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The peak of Anu evolution. Proficient in psychic abilities.

Priest class is available for Anu.png Disciples of Anu and 1forsaken.jpg The Forsaken. Priests are proficient with these Priest weapons.png Priest weapons

Level Picture Name Learn cost Description Use costs
1 Priest training.png Priest training 0 Proficiency with viral weapons. passive
2 Mind control.png Mind control 10 Gain control of an enemy with WP cost equal to enemy's current WP
Costs 1-10 WPs per turn to maintain, depending on target type
1 1-10
3 Induce panic.png Induce panic 15 Cause a target to panic if its current will points are less than the Priest's 1 3
4 New class.png New class 50 Choose a secondary class to train in passive
5 Minds sense.png Mind sense 20 All organic enemies within 15 tiles are automatically revealed passive
6 Psychic ward.png Psychic ward 25 Allies within 10 tiles are immune to panic and psychic damage attacks passive
7 Mind crush.png Mind crush 30 Deal 100 damage to all enemy entities within 10 tiles 1 6

Priest class and abilities explained here