Blood and Titanium

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Blood and Titanium is DLC 1. It adds one sub-faction The Pure, three story missions, three pieces of research and Bionics. DLC 1 content start when Neural Implant Technology research is finished by NJ.png New Jericho (4th day of the game).


The Pure[edit]


The renegade faction known as The Pure appeared in 2045 after a group of experimental subjects escaped from a NJ.png New Jericho cybernetics program.

The program was being shut down at the time, and its apparent failure covered up.

Acting as a nomad paramilitary organisation, The Pure are cyborgs - as close to a machine as a human can get.

They share the belief that anyone that has exposed flesh could be infected, and is thus “impure”.

While there are many instances of them attacking scavenging sites or convoys worldwide, none of their strongholds has been located so far.

According to the individual known as Subject24new.jpg Subject 24, they are the result of advanced cybernetic NJ.png New Jericho experiments that somehow went wrong.

In particular, the mental state of subjects in the program suffered from the transition they had to endure to become cyborgs.

Subject 24[edit]


Little is known about the individual calling himself Subject 24. According to his own words he was involved in NJ.png New Jericho’s cybernetic program "Project Purity", and later became the leader of The Pure faction.

Classified records confirm the existence of a Major Zachery Richards who indeed worked for Tobias.jpg Tobias West, although he was marked as having died in a work accident.

Any further information has been redacted and unavailable.

Supplementary: a behaviour analysis has received with 89% certainty that Subject 24 is as resentful of the 1pp.png Phoenix Project as he is of NJ.png New Jericho.

There is a possibility for him to have been involved with the organisation at some point in the past.


Attempting Contact[edit]

Triggers when Neural Implant Technology research is finished by NJ.png New Jericho (4th day of the game).

We’re receiving a transmission from an unidentified source. The transmission is from someone identifying himself as "Subject 24". While details are lacking, Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 claims to be contacting us with a warning and a promise of mutual benefits. All attempts to pinpoint the location of the transmission’s origin have been unsuccessful. Phoenix Point receiving... Cinematics 1 are played:

Phoenix - if you are receiving this message, then respond on the secure channel I have provided. It is essential that the information I am about to give you is kept confidential. My name is not important now - but I am known among the Pure as Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 - the 24th volunteer in a program set up by Tobias.jpg Tobias West that gave us hope. We had a solution, a secret program that would fix the world. And in the final moment, he backed down. Nothing prepared me for his treachery - his selfish, cowardice - but his attempts to erase us have failed.

It was known as Project Purity - one man's dream of replacing every inch of human flesh with neurally controlled prosthetics. When I volunteered for the project I had nothing left. My entire family had succumbed to the Pandoravirus. I watched my wife through the bulletproof glass as she slowly turned into an abomination. I had nothing left to lose. Along with many other brave men and women, I put myself forwards. A lot was sacrificed. He pushed us to the limit. Dozens of us died or were left crippled… and we came close to success.

The Juggernaut warrior was the final design. More than a soldier. More than a human - with titanium skin impervious to infection - perfectly pure... PURE! Pure as a smile in winter... as a human should be. There were problems - total encapsulation created some ... mental instability ... hallucinations ... dreams. Not everybody could take it, but there was no shortage of volunteers to take the program forwards. And then Tobias.jpg Tobias West - the coward, THE TRAITOR, the small-minded charlatan - pulled the plug.

Terrified of what he couldn’t understand, the “great leader” ordered everyone involved with the project killed …. KILLED! Maybe he thought that if he buried us, he’d bury the truth of his shame along with us. HIS SHAME! But we fought back. I and several others managed to escape. For years we remained silent, hiding, running, waiting for the right moment … the right moment. And that moment has come - HAS COME!

Facing a losing battle against the Pandoravirus, the weak-minded Tobias.jpg West has reactivated the old Project Purity facilities, and that makes him vulnerable. Phoenix - I am offering you an exchange. I know the location of the facility, and how to get in. You have the firepower. THE POWER! Hailstorms of fire and acid! Raid the lab, and share the tech with us. All this time in hiding has left us damaged and in need of urgent repairs. If you succeed we will both gain - humanity will gain. We are the Pure. THE PURE! We are the future. Help us Phoenix. Help our species.

A Humble Request[edit]

Triggers after Attempting Contact. Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 has requested that we perform the raid on a NJ.png New Jericho facility. Should we agree, he will send us specific details, including the exact location of the facility and potentially its security defences.

Such an action, however, is likely to worsen our relations with NJ.png New Jericho.

Agree to help Subject 24[edit]

Site added to Geoscape Undefendable

Refuse to help Subject 24[edit]

When I contacted you I thought I was dealing with intelligent people, aware of the stakes. Instead, I found spineless cowards whose convictions are as hollow as the module in Tobias.jpg Tobias West’s head!

We'll find a way to obtain the research data, but the chance of alliance between the Pure and the 1pp.png Phoenix Project is gone forever.


The player must agree to help Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 in A Humble Request.

Mission briefing:

Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 has provided us with the location of the NJ.png New Jericho research facility conducting experiments in human augmentation. Due to the secret nature of the facility, security is likely to be light.

The goal is to get the research data located within the facility. There is no need to eliminate all the defending security personnel.

After mission:

Hoste Doceri. Fas est ab hoste doceri. It is right to be taught even by an enemy - even if they are cowards and traitors. The research we obtained is more than a set of upgrades, it is the first step in reclaiming the planet.

Humanity will be born again and this time the Pure will show the path.


New Research available: Basic Bionic Technology. NJ.png New Jericho's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project -10

The Warning[edit]

Triggers when Basic Bionic Technology research is finished by NJ.png New Jericho.

This is a transmission to the world. We are The Pure and our time hiding in the shadows is over!

Squads of our chosen warriors are already combing the world in search of resources and technology that will help us defeat the Pandoran threat.

A word of warning: don’t get in our way! We will show no mercy, we will allow no bargaining. We are The Pure!


The Pure start to appear on Tactical missions.

Cast Off All Weakness[edit]

Triggers when Advanced Bionic Technology research is finished by NJ.png New Jericho.

This is a transmission to the world.

The rising tide of salvation has begun. While you all cower in your own filth and deviancy, the Pure have started the cleansing wave to rid the world of all impurities.

No haven is safe, whatever treacherous leader or hopeless beliefs they follow. You have only two choices: cast off your flesh or have it stripped for you.


The Pure start to attack Havens


If you agreed to help Subject 24 in A Humble Request then it triggers when Basic Bionic Technology research is finished by 1pp.png Phoenix Project.

If you refused to help Subject 24 in A Humble Request then it triggers when Advanced Bionic Technology research is finished by 1pp.png Phoenix Project. You get access to it via Overrun mission.

A rogue Synedrion.png Synedrion mercenary has approached us with an interesting offer. He claims to have a recording of secret communication between Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 and leaders of the Malthusian faction and is willing to sell it to us for a price.

Accept (-250 Materials)[edit]

Site added to Geoscape: Guided By Whispers . Cinematics 3 are played:

Smart move, Mikhail. Your betrayal of Synedrion.png Synedrion will bring benefits to both of us. The Malthusian faction never belonging with those deluded... DELUDED... idealists anyway. Like the 1pp.png Phoenix Project, they cannot understand the true horrors... THE HORRORS... of the world, because they’ve never seen it. The misguided dreams they surround themselves with are dangerous - leading humanity to a dead end. For the sake of the future, they must be exterminated. EXTERMINATED! Again and again and again! You, though, have shown us that you have what it takes to begin anew.

It’s almost impressive how well Synedrion.png Synedrion scientists have adapted NJ.png New Jericho’s technology. In a few months, they’ve achieved more than Tobias.jpg West could in decades. And still, those that lead them to suffer from the same fallacy as he did ... as he did! They are not prepared for total conversion - abandoning flesh to embrace the machine.

You have twenty-four hours to remove your conspirators from the research area. When we attack, all will be gunned down. GUNNED DOWN! After that, the second renaissance will begin. Beginning and end. Alpha and Omega. You’ll have your chance to break from Synedrion.png Synedrion, and Tobias.jpg Tobias West and the other cowards will be purged away.

Just don’t try to cross us, Mikhail! If this turns out to be a trap... TRAP... we’ll still get the technology… and the Malthusians will be added to the extinction list!


Disappointed by our response the mercenary ended all communication saying he could get a better deal elsewhere. Any subsequent attempts to reestablish contact or find the person have ended in failure.

Guided By Whispers[edit]

Mission briefing:

It's clear that The Pure intend to attack a Synedrion.png Synedrion research facility in order to further enhance the capabilities of their bionic soldiers. Should they succeed the threat of the Pure will increase significantly.

We should attack the facility as soon as possible and take the tech for ourselves. We may need to engage both Synedrion.png Synedrion forces and The Pure.

After mission:

Another Secret Obtained. The successful recovery of the research data has slowed down the Pure’s advancement but has also strained relations between the 1pp.png Phoenix Project and Synedrion.png Synedrion.

Additionally, we’ve received official communications from Tobias.jpg Tobias West, suggesting it’s in our interest to share the recently obtained knowledge.


New Research available: Restricted Bionics Technology

Synedrion.png Synedrion's attitude to 1pp.png Phoenix Project -6

A Good Move[edit]

Triggers when all 3 Bionics pieces of research Basic Bionic Technology, Advanced Bionic Technology and Restricted Bionics Technology are finished by 1pp.png Phoenix Project.

Subject24new.jpg Subject 24: Good move, 1pp.png Phoenix Project. You think you can beat us at our own game? Tobias.jpg Tobias West thought the same way and look at him now: trembling behind his walls and adjutants, terrified of every sound in the dark.

You’ll be like that soon, and you’ll never know when that sound turns out to be us.


Triggers when Restricted Bionics Technology research is finished by the 1pp.png Phoenix Project.

We have received a message from Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 via an encrypted channel. Satellite triangulation has discovered an electromagnetic anomaly at the source. It appears to be a man-made structure.

Site added to Geoscape: The Bionic Fortress. Cinematics 4 are played:

This is a message for the 1pp.png Phoenix Project. I thought you had what it takes. A Phoenix rising from the ashes. THE ASHES. Ashes to ashes. Nothing but a myth. You have struggled with stupidity at every turn, suffered betrayals - BETRAYALS - that brought humanity to the brink of extinction, yet you can't see the obvious: humanity cannot be saved without total transformation - WITHOUT - TOTAL - TRANSFORMATION - without becoming pure … Pure ... PURE!

Who do you think the saviour should be? Tobias.jpg WEST?! The coward Tobias.jpg West hiding behind his walls? The abominations that spread the disease? Or the idiots who think we should embrace the infected and live with them as pets? PESTS?!

No! The PURE will cleanse the world and all flesh that opposes us will melt away! The festering pits of rot and decay will be forgotten and a new order forged from blood... BLOOD... and titanium will rise! If the 1pp.png Phoenix Project thinks it has the strength to stop us, that’s your foolish fantasy. You know where we are. Come if you dare.

The Bionic Fortress[edit]

Mission briefing:

The location of the transmission appears to be the Pure’s central base. Initial analysis suggests the presence of multiple fully bionic soldiers, as well as Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 himself.

Should we succeed in killing him, there’s a high likelihood that the rest of the Pure will fall in disarray.

After mission:

Triumph Of The Flesh.Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 is no more. What remained of the Pure’s stronghold has been completely destroyed and its technology stripped. Our teams managed to retrieve a large amount of archived drives containing terabytes of data.

Unfortunately, the advanced encryption proved impossible to crack. What secrets Subject24new.jpg Subject 24 had, he has taken them to the grave with him. We can only rest knowing that the threat of the Pure is no more.


Cinematics 5 are played. The Pure sub-faction does not exist anymore. +100 Skill Points.


Basic Bionic Technology (700)[edit]

Basic Bionic Technology.jpg

Based on an abandoned New Jericho cybernetics project, bionics technology would allow enhance human capabilities with cutting edge cybernetics implants and prosthetics transforming them into walking tanks on the battlefield. Vastly improved from the first New Jericho attempts, the technology no longer leaves the subjects dead or crippled. A new set of bio-implants have successfully been developed thanks to advancements in neural co-processors and light metal alloy development. The new implants allow personnel to withstand heavy amounts of damage, land safely from great heights and even run through walls if needed.

Bonus Effect: Cybernetics Lab facility and additional designs

New Items for Manufacturing available: Bionics.png Bionics - Clarity Head, Armadillo Legs, Juggernaut Torso and Repairkit.png Repair Kit

Advanced Bionic Technology (700)[edit]

Advanced Bionic Technology.jpg

Further advances in Bionics would provide soldiers with enhanced capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate their bodies with existing neural technology. A new series of equipment and procedures now allow test subjects to have parts of their bodies replaced with more sophisticated mechanical components increasing their efficiency in battle. Thanks to the development of bio-alloys implant rejection rates are less than 0.02%, allowing nearly seamless incorporation of the original nervous system and other connecting tissue. As of yet bionic self-reparation has proven unsuccessful. requiring complete replacement should a malfunction occur. All new implants can now be produced in the Bionics lab.

Bonus Effect: Cybernetics Lab facility and additional designs

New Items for Manufacturing available: Bionics.png Bionics - Disruptor Head, Propeller Legs, Neural Torso and Repairkit.png Repair Kit

Restricted Bionics Technology (700)[edit]

Restricted Bionics Technology.jpg

After successfully integrating Synedrion nanite development with current bionic production, implants with improved agility and improved color-blending properties have been constructed.

The implants allow a much greater range of action as well as a "chameleon" effect, making people difficult to spot on the battlefield.

Bonus Effect: Cybernetics Lab facility and additional designs

New Items for Manufacturing available: Bionics.png Bionics - Echo Head, Vengeance Torso, Mirage Legs, Repairkit.png Repair Kit and Zeus grenade.png Zeus Grenade


All Bionic Augmentations have Bleed immunity, Viral, Poison, and Paralysis resistance but are vulnerable to Acid Damage.

In order to put Bionics on your soldiers, you need to have powered Cybernetics Lab facility. You can augment your soldiers from the Personnel section on Geoscape. Once you augment some body part you cannot take it back.

You cannot wear Helmets.png Head, Body armors.png Body and Leg armors.png Legs Armors and have Bionics at the same time.

Name Description Research needed Armor Speed Perception Stealth Accuracy Weight Abilities Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials
Clarity head25.jpg Clarity Head New Jericho Control Resist Head Augmentation NJ.png

Basic Bionic Technology

30 -10% +3% 2 Mind control imu.png Mind Control Immunity - Immune to Mind Control 18 140
Echo head25.jpg Echo Head Synedrion Silent Echo Head Augmentation Synedrion.png

Restricted Bionics Technology

20 +10% 0 Nightvision.png Night Vision - No penalty incurred for dark environments.
Silent echo.png Silent Echo - All weapon attacks are silent.
30 140
Disruptor head25.jpg Disruptor Head New Jericho Will Disruption Head Augmentation NJ.png

Advanced Bionic Technology

16 +5 -5% +12% 1 Neural disruption.png Neural Disruption (1 AP, 3 WP) - Disrupt target for 1 turn, causing it to become DISORIENTED and unable to use Will Point abilities 30 140
Torso Augmentations
Juggernaut torso25.jpg Juggernaut Torso New Jericho Demolishing Torso Augmentation NJ.png

Basic Bionic Technology

45 -1 -20% +1% 5 Extend shield.png Extend Shield (1 AP) - Extend and energy shield in a given direction.
Demolition state.png Demolition State (2 WP) - Breach walls and solid constructs by walking through them.
44 350
Vengeance torso25.jpg Vengeance Torso Synedrion Melee Proficient Torso Augmentation Synedrion.png

Restricted Bionics Technology

22 +20% -3% 1 Mwprof.png Melee weapon proficiency - Proficiency with Melee weapons.
Combat matrix.png Combat Matrix - Melee attacks cost 1 AP less (to a minimum of 1 AP).
89 270
Neural torso25.jpg Neural Torso New Jericho Exoskeletal Torso Augmentation NJ.png

Advanced Bionic Technology

30 -15% +8% 2 Heavy lifter.png Heavy Lifter - Double weight can be carried without causing movement penalty
Can also use Mounted Launchers and VVA-2 Arms
116 230
Legs Augmentations
Armadillo legs25.jpg Armadillo Legs New Jericho Safe Landing Legs Augmentation NJ.png

Basic Bionic Technology

40 -1 -25% +3% 3 Immune to goo.png Immune to Goo - Goo does not trap or restrict movement.
Landing shock.png Landing Shock Absorption - No damage is suffered when landing from any height.
20 160
Mirage legs25.jpg Mirage Legs Synedrion Anti-detection Legs Augmentation Synedrion.png

Restricted Bionics Technology

20 +1 +20% -3% 1 Shadowstep.png Shadowstep - Does not activate enemy overwatch 35 165
Propeller legs25.jpg Propeller Legs New Jericho Rocket Legs Augmentation NJ.png

Advanced Bionic Technology

20 +3 -10% 2 Rocket leap.png Rocket Leap (1 AP, 2 WP) - Leap to target location (max 9 tiles). 49 145
Name Description Research needed Armor Speed Perception Stealth Accuracy Weight Abilities Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials