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All vehicles have 30 Perception, 0% Stealth, and take 3 slots in the aircraft. Capacity means how many soldiers can be carried inside the vehicle. Vehicles cannot be reloaded during a tactical mission. Vehicles can be repaired in Vehicle Bay facility.

You can access the inventory of a vehicle by opening the inventory of an operative inside it. This is very useful on scavenging ops and raids, as vehicles have unlimited inventory and carrying capacity.

It doesn't cost any Action Points to enter a vehicle, but it costs 2 Action Points to exit it. This is enough for the operative to get out, attack an enemy, and get back into the vehicle.

Anu.png Disciples of Anu do not have vehicles. They have Mutogsicon.png Mutogs instead.

Name Description Research needed Capacity Speed Hit Points Armor Gun Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials Time in hours with one Fabrication Plant
Armadillocrop.png Armadillo New Jericho Armadillo Ground Vehicle NJ.png

Armadillo development

4 28 1250 31 Gemini.png Hailstorm GT 75 600 5d 8h
Aspida.png Aspida Synedrion Ground Support Vehicle Synedrion.png

Synedrion Aspida development

1 32 700 20 Aspidagun.png Tech Arm 135 630 6d 9h
Scarab.png PX Scarab Phoenix Armored FIghting Vehicle 4 24 900 31 Gemini.png Gemini V 60 480 4d 7h

Vehicle guns
Name Description Damage Special Burst Effective range Blast Radius Action Points Ammo capacity Hit Points Armor Weight Ability
Gemini.png Hailstorm GT New Jericho Armadillo Gauss Turret 40 Shred 5 8 13 2 64 180 20 5
Aspidagun.png Tech Arm Synedrion Aspida Tech Arm 10 Piercing 50 Paralysis 20 2 1 2 12 200 each arm 0 5 Full restore - Fully heal and repair target
Gemini.png Gemini V Phoenix Scarab Missile Turret 80 Shred 20 2 40 3.5 3 8 180 20 5