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Capacity means how many soldiers can be carried (1 vehicle is equal to 3 soldiers). Speed is in kilometers per hour. Geoscape distances are the same as on the Earth. Range means how far between two POIs aka sites can aircraft travel. Durability is in Hit Points.

Tiamat.png Tiamat has the highest capacity and range (range can be increased further with Advanced Tiamat Development research) but lowest speed. Helios.png Helios has the highest speed but smallest capacity. Thunderbird.png Thunderbird has the highest durability.

Aircrafts can be repaired in Vehicle Bay facility. Manufacturing Aircraft can be fastened up by building more Fabrication plants. You can also steal aircraft from Factions. Why should you steal Helios. Steal aircraft mission type explained here.

Name Description Research needed Capacity Speed Range Durability Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials Time in hours with one Fabrication Plant
Tiamat.png Tiamat Disciples of Anu Aircraft Anu.png

Tiamat development

8 250 4000 150 68 1215 9days 12hours
Thunderbird.png Thunderbird New Jericho Aircraft NJ.png

New Jericho Aircraft Technology

7 380 3000 200 188 1500 13 days 3 hours
Manticore.png Manticore Phoenix Air Vehicle 6 500 2500 100 150 1200 10 days 13 hours
Helios.png Helios Synedrion Aircraft Synedrion.png

Synedrion Aircraft Technology

5 650 3500 80 248 1155 11 days 14 hours