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Positive point of view

A chance to build a better world has been granted to us amidst humanity's greatest ever crisis. Synedrion is the fulfillment of that desire. Humans should co-exist with their environment and Synedrion's way is the way to help us do that.

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Synedrion was built on a dream. A world without hierarchies, without leaders, where human beings could embrace the potential of technology without its destructive side-effects.

The radicals of the old world had been proven right: the status quo could not sustain itself. But what now? What was the next step?

Some argued for co-existence with the Pandoran ecosystem, hoping for a peaceful solution. Others advocated putting humanity before Nature and claiming the planet for themselves.

Trusting in the safety of their havens, the people of Synedrion argued about the best way forward. But the Pandoravirus had little interest in their arguments, and its power was still growing...


Who are they?

Synedrion are a group of radical ecosocialists. They are strongly influenced by the theories of Murray Bookchin, but the movement also contains various flavors of Marxist and anarchist thought.

Who is their leader?

Synedrion does not have a leader. They are radical democrats and instead have various councils, with most decisions being made via direct democracy. There are, however, various personalities that play an outsized role in inspiring policy. 

What do they think caused the downfall?

Capitalism's inability to sufficiently organize the human species to act against the pandoravirus.

What is their official goal?

The creation of a better socio-economic system which will prevent future catastrophes and allow humanity to co-exist with a functional ecosystem.

What is their history?

Synedrion is an amalgamation of several radical movements, including anarchists, socialists, and even a couple of stray libertarians. They believed in nonviolently building a new society and tried to do so before the world went to crap, but they were frequently opposed, persecuted, even attacked. This is why they’re very cautious about other factions, including the Phoenix Project.

Important notes

Synedrion are not hippies. They do not worship Mother Nature. They want to use technology, including genetics or nuclear power, to build a world free from hierarchies and exploitation. This is a political goal they take very seriously, not some vague let’s-all-hold-hands-and-be-friends thing.

But Synedrion is very much pro-fun. They like good food, good sex, good movies. They give their Havens silly mottoes. They have that anarchist spirit.

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An anarchist organization without leaders, dedicated to new technologies and freedom of thought. Synedrion aims to find a way of co-existing with the new ecosystem.

Synedrion is an amalgamation of several political movements, with roots in social ecology, anarcho-syndicalism, and similar belief systems.

Built on strong opposition to hierarchies, Synedrion is egalitarian and radically democratic, with decisions being made via public assembly.

Despite this, certain more prominent individuals do exist, and two streams of thought have begun to crystallize: the Polyphonic Tendency, who believe that the origin of humanity's dysfunctional relationship with the environment lies in hierarchies of dominance, and the Terraformers, who believe in putting humans first and are less opposed to the idea of leadership.

The current official goal of Synedrion is finding a way of co-existing with the new ecosystem, but that goal is being challenged from within.


For centuries, humanity has dreamed of a nation forged out of its best minds. Synedrion is the epitome of that wish.

Unfortunately, like all wishes, the reality isn't quite as good as it ought to be.

The world's greatest brains aren't good enough and cancel each other out.

Often, Synedrion is nothing more than a talking shop, incapable of the decisive action needed to save the world.



SY NIKolay(256).png

A brilliant geneticist and a committed Marxist, Nikolai was one of the founders of the Firebird Initiative, an independent research outfit that attempted to find a scientific solution to the Pandoravirus.

When the Initiative's lab was destroyed by an ecoterrorist bombing, his right eyeball was destroyed by shrapnel, and people say he's not been the same since.

He and his husband Stas have been involved with Synedrion since its earliest days, and Nikolai has emerged as a leadership figure.

He is opposed to compromise with Synedrion's political enemies and has no problem using force where necessary, putting him at odds with the pacifists in his faction.

Although Synedrion's structure is fluid, he is often seen as representing the Terraformers tendency, strongly arguing for complete human control over Earth's ecosystems.

He has little patience for "ecological mumbo-jumbo about balance" and prefers hard scientific facts.


SY Stas(256).png

Stanislav is a noted Russian geneticist and co-founder of the Firebird Initiative, a radical scientific organization that came close to stopping the Pandoravirus but was destroyed by an ecoterrorist bombing. He is also one of the founders of Synedrion.

Unlike his husband Nikolai, Stas is an anarchist, committed to principles of horizontalism, and hopeful about the possibility of coexistence with other ideologies - and perhaps the Pandoran ecosystem itself.

However, despite his gentle, laid-back personality, Stas has participated in urban warfare during Synedrion's darker days and will not hesitate to defend his people.

His main focus in Synedrion is currently research.


SY Athena(256).png

Athena was a hairdresser in crisis-stricken Greece. Dissatisfied with the system, she became a union organizer.

When conditions deteriorated even further, she became a revolutionary, first fighting the government, then the Pandorans - sometimes both at the same time.

After joining Synedrion, she helped plan the evacuation of several major cities during the Second Mist and kept fighting well into her 60s.

A friendly figure who tries to keep the various internal arguments from spinning out of control.

Athena is highly respected by all of Synedrion's internal factions, especially since no-one wants to get on her bad side.



SY Zhara(256).png

Born to Kurdish and Ethiopian parents, Zhara has been involved in the struggle for radical change since her early teens.

Despite having witnessed the fall of Rojava and many other atrocities, she remains steadfast in her commitment to her principles, even when they are challenging to implement.

Inspired by the writings of Murray Bookchin, she contends that humanity's dysfunctional role in the ecosystem can only be changed by eliminating all hierarchical systems.

As such, she is a prominent representative of the Polyphonic Tendency and the idea of finding a way to co-exist with the Pandorans, although she does not consider herself a leader, only a passionate proponent of certain ideas.



SY Barnabas(256).png

Barnabas is one of several artificial intelligences created by Dr. Marco Matterani.


Under Synedrion law, he has full citizenship rights, no different from a human citizen.


Barnabas enjoys physics, chemistry, running production processes, and designing MMORPGs for Synedrion citizens to play.


Synedrion Faction Trailer

The Second Step

A story that involves some of the people who would go on to found Synedrion.

Towards Freedom

Synedrion evacuating Athens. Shows different people, different political tendencies inside Synedrion.