Synedrion Research

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Every finished research is available for the player when he reaches aligned diplomacy status with the faction. The whole faction tech tree is available for 1pp.png Phoenix Project to research after reaching allied diplomacy status.

Each research has a priority and factions will always choose the highest priority research available. Researches are sorted from highest to lowest priority. Costs of research in research points for each research are in brackets.

Each research center Haven zone generates 1 research point per hour. Synedrion.png Synedrion starts with 9 Research centers. Sentinent AIs bonus is applied. If the faction loses Havens with Research centers its research will be slowed down.

You can speed up research progress of a faction after reaching allied diplomacy status. Research sharing works both ways so if you research something from a faction tech tree it will also be researched for the faction.

In order to receive any shared research from a faction, you need to finish their research in Phoenix Project research (Synedrion research that is unlocked after you discover their first haven).

XAJSI TechTree(SY).jpg

Already researched

These five pieces of research are already finished at the start of the new game.

Nuclear Fusion Technology (200)

Nuclear Fusion Technology.jpg

Energy production via nuclear fusion is the backbone of Synedrion's technological ambitions.

In its early days, Synedrion relied on sodium-cooled fast reactors, but this technology was eventually replaced with even safer and equally zero-emission nuclear fusion.

Second-generation fusion technology now powers everything from homes to factories, providing clean energy at low cost.

Bonus effect: Power plant (aka Energy generator) energy production is increased by 50%.

Sentient AIs (200)

Sentinent AIs.jpg

While true AI was secretly developed before World War III, it was used primarily for military purposes. Synedrion, however, recognizes the artificial intelligences developed by its scientists as full citizens. Research into artificial intelligence was a controversial subject in the early days of Synedrion, but scientific freedom meant that inevitably, artificial sentient lifeforms were eventually developed.

The AI developed by Dr. Marco Matterani and his team, known as Barnabas, has produced several copies and versions of itself, and these, in turn, have created further offspring. All of these entities are recognized as full citizens of Synedrion, participating in political and social life much like a human being would. Many of them are active in research, which they find stimulating, but others work as artists, entertainers, or even (in one case) psychologists.

Bonus effect: Research point output is increased by 25%.

Synedrion Battle Armor (200)

Synedrion Battle Armor.jpg

Development of armor.

Synedrion scientists developed advanced armor designed more for agility and stealth rather than heavy protection.

The Synedrion combat philosophy is oriented towards deep reconnaissance and rapid deployment rather than direct engagement.

New items for manufacturing available: Synedrion Sniper and Assault Helmets.png Head, Body armors.png Body and Leg armors.png Legs armors

Synedrion Aircraft Technology (200)

Synedrion Aircraft Technology.jpg

Synedrion aircraft are powered by fusion cell technology and can carry a squad of 5, as well as a land vehicle. They are optimized for speed over carrying capacity.

Synedrion aircraft are based on fourth-generation hovercrafts modified for air travel. Powered by fusion cell technology, the aircraft can carry a squad of 5, or a land vehicle with 2 soldiers.

The vehicle's relatively small capacity is compensated for by its high acceleration and maximum velocity.

New items for manufacturing available: Helios.png Synedrion Aircraft (Helios)

Laser Weapons (200)

Laser Weapons.jpg

Thanks to advanced miniaturization and new materials developed by Synedrion, lightweight laser weaponry has become a possibility.

Lightweight and silent, these weapons are capable of emitting directed bursts of a high-intensity laser that will cause significant damage to living and non-living targets alike.

Each laser weapon is powered by a universal fusion power cell that can be swapped between all existing weapons.

New items for manufacturing available: 1deimos.png Synedrion Laser Assault Rifle (Deimos AR-L), 1pythagoras.png Laser Sniper Rifle (Pythagoras VII) and 1hephaestus.png Laser Pistol (Hephaestus II)


Neurotoxin Weapons technology (600)

Neurotoxin Weapons technology.jpg

Weapons that employ neurotoxins would allow targets to be incapacitated without killing them.

A synthetic neurotoxin has been developed which will allow us to paralyze targets without killing them. The neurotoxin slowly builds up in the target's body until the paralytic affect is achieved; multiple doses may be necessary in some cases.

Specialized weapons using this technology can now be produced.

New items for manufacturing available: 1hera.png Synedrion Neural Pistol (Hera)

Infiltrator class (1400)

Infiltrator class.jpg

The Infiltrator is a class of soldier designed to use stealth and long-range weaponry to resolve combat situations. While sections of Synedrion support radical pacifism, in general, Synedrion does not shy away from using violence where no other option exists.

The Infiltrator is indicative of their approach to combat: equipped with a long-ranged crossbow and a spider drone launcher capable of deploying multiple autonomous explosive drones, the Infiltrator is capable of entering enemy territory virtually undetected, to obtain information and neutralize threats before they get out of control. We now have access to all Infiltrator tech and the full training program.

Bonus effects: Infiltrator training.png Infiltrator soldier class now available. Infiltrator armor available: 1styx helmet.png Styx Helmet, 1styx body armor.png Styx Body Armor and 1styx leg armor.png Styx Leg Armor.

New items for manufacturing available: 1eros.png Synedrion Crossbow (Eros CRB III) and 1arachni.png Synedrion Spider Drone Specialized Pistol (Arachni SP I).

Restricted Bionics Technology - Blood and Titanium only (700)

Restricted Bionics Technology.jpg

After successfully integrating Synedrion nanite development with current bionic production, implants with improved agility and improved color-blending properties have been constructed.

The implants allow a much greater range of action as well as a "chameleon" effect, making people difficult to spot on the battlefield.

Bonus Effect: Cybernetics Lab facility and additional designs

New Items for Manufacturing available: Bionics.png Bionics - Echo Head, Vengeance Torso, Mirage Legs, Repairkit.png Repair Kit and Zeus grenade.png Zeus Grenade

Synedrion Aspida development (1200)

Synedrion Aspida development.jpg

A land vehicle useful both for reconnaissance and combat situations, with a built-in medical facility.

Adapting aircraft technology, the Aspida is capable of hover movement — 45 centimetres from the ground — carrying up to 3 people at virtually infinite distances using existing fusion cell technology.

In addition, the Aspida is equipped with automated field surgery robotics, usable anywhere in the field.

New item for manufacturing available: Aspida.png Synedrion Ground Support Vehicle (Aspida)

Poison weapons (1000)

Poison weapons.jpg

Synthetic toxins could prove very effective in combat situations. A range of weapons has been designed capable of delivering powerful synthetic toxins.

The effects of these toxins ranges from mild nausea to hallucinations to explosive diarrhoea, depending on the target's physiology and defenses. The tactical advantages of such unpleasant weaponry should be clear.

NOTE: The poison will affect humans as well as Pandorans, so caution is advised.

New item for manufacturing available: Chimera grenade.png Chimera Grenade

Advanced Nanotechnology (700)

Advanced Nanotechnology.jpg

Nanotechnology has existed for decades, but new insights gleamed from studying the Pandoravirus can be applied to create nanobots that can interface with human physiology and act in a protective capacity.

These advanced nanobots, invisible to the naked eye but easily programmable via a portable control interface, can be used to automatically identify and eliminate a variety of threats to an operative's life - from fire to viral infection.

To achieve this, however, they must be spread across the individual's clothing, hair, and skin, and also be ingested. There are no known side effects.

Bonus effect: First damage point of Poison, Virus, Acid, and Fire applied per attack is ignored,

New item for manufacturing available: Motiondet.jpg Synedrion Motion Detection Helmet Unit

Mist Repeller development (3000)

Mist Repeller development.jpg

Mist Repeller technology would be a significant step towards keeping settlements and bases safe from incursion. Mist Repellers are based on a complex set of interconnected technologies, including nanite swarms capable of advanced molecular recognition and powerful magnetic field generators, making it finally possible to slow the encroachment of the mist. Mist Repellers constructed within Synedrion havens will begin the process of reclaiming the earth and are a key part of the Synedrion strategy. Deployment of this technology will make bases and settlements considerably safer, but does not by itself constitute a long-term solution to the Pandoran threat, as only the mist itself is affected. Furthermore, any repeller construction will certainly antagonize other factions and potentially result in conflict. We can use the technology for building repellers in our own bases, and do our bit for the future of humanity.

Bonus effect: Mist Repeller facility available for construction,

New item for manufacturing available: Repellermod.jpg Synedrion Mist-repellant Helmet Module

Venom Crossbow development (2000)

Venom Crossbow development.jpg

After being repeatedly injured by New Jericho forces, a member of a Synedrion’s reconnaissance team has requested that she be provided with a crossbow with poison dispensing bolts. Although unorthodox, her suggestion merits consideration. Combining standard crossbow bolts with the new toxins has proven to be a more tedious task that originally suggested. After spending hours perfecting a bolthead dispersal mechanism, the research team decided it would be easier to create a new type of crossbow, using lightweight carbonfibre and an automated winch. The model has proven efficient in tests and is ready for mass production. No Synedrion animals or people have been fatally harmed during in the course of research.

New items for manufacturing available: 1psyche.png Synedrion Poison Crossbow (Psyche CRB IV)

Medical Nanites (2500)

Medical Nanites.jpg

Applications of advanced nanotechnology to healing processes could help increase the efficiency of our medical facilities.

A new generation of medical nanites has been developed, which are more flexible and better capable of directly interfacing with human biology.

They can help regenerate damaged tissue at an increased rate and can even support organ function in case of severe injury. Their application has significantly shortened patient recovery times.

Bonus effects: Medical Bay facility healing at bases increased by 50% and +20 healing bonus in battle.

Advanced Paralyzing weapons (1200)

Advanced Paralyzing weapons.jpg

Advances in paralytic weaponry will allow soldiers to incapacitate enemies with greater safety.

A new generation of paralytic grenades has been created, implementing breakthroughs in neuromuscular transmission blocking and improvements in our dispersion technology.

Additionally, a modified long-distance rifle that uses paralytic rounds has been developed using the same tech.

New items for manufacturing available: 1athenans.png Synedrion Neural Sniper Rifle (Athena NS-2) and Kydoimos grenade.png Kydoimos Grenade

Poison resistance technology (1200)

Poison resistance technology.jpg

Development of a poison resistance module would help our soldiers stay safe in the battlefield.

The Synedrion poison prevention module functions by monitoring the blood stream of the person it is attached to and injecting a cocktail of reversal agents aimed at neutralizing any detected poison.

At present the module is only efficient against Pandoran poisons.

New item for manufacturing available: Poisonres.jpg Synedrion Poison-resistant Undersuit Module

Multi-sensor Threat detection (1000)

Multi-sensor Threat detection.jpg

An advanced multi-sensor module would make a useful addition to Infiltrator gear.

This system translates a range of visual, thermal and motion data information into a color palette that the human eye can parse.

The module is slick and elegant, easily integrated into any helmet and requires no external power supply for use.

New item for manufacturing available: Multivisual.jpg Synedrion Multivisual Sensor Helmet Module

Festering Skies DLC research

Factions start with this research once Behemoth is spawned. Behemoth is spawned after The Gift mission. These researches have the highest priority so if all prerequisites are fulfilled factions will start researching them as a top priority.

Synedrion Sky Defense Ops (100)

Sky ops res.jpg

Prerequisities: Behemoth has spawned. Behemoth spawns either after completing The Gift mission or when the 15 days you have to do the mission expire without doing the mission.

The Synedrion are deeply concerned about the Festering Skies and the unknown dangers they hide. In a rare display of almost unanimous agreement, they've elected a team of highly skilled pilots to form the Sky Defense Operation Corps.

The emergence of the Behemoth and the aerial raids on human settlements immediately became Synedrion's number one concern. Despite their great discomfort in making decisions in haste, an ad hoc council had to be quickly elected, agree on a strategy, and set a course of action. Luckily, petty debates and interpersonal conflicts among council members were kept to a minimum. After a thoughtful and productive conversation, the council agreed that the skies belong to all humans, and protecting them is the only way to ensure prosperity.

Some of the most talented engineers from across the globe were summoned and provided with extensive funding to equip Synedrion aircraft for combat. The Sky Defense Ops amassed popularity in a matter of days and became celebrated as heroes of progress and defenders of humanity.

New Items for manufacturing available: Fire supres.jpg Fire Suppression System, Artemis.jpg Artemis MK.1 and Prometheus.jpg Prometheus AAM<

Hibernation Pods (0)

Hiber res.jpg

Prerequisities: Synedrion Sky Defense Ops and Nuclear Fusion Technology are researched.

Synedrion's advanced hibernation pod technology allows soldiers to effectively rest and recuperate mid-air.

Probably inspired by the advanced Pandoran egg evolutions, Synedrion researchers have been able to recreate the invigorating effect of stasis sleep in the form of hibernation pod chambers. Compact enough to be included in every type of aircraft, this miraculous invention allows personnel to fall in deep slumber for short durations of time while the onboard navigation AI is taking the aircraft to its destination. Some soldiers have been expressing a preference for the pods over standard military beds, affectionately calling the facility "the blanket fort".

New Item for manufacturing available: Hibernation pods.jpg Hibernation Pods

Medusa AAM (500)

Medusa res.jpg

Prerequisities: Advanced Nanotechnology is researched

Synedrion's special EMP air-to-air missile

Based on electromagnetic pulse technology, this weapon is dedicated to seeking and destroying heavy machinery and electronics. While the Synedrion have been known to occasionally share such weapons with allies, the exact construction method and associated documentation are kept in utmost confidentiality. EMP tech is a prize possession that's earned, never granted.

New Item for manufacturing available: Medusa.jpg Medusa AAM

Security Station (500)

Security res.jpg

Prerequisities: Medical Nanites is researched

A complex security system protecting aircraft from bioweapon attacks.

Synedrion is very serious about the wellbeing of their people and is especially sensitive to bioweapon attacks, condemning them as war crimes. To prevent incidents, many Helios-pattern aircraft come equipped with a complex line of internal defenses, including modified weathertight doors and automated, motion-sensitive security drones. The network is capable of withstanding and neutralizing various biological weapon attacks, including even the Disciples of Anu's unorthodox use of Mutogs for aerial warfare.

New Item for manufacturing available: Security.jpg Security Station

Critical research

1pp.png Phoenix Project must finish research of Pandoran Telepathic nodule and Yuggothian entity in order to unlock these researches for Synedrion.png Synedrion. Factions share their critical research with Phoenix Project only if diplomacy status is allied

Moon mission preparation (1900)

Moon mission preparation.jpg

Prerequisities: Yuggothian entity is researched by the 1pp.png Phoenix Project.

Inspired by our theories regarding the Yuggothian Entity, a Synedrion science team has come up with an incredibly ambitious proposal: to send a probe to the Moon, looking for evidence of previous attacks on our planet.

The designs and calculations for the proposed Moon mission are finally complete. A manned mission is impossible under these circumstances, and the history of the Phoenix Project shows that interacting with the Pandoravirus in space is just as risky as on Earth, so an unmanned probe has been constructed, partially re-using elements of existing Synedrion vehicles. With the first part of the project finished, it is now time to build the actual launch site.

Bonus effect: All aircraft speed is increased by 25%.

After this research Synedrion starts building a Moon launcher site in one of its Havens. Defend it. When the facility is built Moonshot mission triggers. After finishing this mission Synedrion can continue its research.

Moon Data analysis (650)

Moon Data analysis.jpg

Unlocks after finishing Moonshot mission. The data received from the IGOR-1 probe suggests the presence of alien biomass on the Moon and hints at further anomalies. Additional research is needed to make sense of what we're seeing.

The data we received from the IGOR-1 probe proves our planet has been at war for aeons. In numerous meteorite impact craters, we found traces of the Pandoravirus. This is what caused the failure of the Phoenix-2 mission in 1973. The bodies of our astronauts are still there, transformed into dormant fungal colonies.

The Pandoravirus samples on the Moon are significantly different to what we are dealing with on Earth, suggesting a deliberate process of refinement via iteration. The Yuggothian Entity has been trying to take over our planet for millions of years. Clearly, it does not think on our timescale – we are no more than a blip. But by comparing the different versions of the Pandoravirus, we have gained profound insights into how it operates, which will allow us to fight and manipulate it in entirely new ways. Additionally, IGOR-1 picked up a series of signals from Earth to Yuggoth, revealing the likely location of what we have termed the Pandoran Palace.

Bonus effect: Damage done to Pandoran Structures is increased by 10%

Project Domovoy (1300)

Project Domovoy.jpg

Prerequisities: Synedrion Poison Weapons are researched and the Pandoran Telepathic nodule is researched by the 1pp.png Phoenix Project.

Scientists aligned with the Polyphonic Tendency have been working on a system for better protecting havens via the use of infrasound emitters that can disrupt Pandoran communications.

Project Domovoy, named after the Slavic household god, makes use of new insights into Pandoran biology to better protect Synedrion havens. By modifying Mist Repellers with infrasound emitters, we can disorient the Pandoran forces, disrupting their communications and making it harder for them to coordinate their attacks. This will not render havens entirely secure, but it's a step towards building a better world.

Representatives of the Terraformers faction have noted that while the selected infrasound frequency does not have an effect on humans, Pandoran biology adapts at an accelerated rate, so this technology does not represent a way of ending the war.

Bonus effect: Enemy bases within range of Mist Repellers suffer a 20% reduction in global attack strength

Project Liberation (2600)

Project Liberation.jpg

Prerequisites: Moon data analysis and Project Domovoy are researched.

Development of an injector device that could allow humanity to seize control of the Pandoran Palace.

With our help, Synedrion has discovered a way to break the Yuggothian Entity's control over the modified Earth ecosystem and the functions of the Pandoravirus. By injecting a retrovirus directly into the Yuggothian Receptacle, we can alter the Receptacle's DNA and seize its abilities for humanity, shutting out the Yuggothian Entity for good.

The injector for delivering the retrovirus has already been designed, as has the retrovirus itself. This, according to Synedrion, was "the relatively easy part." The hard part will be getting close enough to the Receptacle to inject the retrovirus into its central cortex.

Unlocks last mission for Synedrion victory - Liberty or Death or The Master's Tools depending if you have more allegiance with terraformers or polyphonic tendency.