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All characters have six main attributes that determine their performance in combat. Based on their characteristics, attributes are divided into core (that can be modified through Training) and Supportive.

Core Attributes[edit]

Core attributes are linked to the character and can be increased by spending Skill Points from the Training section (in the PERSONNEL tab). Equipment and armor can occasionally further modify Core attributes.


The Strength of a unit determines Hit Points, Encumbrance limit, the Throw Grenade distance, and Bash damage.


The maximum distance the character can move in one turn, using all Action Points.


The character's mental focus and ability to perform advanced actions. It determines the amount of Will Points the character starts a battle with, and the maximum that can be restored through the Recover ability.

Support Attributes[edit]

Support abilities cannot be increased through Training, but are affected by armor and equipment worn by the unit. Additionally, certain Skills and Status Effects could also modify them on a permanent or temporary basis.


The distance, in tiles, that the character can spot a human-sized target in daylight. Perception can be modified by lighting conditions, the size of the target, and the Stealth Value of the target.


Accuracy is dependent on the weapon type, but a character may have an accuracy modifier derived from armor or specific skills.


The Stealth Value of a character is determined by armor worn and Special Abilities. The Stealth Value modifies the perception of enemy characters for spotting checks.