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All characters have six main attributes that determine their performance in combat. Based on their characteristics, attributes are divided into core (that can be modified through Training) and Supportive.

Core Attributes

Core attributes are linked to the character and can be increased by spending Skill Points from the Training section (in the PERSONNEL tab). Equipment and armor can occasionally further modify core attributes.


The general strength of a unit. Determines Hit Points, encumbrance limit, throwing distance, and bash damage


The maximum distance the character can move in one turn, using all Action Points.


The character's mental focus and ability to perform advanced actions. Determines the amount of Will Points the character starts a battle with, and the maximum that can be restored through the Recover ability.

Support Attributes

Support abilities cannot be increased through Training, but are affected by armor and equipment worn by the unit. Additionally, certain skills and status effects could also modify them on a permanent or temporary basis.


The distance, in tiles, that the character can spot a human-sized target in daylight. Perception can be modified by lighting conditions, the size of the target, and the stealth value of the target.


Accuracy is dependent on the weapon type, but a character may have an accuracy modifier derived from armor or specific skills.


The stealth factor of a character is determined by armor worn and special abilities. The stealth factor modifies the perception of enemy characters for spotting checks.


Other than the 1pp.png Phoenix Project, three main factions remain in the world: Anu.png Disciples of Anu, NJ.png New Jericho, and Synedrion.png Synedrion.

Each of them exerts substantial control over the majority of Havens that remain in the world. You can become allied with all factions at the same time.

In the course of the game, each faction will offer a series of Diplomacy missions. Completing these missions will allow you to improve relations with them.

Important diplomacy missions are given at the highest point of the relationship levels Friendly (24), Supportive (49), and Aligned (74).

Diplomacy missions (aka walkthrough) for each faction: Disciples of Anu missions, New Jericho missions and Synedrion missions.

Relationship levels

Allied (attitude from 75 to 100)

Faction is now allied with the Phoenix Project and will co-operate on finding a solution to the Pandoran threat. Phoenix may now actively participate in faction research projects.

Research trees for each faction: Disciples of Anu Research, New Jericho Research and Synedrion Research

After reaching attitude 100% you are rewarded:

Anu.png Disciples of Anu: Tech.png TECH +200, Materials.png MATERIALS +700, Food.png FOOD +900.

NJ.png New Jericho: Tech.png TECH +400, Materials.png MATERIALS +800, Food.png FOOD +300.

Synedrion.png Synedrion: Tech.png TECH +300, Materials.png MATERIALS +400, Food.png FOOD +800.

Aligned (attitude from 50 to 74)

Faction is now aligned with the goals and values of the Phoenix Project. All completed faction research is now shared with Phoenix and can be accessed from the Research List.

Faction research: Disciples of Anu Research, New Jericho Research and Synedrion Research

Supportive (attitude from 25 to 49)

Faction is supportive of the Phoenix Project. Locations of Faction Havens have been added to the Geoscape. Defend them to earn a reputation. Failure to defend a Haven under attack will lose some support (3% on veteran).

Friendly (attitude from 1 to 24)

Standard relations.

Unfriendly (attitude from -25 to 0)

Cannot trade or recruit from Haven leaders with such an attitude.

Hostile (attitude from -49 to -25)

No special effect.

Aggressive (attitude from -74 to -50)

No special effect.

At War (attitude from -100 to -75)

The faction will attempt to attack your bases. Relations cannot improve from this point.

Damage types

Acid.png Acid Damage

A weapon with Acid Damage will add the damage value to the acid level of the hit body part. Acid can accumulate on body parts if they are hit multiple times with acid damage.

At the start of a character's turn, the acid will eat away at the body part. First, the body part's armor is affected and reduced by 10. If there is no armor left on the body part then 10 damage is applied to Body Part Hit Points and to General Hit Points.

After all acid damage is resolved, the acid value on each body part will reduce by 10.

1blast.png Blast Damage

Explosive munitions with blast damage apply their damage value to each body part caught within the explosive radius of the blast. The highest damage suffered by any individual body part is then applied to the general Hit Points of the target.

Explosives can be particularly devastating due to the fact they can damage multiple body parts in one attack. Explosives will normally have some shredding effect, reducing the armor value of every body part hit by the blast.

Disabled.png EMP Damage

Explanation from user Architectus on Snapshot forums (

When EMP grenades are used on the Pure cyborgs, New Jericho cyborgs, Synedrion cyborgs, your own cyborgs, Technician turrets or vehicles, the EMP field damages all exposed bionic limbs, turrets and vehicle parts up to the EMP rating of the grenade minus armor, and disables their use for one turn. The Zeus EMP grenade has an EMP rating of 60, so against say a bionic limb like an NJ propeller leg with armour 20, the EMP grenade will do 40 damage to that body part. EMP effected bionic limbs, turrets and vehicle parts will also be disabled for one turn, removing all attacks, abilities and stat bonuses associated with them for one turn as if they were temporarily crippled. Disabling bionic torsos and heads on enemies can cause them to lose will points as well.

However, if you are fighting Pure that already have shields up and you throw an EMP grenade at them, the shields will still be active, but it can still disable their Juggernaut arms and torsos. So if they retract their shields at the beginning of their next turn, they won’t be able to activate their shields again for one turn, or shoot back for one turn.

If you throw an EMP grenade at a cyborg and disable just one of it’s bionic arms, it will prevent that cyborg from using two-handed weapons in its next turn. If you throw an EMP grenade at a cyborg and manage to disable both its left and right bionic arms, it will also prevent that cyborg from using one-handed weapons and equipment as well, such as pistols, hand grenades, medkits or repair kits.

If you throw an EMP grenade at a vulnerable enemy, you can click on them afterwards and select that enemy’s Info page to see which bionic limbs and parts the EMP grenade has disabled, they will have stop signs displayed on them.

Fully organic units are not effected by EMP grenades at all.

Throwing multiple EMP grenades at a vulnerable single target within the same turn does not seem to cause the disabling effect to last longer than one turn, but throw enough EMP grenades at a vulnerable target and it can still do enough damage to permanently cripple its bionic limbs or parts, or eliminate the target.

So, overall, EMP grenades are best used to temporarily disable enemy vehicle turrets, technician turrets and the left and right bionic arms of cyborgs, so they can’t shoot at you in their next turn.

Fire.png Fire Damage

A weapon with Fire Damage will add 40 fire damage value to the target. At the start of the victim's turn, the fire damage value is applied to each body part, minus the armor value. Then the fire damage value will reduce by 10.

Fire damage value cannot go above 40, even with multiple strikes.

A character standing in a tile that is on fire will suffer the fire damage value of the tile. This will be between 10 and 40.

1paralysis.png Paralyze Damage

If a weapon inflicts at least some Standard Damage, then the Paralyze Damage value of the weapon is added to the target's paralysis value. Paralysis value can accumulate in a target from multiple attacks.

The target will lose Action Points based on the proportion of paralysis to the character's strength. For example, if the character has a paralysis value of 10 and a strength of 20, it will lose half its Action Points, leaving 2 APs per turn. If the paralysis value exceeds the victim's Strength, then it will be completely paralyzed and unable to do anything.

Paralyze value decreases by 1 per turn, and victims will slowly recover their Action Points.

You will need to paralyze Pandorans in order to capture them for live research.

1piercing.png Pierce value

A weapon with a pierce value will ignore armor up to the pierce value before applying standard damage. For example, a gun with damage 50 against a target with armor 30 would normally do 20 damage.

If it had pierce value of 20 then the armor's effectiveness would be reduced to 10, and the target would suffer 40 damage. Pierce has no effect against targets with no armor value.

Poison.png Poison Damage

If a weapon inflicts at least some Standard Damage, then the Poison Damage value of the weapon is added to the target's current poison level.

Poison can accumulate from multiple attacks. At the start of the affected character's turn, its poison value is subtracted from General Hit Points.

Then the poison level reduces by 10. Over multiple turns, the poison level will fall to zero, but the victim may die if Hit Points reaches zero first.

Medkits will remove all poison from a character that is healed.

Psychic scream.png Psychic Damage

A psychic damage attack is usually an area effect attack that directly reduces the Will Points of targets according to the Psychic Damage value. This can cause characters to panic.

1shock.png Shock Damage

Weapons that inflict shock damage can cause a target to become Dazed. The armor of the hit body part is subtracted from the Shock Damage value, and if this is higher than the target's current General Hit Points, then the target is Dazed.

Dazed characters will have 1 AP for their next turn, and their accuracy will be halved. They will lose their Dazed status at the end of their turn. Dazed status does not stack, so Shock Damage on an already Dazed character has no further effect.

1shred.png Shred Damage

A weapon with Shred Damage will deduct the Shred value from the hit body part's armor. Shred Damage is applied for each projectile that hits.

Blast weapons with Shred Damage will shred every body part affected by the blast. Shred Damage has no effect on body parts without armor.

Dazed.png Sonic Damage

Dazes the target if the target's Will Points are less than the amount of Sonic damage.

Standarddmg.png Standard Damage

When an individual round or weapon strike hits a target it applies a damage value.

The armor value of the body part hit is subtracted from the damage value. The resultant damage is then applied to both the Body Part Hit Points and the character's General Hit Points.

If the General Hit Points are reduced to zero, the target dies. If the Body Part Hit Points are reduced to zero, the body part is disabled and any Strength, Speed, Willpower or abilities given by that body part are lost.

Additionally, a bleed value may be applied to the character base on the body part's bleed value.

Special damage values - from poison, virus, paralysis - are only applied to the target if at least some standard damage is inflicted.

Virophage Damage

Damages exclusively lifeforms that carry traces of the Pandoravirus. This includes anyone who undergone controlled mutation, such as the Disciples of Anu.

1virus.png Virus Damage

If a weapon inflicts at least some Standard Damage, then the VIrus Damage value of the weapon is added to the target's virus value.

Virus damage can accumulate from multiple attacks. At the start of the affected character's turn, its virus value is subtracted from Will Points. Then the virus level reduces by 1.

Over multiple turns, the virus level will fall to zero, but the victim will panic if his Will Points fall to zero.

Standard Medkits have no effect on Virus damage.

Status effects

Status effects can apply to the entire character or only to a specific body part.

While the status effects of a unit can be seen on the health indicator above the character's head, body part statuses are only visible from the Character Info screen.

The only exception is when the body part is wounded or disabled, then it is indicated on the damage display to the left of the health indicator.

Acid.png ACID

Acid corrodes 10 armor per turn. If there is no armor, then the damage is applied to the body part. Acid value reduces by 10 per turn.

Adrenalinerushstatus.png ADRENALINE RUSH

All abilities cost a maximum of 1 Action Point until the end of the turn with 50% accuracy penalty, but you cannot do anything that costs Will Points.

Alerted.png ALERTED

(Enemy only). The enemy is aware of your presence.


(Mutog only) Mutog becomes wild, attacking friend or foe.

Bleeding.png BLEEDING

Each turn, lose Hit Points equal to bleed value.

Boomblaststatus.png BOOM BLAST

The action point cost of grenades and other explosive weapons is reduced by 1 and their range is increased by 50% till the end of the turn.

Burning.png BURNING

Fire damage is applied to each body part at the start of the turn, subtracting armor.


AttackS from enemies within 10 tiles deal 25% less damage.

Dazed.png DAZED

Action Points reduced to 1 and accuracy halved. Dazed characters will have 1 AP for their next turn, and their accuracy will be halved. They will lose their Dazed status at the end of their turn. Dazed status does not stack.

Disabled.png DISABLED

Body part disabled.

Disoriented.png DISORIENTED

Cannot use Will Point abilities for 1 turn.


All allies gain 20 temporary armor for 1 turn.

Enraged.png ENRAGED

(Mutog only) Damage dealt and speed is increased by 50%. There's a 10% chance the Mutog will go Berserk at the start of each turn.

Exhausted.png EXHAUSTED

(caused by entering a battle with 0 Stamina) -2 Action Point each turn.

Frenzied.png FRENZIED

Speed increased by 50% and immune to panic.

Gooed.png GOOED

Unable to move until Goo decays or is removed.


At the start of the turn, the virus amount is subtracted from Will Points, then the virus value is reduced by 1.

Markvoid.png MARK OF THE VOID

Apply a mark on an enemy, which damages it, and enemies within 5 tiles, at the start of each turn.


Mark an enemy target. Until the end of the turn, all damage to that target is increased by 50%.

Mass hatch status.png MASS HATCH

Hatching Sentinel is activating worms and mindfraggers inside eggs in its AOE.

Marksmaned.png MASTER MARKSMAN

Accuracy with a proficient weapon is increased by 30% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles.

Overwatched.png OVERWATCH

Enemies entering the overwatch cone will trigger an attack.

Panicked.png PANICKED

Unable to move for a turn, while recovering Will Points.

Paralysis.png PARALYSIS

Action Points are reduced by the proportion of paralysis value to Strength.

Paralyzed.png PARALYZED

Cannot move or perform any actions.

Poisoned.png POISONED

At the start of the turn, poison is subtracted from Hit Points, then poison value is reduced by 10.

Preparing.png PREPARING

(Pandoran Sentinel and Egg only) Preparing to activate the special ability on the next turn.

Psychicward.png PSYCHIC WARD

Allies within 10 tiles are immune to panic and psychic damage attacks.

Remote control.png REMOTE CONTROL

Use 1AP and 3WPs to take control of a turret, spider drone or vehicle weapon and shoot at a target.

Sneakattack.png SNEAK ATTACK

Damage dealt while not spotted increased by 100%.

Stability stance.png STABILITY STANCE

Chiron is launching 5 salves instead of 3

Stealthstatus.png STEALTH

Base line Stealth factor is 25% as long as the character isn't revealed

Tired.png TIRED

(caused by entering a battle with low Stamina, between 1 and 10) -1 Action Point each turn.


Restore Hit Points to arms and torso at the end of each turn.

Warcrystatus.png WAR CRY

All enemies within 10 tiles have their action points reduced to 2 for the next turn.

Weak spot.png WEAK SPOT

Disabling a body part also removes that body part's armor