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A covert specialist, trained in advanced Synedrion technology and tactics. Specialized in stealth and subterfuge.

Infiltrators are available only for Synedrion.png Synedrion. Infiltrators are proficient with these Infiltrator weapons.png Infiltrator weapons

Level Picture Name Learn cost Description Use costs
1 Infiltrator training.png Infiltrator training 0 Proficiency with Crossbows and Spider Drone deployment
Base line stealth factor is 25% as long as the character isn't revealed
2 Surprise attack.png Surprise Attack 10 Attacks from behind gain shock value equal to 3 times the damage dealt passive
3 Deploy decoy.png Deploy Decoy 15 Deploy holographic decoy at the chosen location. The decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies 1 4
4 New class.png New class 50 Choose a secondary class to train in passive
5 Spider drone pack.png Spider Drone Pack 20 Deploy 3 Spider Drones with one action 2 0
6 Vanish.png Vanish 25 Move within 5 tiles and disappear from view for the next turn (or until spotted) 1 3
7 Sneak attack.png Sneak Attack 30 Damage dealt while not spotted is increased by 50% passive

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