Known Issues

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All of the items on this page have been reported by more than one player. The best way to report a bug is to press F12 (F10 on Steam) to use the reporting tool built into the game.

There is no timeframe for when these issues will be fixed, or even if they will be fixed. This list is only provided as a notice to players that they may encounter some issues.


Some achievements are not always being properly awarded:

  • Master Manufacturer (Manufacture an item of each type across all games)
  • All the Live Ones (Capture each type of Pandoran)
  • All Possibilities (Complete all different game endings)
  • Master Scientist (Complete all research projects)


  • The Synedrion Moonshot launch site takes much longer to finish construction than the game display indicates

Base Defense[edit]

  • When two missions happen at the same time, and one of them is a base defense, the base defense may automatically fail or automatically succeed instead of being able to fight both battles in succession
  • Some rooms in a base may not always have a walkable path to connect to the rest of the facility. Having a unit that can jump in your team can mitigate this.


  • All turrets are named Scorcher AT even though they have different images and stats