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Achievements can be obtained when playing with mods.

Steam Workshop

Getting Mods

Pick Play Phoenix Point with mods when launching from Steam library
(Optional) -mods launch option

If you have the game on Steam the easiest way to get mods is via Steam Workshop.

Steam Workshop page for Phoenix Point:

You can get there also from your Steam Library. Or directly from the game.

When you launch the game pick Play Phoenix Point with mods. In the main menu you will have Mods. From there you can enable / disable mods and change their settings.

Mod settings lets you change settings for the mods. Get more mods will take you to the Steam Workshop page where you can get more mods.

To get mods you need to open the mod page and click on subscribe. Newly subscribed mods will appear after you restart the game.

If for some reason you cannot see Mods in the main in-game menu or Steam does not ask you whether you want to play with or without mods when launching the game you can force the game to start with mods like this: Right click Phoenix Point in your Steam library and go to Properties. Write -mods into Launch Options field.

Steam Workshop and Modnix does not seem to work together. If you do not have Mods option in the main in-game menu it might be because you also have Modnix.

Managing Mods

Mods menu in-game

You can manage mods from Mods submenu in-game. You can enable or disable mods from this menu by adding or removing the checkmark.

Mod settings will give you options to customize every check marked mod.

Once you are done setting up your mods click on X at the top right. Your current setting will be saved.

If you want to remove some mods completely go to the Steam Workshop page and unsubscribe them.

Mods should update automatically but if you want to make sure they are updated you can unsubscribe and then subscribe them again.

This is also useful for getting back to default values in mod settings. Keep in mind that you need to restart the game as well. So you have mod X and want to revert it to default. Unsubscribe the mod - launch the game - quit the game - subscribe the mod - launch the game.


Mods can be used on PC outside of Steam but it is less convenient. Mods cannot be used on consoles.

There are mods on Nexus Mods that usually require Modnix ( to run.

There is also PP Mod Enabler that allows you to play Steam Workshop mods outside of Steam.

Modnix and PP Mod Enabler are not compatible with each other so you can use only one of them.

PP Mod Enabler

PP root folder with PP Mod Enabler (Epic version)
Mods folder
Custom Campaign folder
TFTV folder

PP mod Enabler allows you to play mods from Steam Workshop outside of Steam.

You need to extract PP Mod Enabler into the root directory of your Phoenix Point installation. This will create mods folder. Then you need to extract the mods you want to install into this mod folder.

If you have done all of this correctly then you will have Mods in the main in-game menu just like on Steam and you can manage your mods from there just like on Steam.

PP mod Enabler:

Here is tutorial on how to install Custom Campaign:

Step 1 from that tutorial needs to be done just once. Step 2 needs to be done for every mod you want to have.

From here you can download TFTV mod for non Steam users:

Nexus Mods

Nexus Mods can be found here:

You will have to create an account (creating account is free) before you can download anything.

Installation is different for each mod and is usually described in the mod description or in the files section.

Some of the mods were created for older versions of the game and might not work properly anymore.

You can see when was the mod last time updated on the mod page. You should check comments about the mod in the posts section as it can give you an idea if the mod still works properly.


Phoenix Point Steam Workshop Tool guide:

New Mod example:

Custom Campaign Git hub page:

Demo project for creating mod loaders:

Phoenix Point official Discord:

Phoenix Rising mod team Discord:

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AssetStudio to browse the game assets (no extraction necessary):

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