Status effects

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Status effects can apply to the entire character or only to a specific body part.

While the status effects of a unit can be seen on the health indicator above the character's head, body part statuses are only visible from the Character Info screen.

The only exception is when the body part is wounded or disabled, then it is indicated on the damage display to the left of the health indicator.

Acid.png ACID

Acid corrodes 10 armor per turn. If there is no armor, then the damage is applied to the body part. Acid value reduces by 10 per turn.

Adrenalinerushstatus.png ADRENALINE RUSH

All abilities cost a maximum of 1 Action Point until the end of the turn with 50% accuracy penalty, but you cannot do anything that costs Will Points.

Alerted.png ALERTED

(Enemy only). The enemy is aware of your presence.


(Mutog only) Mutog becomes wild, attacking friend or foe.

Bleeding.png BLEEDING

Each turn, lose Hit Points equal to bleed value.

Boomblaststatus.png BOOM BLAST

The action point cost of grenades and other explosive weapons is reduced by 1 and their range is increased by 50% till the end of the turn.

Burning.png BURNING

Fire damage is applied to each body part at the start of the turn, subtracting armor.


Attacks from enemies within 10 tiles deal 25% less damage.

Dazed.png DAZED

Action Points reduced to 1 and accuracy halved. Dazed characters will have 1 AP for their next turn, and their accuracy will be halved. They will lose their Dazed status at the end of their turn. Dazed status does not stack.

Disabled.png DISABLED

Body part disabled.

Disoriented.png DISORIENTED

Cannot use Will Point abilities for 1 turn.


All allies gain 20 temporary armor for 1 turn.

Enraged.png ENRAGED

(Mutog only) Damage dealt and speed is increased by 50%. There's a 10% chance the Mutog will go Berserk at the start of each turn.

Exhausted.png EXHAUSTED

(caused by entering a battle with 0 Stamina) -2 Action Point each turn.

Frenzied.png FRENZIED

Speed increased by 50% and immune to panic.

Gooed.png GOOED

Unable to move until Goo decays or is removed.


At the start of the turn, the virus is subtracted from Will Points, then virus value is reduced by 1.

Markvoid.png MARK OF THE VOID

Apply a mark on an enemy, which damages it, and enemies within 5 tiles, at the start of each turn.


Mark an enemy target. Until the end of the turn, all damage to that target is increased by 50%.

Mass hatch status.png MASS HATCH

Hatching Sentinel is activating worms and mindfraggers inside eggs in its Area of Effect.

Marksmaned.png MASTER MARKSMAN

Accuracy with a proficient weapon is increased by 30% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles.

Overwatched.png OVERWATCH

Enemies entering the overwatch cone will trigger an attack.

Panicked.png PANICKED

Unable to move for a turn, while recovering Will Points.

Paralysis.png PARALYSIS

Action Points are reduced by the proportion of paralysis value to Strength.

Paralyzed.png PARALYZED

Cannot move or perform any actions.

Poisoned.png POISONED

At the start of the turn, poison is subtracted from Hit Points, then poison value is reduced by 10.

Preparing.png PREPARING

(Pandoran Sentinel, Egg and Umbra Tar Shadow only) Preparing to activate the special ability on the next turn.

Psychicward.png PSYCHIC WARD

Allies within 10 tiles are immune to panic and psychic damage attacks.

Remote control.png REMOTE CONTROL

Use 1AP and 3WPs to take control of a turret, spider drone or vehicle weapon and shoot at a target.

Sneakattack.png SNEAK ATTACK

Damage dealt while not spotted increased by 100%.

Stability stance.png STABILITY STANCE

Chiron is launching 5 salvos instead of 3

Stealthstatus.png STEALTH

Base line Stealth factor is 25% as long as the character isn't revealed

Tired.png TIRED

(caused by entering a battle with low Stamina, between 1 and 10) -1 Action Point each turn.


Restore Hit Points to arms and torso at the end of each turn.

Warcrystatus.png WAR CRY

All enemies within 10 tiles have their action points reduced to 2 for the next turn.

Weak spot.png WEAK SPOT

Disabling a body part also removes that body part's armor