%.

Mutoid Genetics (1000)[edit]

Mutoid gene.jpg

Prerequisities: An unexpected emergency mission is finished

Before research: Research materials found in the unknown genetic lab have found to reference a series of projects relating to construction of autonomous genetic entities. Apparently someone was trying to merge human subjects with Pandoran DNA in a more controlled fashion in order to create the ideal soldier.

After research: After significant research, the secrets behind the "Mutoid" project have been uncovered. Despite their lack of ethics, the original scientists have successfully managed to find a way to build artificial human soldiers through the use of cloning technology and Pandoran mutagens. The newly created Mutoid soldiers thus are immune to the corrupted strain of the Pandoravirus and are capable of learning all human skills, and many of the Pandorans' as well (provided DNA samples are available).

Bonus effects: Mutagens Mutagens + 500, Mutoid production is available. Mutoids can be created from Geoscape -> Personnel -> Mutoids

Specimen 0 (600)[edit]

Specimen 0.jpg

Prerequisities: Mission 2: Experiments continue is finished

Before research: We have finally found one of the original Acheron specimens that escaped the rogue lab facility. Named, Specimen 0, this Acheron is one of the few Pandorans that have an original unmutated version of the corruption virus. Now that we have it in our facility, our efforts to find a cure can begin.

After research: The successful capture of Specimen 0 has led to a number of scientific breakthroughs. Thanks to the Phoenix Initiative's processing power, a solution to treat the Corruption has been found. Testing on living specimens has confirmed that genetically enhanced mutagens could be used to treat anyone infected by this dangerous Pandoravirus strain. While all medical facilities have been equipped with the necessary equipment, the treatment is highly individual and requires a fresh supply of mutagens. Finding a permanent cure would require access to an original sample of the new Pandoravirus strain.

Effect: New research available - Vita Grenade

Vita Grenade (500)[edit]

Vita grenade.jpg

Prerequisities: Specimen 0 research is finished

Before research: Discoveries made during the Acheron autopsy have allowed us to make a theoretical model of a grenade with the ability to heal soldiers at a distance.

Making a prototype of this is a key priority!

After research: After dozens of attempts we have finally discovered a way to make the Acheron spray useful in grenade form.

Compact and efficient, the Vita grenade has the power to close minor wounds of all organic beings in a radius of several meters.

New Item for manufacturing available: Vita grenade item white1.jpg Vita Grenade

Corruption Mechanic[edit]

A new strain of corruption has appeared. Unlike the Pandoravirus it will infect people suffering physical attacks during battle or by entering CORRUPTED SITES (any site covered by mist). Each point of corruption eats away at the WILL of the infected (One point of corruption lowers Will Points of corrupted soldier by 1 until cured), while also increasing the damage dealt as a side effect. Soldiers gain 2% bonus to their damage dealt for every 1 point of corruption. Recruits gained from corrupted sites will be infected with corruption.

Corruption Mechanic comes into play after An unexpected emergency mission is finished. Once Mission 3: Corrupted Lair is finished your soldiers can no longer become corrupted. Those that are corrupted still need treatment, though.

Corruption treatment[edit]

Where to find button for curing corruption

Now that you have researched a cure for the Corruption strain, you can cure corrupted soldiers from your base. In order to cure a corrupted soldier you need to pay 25 MUTAGENS for every 25% of Corruption that has affected the soldier.

Corruption Treatment is available after Acheron Autopsy is researched. Corruption can be cured from Geoscape -> Personnel. There is Cure icon below Edit Unit icon. To treat corruption you need to pay Mutagens Mutagens

Maximum Will Power of your soldiers is how many Corruption points they can have. Mutagens Mutagens cost of curing corruption does not depend on how many corruption points soldiers have but on how many % of their Will Power is corrupted. This essentialy makes curing corruption points cheaper for soldiers with high Will Power.

% corrupted Mutagens cost
How many Mutagens does curing corruption costs
1-25 % 25 Mutagens
26-50 % 50 Mutagens
51-75 % 75 Mutagens
76-100 % 100 Mutagens

From the table above you can see that if you want to be efficient and cure corruption cheaply it is best to cure corruption when it reaches 25,50,75 or 100 percent.

It is not very efficient to cure high Will Power soldiers with 1 corruption point because it will cost 25 Mutagens.

Corruption vaccine[edit]

After hours of research we have finally found a vaccine that will eliminate the corruption strain for good. As soldiers are being inoculated against the disease, our planes are spreading it over battlefields ensuring that the dead there pose no further threat. Your soldiers can no longer become corrupted. Those that are currently corrupted still need treatment, though.

This happens automatically after Mission 3: Corrupted Lair is finished. Player does not have to do anything apart from finishing that mission.


Where to create Mutoids

Mutoid soldiers can be created from Geoscape -> Personnel -> Mutoids once Mutoid Genetics research is finished. Maximum level for Mutoid soldiers is 5.

Mutoids are created with 14 Strength, 6 Will Power and 14 Speed on all difficulties which are the same stats as for soldiers recruited from base on Legend difficulty.

On every level you can choose one human skill from classes that you have access to and one skill from these 6 Pandoran types: Arthron, Triton, Siren, Chiron, Scylla and Acheron if you finished their Autopsy research.

After reaching level 2 you can give Mutoids any lvl 2 skill from available human classes. After reaching level 3 you can give Mutoids any lvl 3 skill from available classes. After reaching level 4 you can give Mutoids any lvl 5 skill from available classes. Level 4 skill is New class for all classes and this skill is skiped because Mutoids cannot be dual classed. After reaching level 5 you can give Mutoids any lvl 6 skill from available classes.

Learn costs of new skills are the same as for normal soldiers but instead of skill points (SPs) you pay with Mutagens.

Creating Mutoid soldiers costs 50 Mutagens and you need to choose their lvl 1 human skill before creating them.

It costs 771 Mutagens to create and fully max out Mutoid soldiers.

Mutoid soldiers have some advantages and disadvantages in comparison to normal soldiers.


They are immune to corruption. They can choose one human skill and one Pandoran skill on each level from many available skills.

They can be leveled fast because they do not need any Skill Points (SPs). Instead of skill points they use Mutagens to increase stats and learn skills.

It is easier to reach maximum level. Their maximum level is 5 and they level up in a same way as normal soldiers. Unlike normal soldiers they are already maxed out on lvl 5 and have 10 skills.


They can be healed only on Geoscape and you need to pay mutagen to heal them. They do not have any Personal perks. They do not have any lvl 7 human skill. They cannot be dual classed.

They have genetically constructed Mutoid head that cannot be reequiped. This head armor has same stats as Odin Helmet (Armor 20, no stat buffs or debuffs). They cannot use Mutations and Bionics.

Healing Mutoids[edit]

Where to find button for healing Mutoids

Mutoids can be healed only from Geoscape -> Personnel and you have to pay Mutagens Mutagens.

Healing Mutoids follows the same rules and costs as Corruption treatment for normal soldiers.

% HP missing Mutagens cost
How many Mutagens does healing Mutoids costs
1-25 % 25 Mutagens
26-50 % 50 Mutagens
51-75 % 75 Mutagens
76-100 % 100 Mutagens

If you want to be efficient and heal Mutoids cheaply it is best to heal them when they are missing 25,50,75 or 100 percent of their maximum HP.

It is not very efficient to heal them when they are damaged for few HPs because it will cost 25 Mutagens.

PhoenixPedia Info[edit]

Mutoids are artificially created humanoids bred using MUTAGENS. Immune to the Corruption they can learn abilities from all researched Soldier Classes, as well as some Pandoran abilities after an autopsy has been performed. While a Mutoid can learn many abilities, it can only select one Soldier ability and one Pandoran ability per level. For this additional Mutagens are required. Mutoids can only be healed at a base using MUTAGENS.

Mutoid Soldiers have only five levels, each allowing them access to 1 Soldier and 1 Pandoran ability per level. While Mutoids gain experience the same way other soldiers do, they require Mutagens in order to learn new abilities. Increasing statistics also requires Mutagens and is done in the same way as with other Soldiers.

Mutoid skills[edit]

All available skills for Mutoids are listed below. To see skill functionality hover your mouse over the skill picture and tooltip will appear. Use cost of abilities is in brackets.

Human skills[edit]

Class Research needed Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Learn cost Mutagens 50 Mutagens Mutagens 10 Mutagens Mutagens 15 Mutagens Mutagens 20 Mutagens Mutagens 25 Mutagens
Heavy training.png


Proficiency with heavy weapons, mounted weapons and jetpacks

Heavy training (passive)

Bash and melee attacks deal 50% more damage

Brawler (passive)

All enemies within 10 tiles have their Action Points reduced to 2 for the next turn

War Cry (1AP 3WP)

The Action Point cost of grenades and other explosive weapons is reduced by 1 and their range is increased by 50% till the end of the turn

Boom blast (5WP)

Killing an enemy grants allies 1 additional Will Point

Inspire (passive)

Assault alt.png


Proficiency with assault rifles and shotguns

Assault training (passive)

Move up to half your movement range. Limited to 2 uses per turn.

Dash (1AP 3WP)

Shoot back at an enemy when it attacks, providing that soldier is using a direct-fire projectile weapon with proficiency, and the enemy is within half perception range.

Return Fire (passive)

Reloading and inventory actions do not cost any Action Points

Ready for action (passive)

An ally within 10 tiles recovers 2 Action Points

Onslaught (2AP 4WP)

Sniper training.png


Proficiency with sniper rifles and handguns

Sniper training (passive)

Overwatch cost is reduced by 1 action point

Extreme focus (passive)

The action point cost of the next shot with proficient weapon is reduced by 1

Quick Aim (3WP)

Accuracy with a proficient weapon is increased by 30% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles

Master marksman (passive)

Disabling a body part also removes that body part's armor

Weak spot (passive)

Berserker training.png



Berserker Class

Proficiency with melee weapons and handguns

Berserker training (passive)

The next attack deals 30 additional Shred Damage

Armor break (3WP)

Attacks from enemies within 10 tiles deal 25% less damage.

Close quarters evade (passive)

Damage and Speed are increased proportional to the health lost (up to 50%)

Bloodlust (passive)

Disabled body parts remain functional. Cannot Panic or be Mind Controlled.

Ignore pain (passive)

Priest training.png



Anu Priest Class

Proficiency with viral weapons.

Priest training (passive)

Gain control of an enemy with WP cost equal to enemy's current WP Costs 1-10 WPs per turn to maintain, depending on target type

Mind control (1AP)

Cause a target to panic if its current will points are less than the Priest's.

Induce panic (1AP 3WP)

All organic enemies within 15 tiles are automatically revealed

Mind Sense (passive)

Allies within 10 tiles are immune to panic and psychic damage attacks.

Psychic Ward (passive)

Technician training.png



Technician Development

Proficiency with PDWs, robotic arms and turret deployment.

Technician training (passive)

The action point cost of medkits, stimpacks and robotic arm abilities is reduced by 1.

Fast use (passive)

Take manual control of a turret or vehicle weapon and shoot at a target.

Remote Control (2AP 2WP)

Restore 10 hit points and 10 armor to all body parts of the selected target. Disabled body parts are restored

Filed Medic (2AP 2WP)

Turrets can be thrown and deployed for 1 action points.

Remote deployment (1AP)

Infiltrator training.png



Infiltrator class

Proficiency with Crossbows and Spider Drone deployment. Base line stealth factor is 25% as long as the character isn't revealed

Infiltrator training (passive)

Attacks from behind gain shock value equal to 3 times the damage dealt.

Surprise attack (passive)

Deploy holographic decoy at the chosen location. The decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies.

Deploy decoy (1AP 4WP)

Deploy 3 Spider Drones with one action.

Spider Drone Pack (2AP)

Move within 5 tiles and disappear from view for the next turn (or until spotted).

Vanish (1AP 3WP)

Pandoran skills[edit]

Pandoran Research needed Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Learn cost Mutagens 10 Mutagens Mutagens 15 Mutagens Mutagens 20 Mutagens Mutagens 25 Mutagens Mutagens 30 Mutagens



Arthron Autopsy

Jump up or down one building level

Jump (passive)

Reduces effect of Fire Damage by half

Fire Resistant (passive)

Poison damage is reduced by half

Poison Resistant (passive)

Spit poison at enemy or target

Spit poison (2AP)

Reduces effect of Virus Damage by half

Virus Resistant (passive)




Triton Autopsy

Character's perception range is doubled

Double Perception (passive)

All weapon attacks are silent

Silent Echo (passive)

Deal 50 melee damage and restore that many Hit Points

Syphon Attack (1AP)

Become invisible when dealt damage, and hide in a nearby location

Pain Chameleon (2WP)

Restore 10 HP to all body parts each turn

Regeneration (passive)




Siren Autopsy

Scream, reducing the Will Points of all enemy units in an 8 tile radius

Psychic Scream (1AP 4WP)

Perform a melee attack that causes bleeding if it deals damage

Slashing Strike (1AP)

Inflict Viral Damage, reducing Will Points over multiple turns

Injecting Strike (1AP)

Spits Acid at short range

Acid Spit (2 AP)

Instils Frenzy in friendly characters within 20 tiles for 2 turns, increasing their speed by 50% and making them immune to panic.

Instil Frenzy (1AP 5WP)




Chiron Autopsy

Perform Shock Attack affecting a 5-tile radius, dazing targets if shock value > target Hit Points. Shock damage falls of with range

Stomp (2AP 2WP)

Launch a Fireworm at a target area

Launch Fireworm (2AP)

Launch a Poisonworm at a target area

Launch Poisonworm (2AP)

Launch an Acidworm at a target area

Launch Acidworm (2AP)

Launch a Goo Bomb at a target area

Launch Goo Bomb (2AP)




Scylla Autopsy

Goo does not trap or restrict movement

Immune to Goo (passive)

Spits Goo at short range

Goo Spit (1AP)

Immune to Daze effects

Daze Immunity (passive)

Emit a sonic blast in a cone area that dazes targets if blast value is greater than targets' Will Points

Sonic Blast (1AP)

Immune to Mind Control

Mind Control Immunity (passive)

Acheron 1pp.png

Acheron Autopsy

Disable target body part for 1 turn

Paralyze Limb (1AP 3WP)

Reduces Accuracy by 50% of all organic enemies within 5 tiles for 1 turn.

Pepper Cloud (1AP 2WP)

Reduce enemy Speed by 75% to all organic enemy targets within 10 tiles for 1 turn.

Confusion Cloud (1AP 2WP)

Removes all Paralysis, Bleeding, Poison, Strained, Infected, Dazed, and Slowed status effects from target ally and restores 50 Hit Points.

Cure Spray (1AP 2WP)

Resurrect a single humanoid target as an Arthron or Triton

Resurrect (2AP 6WP)