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Disciples of Anu start the game with the first four pieces of research already finished. Every finished research is available for the player when he reaches aligned status with the faction. The whole faction tech tree is available for Phoenix Project to research after reaching allied status.

In order to receive any shared research from a faction, you need to finish their research (Disciples of Anu research that is unlocked after you discover their first haven).

Each research has a priority and factions will always choose the highest priority research available. Researches are sorted from highest to lowest priority.

Each research center Haven zone generates 1 research point per hour. Disciples of Anu start with 7 Research centers. If the faction loses Havens with Research centers its research will be slowed down. Costs of research in research points for each research is in brackets.

Already researched

These four pieces of research are already finished at the start of the new game.

Disciples of Anu Equipment (200 research points)

Disciples of Anu Combat Training.jpg

The Disciples of Anu are taught from an early age that through skill, action, and devotion they can rise in society and become closer to the Exalted. Fighting the Pandorans is an essential part of that.

The Exalted teaches that while the Pandoravirus was sent by the Dead God, it is not to be worshipped. The Pandoran plague - sometimes referred to as a great flood - is a punishment for humanity's sins and an opportunity for self-improvement, and fighting the Pandorans is an essential part of humanity's path to a better future. That is why the Disciples of Anu have developed their own equipment to instill pride and faith among its warrior.

New items for manufacturing available: Disciples of Anu Assault Helmets.png Head, Body armors.png Body and Leg armors.png Legs Armor and 1harrower.png Disciples of Anu Shotgun (Iconoclast)

Tiamat development (200)

Tiamat development.jpg

The Tiamat merges mutated organic matter with technology to create a dirigible capable of transporting a squad over great distances, although its speed is reduced by its sheer size.

While appearing to be a piece of technology, the Anu dirigible is part machine and part living organism. Based on the design of a pre-plague airship, the Disciples of Anu have enhanced their version, making it more durable and efficient.

The ship can sustain heavy damage while transporting a squad of [9] soldiers to any desired location. Speed and maneuverability are considerably lacking, though the craft makes up for it with its storage capacity and range.

New items for manufacturing available: Disciples of Anu aircraft (Tiamat)

Anu Religion (200)

Anu Religion.jpg

The Disciples of Anu are a syncretic religion dedicated to the pursuit of biological perfection. Strongly hierarchical, they are led by a being known as the Exalted. The Exalted teaches that the source of human suffering is that perfect human souls are trapped in imperfect human bodies: humanity is insufficiently evolved, and the flaws inherent in our current biology are the cause of the terrible things our history is so full of. The Pandoravirus is both a form of divine punishment and an opportunity for the faithful to biologically improve themselves. These principles are set down in the Gospel of the Exalted, which also foretells the coming Liturgy of the Divine Flesh, an eschatological event that the Disciples must prepare for. It is important to note that the Disciples do not worship the Pandorans or the Pandoravirus, but see them as obstacles to be overcome on the road to biological perfection.

Rewards: Tech.png TECH +200, Food.png FOOD +400

Berserker Class (200)

Berserker Class.jpg

The Berserker class of soldiers was designed by the Anu leadership to be a "living weapon." According to the teachings of the Exalted, the Berserkers represent another step towards the perfection of the human body; their enhanced combat abilities and greater tolerance for radical mutation are a manifestation of the soul of the warrior embodied in each of them. "That which is best within them," a new pamphlet claims, "the desire to fight and sacrifice for the greater good, has now been given biological expression." In keeping with Anu methods, the rhetoric disguises significant advances in biotechnology and careful strategic planning. The Berserker soldier class was developed to counteract certain weaknesses in the Anu military, as perceived by Taxiarch Nergal and the Blind Legate, but the technologies and training protocols involved will prove just as useful to the Phoenix Project.

Bonus effects: Berserker training.png Berserker soldier class now available, New items for manufacturing available: Berserker armor, Disciples of Anu Warhammer (Marduk's Fist), and Disciples of Anu Hand Cannon (Nergal's Wrath)


Mutation Technology (600)

Mutation Technology.jpg

Mutation technology can be employed to extend the physical capabilities of soldiers.

This technology represents a first step towards mastering the mutation mechanics of the Pandoravirus. Test subjects have been injected with modified strains of the infection under carefully-controlled conditions, and with the addition of a chemical cocktail intended to keep the virus from asserting control over the subject. The process is still experimental and there may be some side effects, but the potential benefits to our soldiers are worth the risk.

Bonus effects: Mutation lab facility available for construction

New items for manufacturing available: Mutations - Armored Head, Stomper Legs, and Regeneration Torso

Advanced Melee weapons (600)

Advanced Disciples of Anu Combat Training.jpg

Developing new melee weapons would enhance the Berserker's effectiveness.

Through experimentation with different melee weapons and offensive and defensive techniques adapted from a variety of existing close quarters combat styles, a new melee combat training regime has been developed.

New items for manufacturing available: Disciples of Anu Blade (Dagon's Tooth) and Disciples of Anu Mace (Scion of Sharur))

Anu Priest Class (1000)

Anu Priest Class.jpg

Despite appearances, the Anu Priest is a formidable class of soldiers backed by powerful technologies. The Anu Priest, technically called the Hiereus of the Prophet of the Dead God, is supposed to be an extension of the will of the Exalted, guiding, and protecting the people in her name. To this end, they have been granted sacred forms of mutation, and various holy powers, such as the ability to control the minds of the weak and to manipulate the mist.

However, underneath the religious terminology lies an ingenious combination of advanced tech and specialized training put together by the Exalted and her closest advisor, Taxiarch Nergal. We now have a complete understanding of the methods involved in training this class of soldier and can apply them as necessary.

Bonus effects: Priest soldier class now available, New items for manufacturing available: Priest armor, Mutations - Synod Head, Judgement Head, and Screaming Head. Disciples of Anu Virus Rifle (Redeemer)

Fungal Food Production (700)

Fungal Food Production.jpg

The Anu method of producing food via the fungal fields known as the Fields of Transubstantiation could be improved and expanded.

A new breed of crops has been developed based on a highly-modified version of the fungi used in the traditional Anu method of "transubstantiating" the bodies of the dead in the Fields of Transubstantiation. Capable of thriving in nearly any conditions, the new fungal crops are capable of producing virus-free nutrition in large quantities. The fungi will also prove useful in improving our own food output.

Bonus effects: The Food Production facility is available for construction in Phoenix bases

Advanced Mutation Technology (1000)

Mutation Technology 2.jpg

Advances in mutation technology will further expand human capabilities.

Multiple new mutations have been developed, allowing humans to become faster, more agile, and have the power to stun enemies in battle.

These new procedures are now available at the mutation laboratory.

New items for manufacturing available: Mutations - Perceptor head, Shadow legs, and Tentacle Torso

Mutog War Beast (2000)

Mutog War Beast.jpg

Mutation tech can be applied to animal forms to create a formidable war beast.

The Mutog is a fierce creature that combines the abilities and characteristics of multiple animals. It is able to leap huge distances, destroy walls, and even regenerate body parts.

The mutation and cloning process for Mutogs is extremely sophisticated and requires a generous supply of mutagens. Nonetheless, they can be "manufactured" like any other war machine.

New items for manufacturing available: All Mutogs types

Acid Weapons Technology (1200)

Acid Weapons Technology.jpg

The acid produced by some of the Pandoran organisms can be used to develop weapons capable of burning through enemy armor.

This technology integrates the corrosive fluid produced by Acidworms into grenades and small-caliber rounds.

Although the process is entirely safe, a certain degree of caution in their use is nevertheless advised.

New items for manufacturing available: Disciples of Anu Acid Handgun (Sanctifier) and Acid grenade (Imhullu Grenade)

Advanced Viral Weapons (1600)

Advanced Viral Weapons.jpg

The development of more powerful and accurate viral weapons is essential to defeating the Pandorans on their own turf.

The Subjugator is a new high-velocity rifle employing a more evolved version of the Anu combat virus, capable of easily infecting enemies at a distance.

This powerful weapon is a step forward in viral warfare.

New items for manufacturing available: Disciples of Anu Virus Sniper rifle (Subjugator)

Shredding Technology development (2000)

Shredding Technology development.jpg

A weapon with armor-shredding abilities can be derived from our acid technology.

This armor-shredding technology works almost like an acid, dissolving layers of armor, but is actually based on microbially-induced corrosion. This effect is achieved by a cocktail of chemotrophic bacteria is included in each bullet, which are released upon impact. This technology will be deployed in our most formidable assault weapon.

New items for manufacturing available: Disciples of Anu Shredding Shotgun (Harrower)

Ultimate Mutation Technology (1100)

Mutation Technology 3.jpg

Another leap forward in mutation technology will allow the use of biological weapons and defenses.

Thanks to a breakthrough in genetic science, it is now possible to create biological weapons infused into an individual's physiology. Test subjects have demonstrated an ability to transform their own flesh into weapons and defenses, reducing the need for armor and ammunition. These new procedures are now available at the mutation laboratory.

New items for manufacturing available: Mutations - Resistor Head, Agile legs and Venom torso

Advanced Tiamat Development (800)

Advanced Tiamat Development.jpg

The Tiamat dirigible has a number of design flaws in its DNA. Eliminating them would make it faster and more maneuverable.

The Tiamat dirigible has undergone extensive mutation, eliminating most of the design flaws in the previous iteration.

Its range has been increased significantly.

Bonus effects: Anu Tiamat range has been increased by 25%

Missionary Center Technology (1100)

Missionary Center Technology.jpg

The purpose of Missionary Centers is to use psychotropic substances to aid the conversion process. Anu Missionary Centers employ a unique variety of psilocybin, distributed in aerosol form by a sophisticated apparatus, to induce what the Exalted describes as " a breaking of the shackles of the human mind." She claims that this allows people to better perceive the truth of the Dead God, and to convert based on experience rather than blind faith. Critics call it an attempt at brainwashing. Once Missionary Centers are constructed in Disciples of Anu havens, their influence range will be extended, and they will attract converts from other faction havens within their influence. This will greatly antagonize other factions, but it could significantly advance the cult’s objectives. As for the Phoenix Project, we could apply this technology to our recruitment process. It's an unorthodox approach, but the experience engendered by the drug does seem to allow some individuals to step outside their usual dogmatic beliefs and embrace a more humanist perspective.

Bonus effect: Recruitment costs are reduced by 25%

Stimulation Pack Technology (1200)

Stimulation Pack Technology.jpg

A mix of stimulants that will temporarily increase a soldier's effectiveness in battle.

This stimulant pack, based on the mix of substances used during certain rituals by the Disciples of Anu, is capable of bringing a soldier into a state of frenzy, temporarily increasing their resolve

New item for manufacturing available: Stimpack

Critical research

Factions share their critical research with Phoenix Project only if diplomacy status is allied

Temple of Eanna (3500)

Temple of Eanna.jpg

The Exalted has requested the construction of a new temple, designed to prepare her for the arrival of the Dead God, and for the act of transformation, she calls the Liturgy of the Divine Flesh. Once this has been achieved, she will share her secrets with us.

Eanna, the House of the Heavens, will allow the Exalted to prepare for the coming of Anu, the Dead God - what we have been calling the Yuggothian Entity.

Despite its religious appearance, the blueprints for the temple suggest it is in fact a machine, capable of receiving transmissions from Yuggoth and converting them into usable data.

This suggests the Exalted's plan may be more complex than we originally anticipated, although we still don't know how exactly she is planning on using the data she is collecting.

Effect: Disciples of Anu start building Temple of the Exalted in one of its Havens. Defend the Haven. When the Temple is built player receives The Schism mission.

Liturgy of the Divine Flesh (4000)

Liturgy of the Divine Flesh.jpg

Prerequisities: The Schism mission is finished, Pandorakey research (in order to unlock this research you need to research Pandoran Telepathic nodule research and Pandoravirus research) is finished by Phoenix Project.

All the elements are in place to complete the Exalted's long con and trick the Yuggothian Entity into surrendering its power. The only thing right to do is formulate a plan of attack.

For years, the Exalted has preached that one day a great ritual would change the world forever. She called it the Liturgy of the Divine Flesh, and the Yuggothian Entity believed that she was prophesying its coming to Earth. But the clone body created by the Pandorans is not just a vessel for the Entity - it's also a weak point that the Exalted can exploit to stop the Entity from controlling its minions.

To achieve this, the Exalted must merge with the Yuggothian Receptacle. Our job is to get her there and to have faith that the Entity will not overpower her mind.

Effect: Final mission (Hack The Planet) for Disciples of Anu is unlocked