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The champion of the battlefield, capable of dealing and withstanding massive damage.

Heavy class is available for 1pp.png Phoenix Project, NJ.png New Jericho and its subfaction Subject24small.jpg The Pure. Heavy soldiers are proficient with these Heavy weapons.png Heavy weapons.

Level Picture Name Learn cost Description Use costs
1 Heavy training.png Heavy training 0 Proficiency with heavy weapons, mounted weapons and jetpacks passive
2 Brawler.png Brawler 10 Bash and melee attacks deal 50% more damage passive
3 War cry.png War cry 15 All enemies within 10 tiles have their Action Points reduced to 2 for the next turn 1 3
4 New class.png New class 50 Choose a secondary class to train in passive
5 Boom blast.png Boom blast 20 The Action Point cost of grenades and other explosive weapons is reduced by 1 and their range is increased by 50%
till the end of the turn
0 5
6 Inspire.png Inspire 25 Killing an enemy grants allies 1 additional Will Point passive
7 Rage burst.png Rage burst 30 Shoot 5 times spread across an arc with direct-fire weapon 3 5

Heavy class and all abilities explained here