Final Mission

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Final Mission (Spoiler!)

Reaching the ending

See the following walkthroughs for requirements on reaching the final mission:

- For 1pp.png, here

- For Anu.png, here

- For NJ.png, here

- For Synedrion.png, here

The mission itself is really the same regardless of faction, except for the Anu.png ending, as you will be accompanied by the Exalted herself.


You can take up to 9 operatives on the final mission, and of course you should take your best guys & gals on this trip. As always, more or less anything can be made to work, but some things to bear in mind:

  1. Your melee fighters will be useless against the final boss because they can't reach it with their weapons.
  2. You will want to deal a lot of damage in a short period of time, so at least a couple high DPS dealers are a must, something like a heavy with Rage Burst, Deceptor and plenty of ammo.
  3. You might want a Technician for healing and the auto turrets are devastating against the final boss (and everything else in the game).
  4. Priests might be useful in the first stage of the mission for their Mind Control mind control and Mind Crush mind crush, but for the confrontation with the final boss they are absolutely useless.
  5. The final boss has a 75% resistance to Blast Damage blast damage, Fire Damage fire damage and Acid Damage acid damage, so these weapons will be very ineffective against it. However, explosives will be very effective against the initial tightly packed mob, that you will want to first turn strike.
  6. Bring a lot of ammo, and at least one medkit per operative.

Actually assault rifles can be very effective against the final boss


You will start on the opposite side of a great wall that ends to the right. There is a mob of enemies of all shapes and sizes on the other size: 2 Scylla icon.png Scyllas, 4 Chiron icon.png Chirons, 3-4 Siren icon.png Sirens, 4 Triton icon.png Tritons and a dozen or so Arthron icon.png Arthrons.

What you want to do is strike first, strike hard, no mercy.

You can take as long as you want to approach the enemies, they will not notice you until your are past the great wall. So you should take 2-3 turns getting into position from where you can Cobra Kai them before they can act, doing Area of Effect attacks (using explosives, as they deal Blast Damage blast damage, for example, or Mind Crush mind crush) on the massed Siren icon.png Sirens and Arthron icon.png Arthrons, and then cleaning up with Rapid Clearance. The Chiron icon.png Chirons should panic from all the WP lost. You can probably kill one of the Scylla icon.png Scyllas before she can have her turn, which, if you also take out all the Siren icon.png and Arthron icon.png, should panic the other Scylla. In any case, the second Scylla is too far away to make any considerable mischief on her first turn.

The number of enemies and their deployment make them very easy prey for Terminators, but you can also deal with them without any special combinations.

Past the gate

Once you deal with the Gatekeepers, the Gate will open. However, before crossing it, deal with the enemies on the other side:

The Siren icon.png and the Triton icon.png will actually move towards you, so all you have to do is stay back and wait for them to come at you.

The Chiron icon.png will stay where they are doing nothing, unless you cross the gate so you can snipe them at your leisure from a safe distance.

Enemies will appear from these spawning points. There are four of them past the Gate. One on the left side near the Gate, another to the right, and then one on the left of the Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity and another to the right (that's the one in the picture). Unlike usual reinforcements, the enemies coming from these spawning points can move and attack on the same turn that they appear. Blocking these entrances with fire can be very effective, at least against Arthron icon.png

After that, the path to the Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity through the valley - of darkness - will open. Now, what you want is to get across it as far as possible, so thou shall not walk, but run - if not Jet jump.png jet jump - through it.

That's because the only attack of the Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity is the Mark of the Void and the way it works makes it very advisable to move as fast as possible.

Defeating the Yuggothian Entity

The Yuggothian Entity is at the end of the valley, behind a set of interlocking barriers that spring from the ground in different positions at the end of its turn, always conveniently leaving a couple of openings through which the creature can be attacked.

Yuggothian Entity
Ye icon.png Yuggothian Entity
Stats HP on bodyparts
HP Will Points Movement Accuracy Perception Stealth Armor (each) x2 Eye (each) x10 Head Roots Tentacle (each) x6
9600 90 0 0 60 0 500 (40) 100 (0) 3000 (30) 3000 (30) 100 (0)
Yuggothian Entity Resistance Resistant to acid, fire and blast damage, -75%
Can apply Mark of the Void Mark of the Void

The barriers protecting the creature appear in random positions each turn, and you may be tempted to stay back and wait for one of the front barriers to come down and then attack with your Sniper.

However, the creature has the Mark of the Void ability:

Apply a mark on an enemy, which damages it, and enemies within 5 tiles, at the start of each turn

So Mark of the Void Mark of the Void afflicts the target and friendlies in a 5 tile radius. The Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity casts it every turn, on a different operative when possible (the Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity can only cast it on operatives that have crossed the Gate).

It places a ‘mark’ on one soldier every turn. That soldier and any friendly within 5 tiles will suffer 40 'void' damage (ignoring armor and any resistances, including to psychic attacks, such as the one provided by Psychic Ward) per ‘mark’ (sometimes there is a dropoff and it falls to 20). So if you have 3 soldiers with the Mark of the Void Mark of the Void within 5 tiles of each other they will suffer up to 120 damage per turn. If the Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity can’t place the Mark of the Void Mark of the Void on a different soldier (for example, because only a few soldiers cross the Gate), it will place it on the same guy and the marks will stack although the info tab will not display the size of the stack. So if the same guy has 3 Mark of the Void Mark of the Void, he will receive 120 damage each turn.

So if you cross the Gate (actually, just a little bit past it), you can't wait for the front barriers to go down to attack the creature, because it can take any number of turns, while your operatives will be receiving void damage and accumulating more Mark of the Void markers. You could in theory stay behind the Gate and attempt to snipe the creature from there once the right front barrier is down, but given the amount of HP a more tedious exercise I cannot imagine.

What you want is to get to the Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity as fast as possible with your whole team, but keeping some distance between them so that they don’t get the damage from two or more Mark of the Void Mark of the Void at the same time.

There is always one opening from which you can attack Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity, that’s why you want to get up close. Once there you can finish it in 3 turns if you got enough firepower (like a few Heavy heavies with Deceptor MGDeceptor MG and Rage Burst rage burst), or you can do like Minsk says and go for the eyes: each eye has only 100 HP and no armor, but disabling it reduces max HP of the Yuggothian Entity Yuggothian Entity by 900 HP. As the creature has 10 eyes, you can shave off 9000 (off the total 9600) HP by causing just 900 damage. However, note that you might also have to disable the tentacles (there is 6 of them, with 100 HP each), as the creature tries to cover its eyes with them.