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In what may be the hottest year in history, scientists have recorded radical changes to the permafrost in Antarctica.

The Pandoravirus, a so-called giant virus with the largest genome size ever recorded.

The crabs also display increased aggression, even towards larger predators.

A striking new weather anomaly has claimed many coastlines around the world. NASA is examining these clouds to figure out.

We’ve detected large amounts of an organic composite. So far, the sample doesn’t match any of the DNA records we’ve compared it with.

We all saw it! Those creatures coming out of the sea on that oil rig!

The President has declared a national emergency to deal with the ongoing ecological crisis.

It’s obvious that what we’re dealing with here is a biological weapon. As of Today, WE ARE AT WAR!

It’s taking their minds! I saw them walk right into the sea. Thousands of people! Thousands!

The mist is gone, but the city is dead. The roads are broken. You must join one of the havens. Do not attempt to survive on your own.

1pp.png Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project was founded on October 24th, 1945. The second war to end all wars was over but there were those who understood that we could no longer afford to think in terms of nations and empires. For a time, the Phoenix Project successfully navigated the political conflicts of its era. That was our Golden Age. Phoenix Project operatives scoured the world for clues. We had bases in two dozen countries. Even the heavens were not off-limits. But out there, on the far side of the Moon, began our downfall. The failure of the Phoenix-2 mission exposed us to our enemies in the UN. Stripped of resources and scattered to the winds, we were reduced to a secret... a memory.

When the Pandoravirus woke up, we should have been the first line of defence. When huge clouds of mist appeared over the sea, when people started vanishing, we should have figured out what was going on. And when those people started coming back, changed, hostile, alien, we should have been ready to fight. But we failed.

The ecosystem started to change, imperceptibly at first, then faster and faster. Three factions arose: New Jericho, trying to restore order and purity; Synedrion, hoping to build a world without hierarchies; and the Disciples of Anu, a new, syncretic religion dedicated to adaptation and biological change. At war with the world and at odds with each other, these factions cannot find a way forward. Now the mist is returning, and armies are rising from the sea. Without the Phoenix Project, humanity will fall. It's time to rise from the ashes.