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DLC 5 Kaos Engines does not have any trigger and is accessible since the beginning. Kaos Engines DLC starts once you find Kaos Syndicate which is one of the exploration sites close to your starting base.

This DLC adds: 4 missions, Kaos Marketplace (where you can buy Kaos Weapons, vehicle upgrades and random faction research), One vehicle (Kaos Buggy), 2 weapons, 2 hulls and 2 engines for all 4 existing vehicles (24 vehicle upgrades in total) and 5 Kaos Weapons.



Find Kaos Syndicate

Kaos Syndicate

One of the Exploration sites close to your starting base is Kaos Syndicate. It looks like normal exploration site but once explored it gets special icon and cinematics 1 are played.


So, you are the Phoenix Project, eh? I’ve heard a lot about you. Who am I? Well, The Maker, of course. I run things around here. Welcome to The Marketplace! Here and only here, you will find some very special hardware.

I design, build, and test every piece of equipment here with my own two hands, you see. I will be honest, they tend to explode every now and again, these toys of mine.

They do make some pretty fireballs, though. Both when they work and when they suddenly stop working.


Objective example

How to get missions

Enter the marketplace (it is accessible from Kaos Syndicate POI) and click accept mission in the bottom right. It adds mission to your Geoscape.

Active mission can be located either from the marketplace of from Geoscape objectives tracker.

When one mission is finished another mission becomes available from the marketplace. There are 4 missions in total.

Missions gameplay

There is some vehicle on the map but it cannot be entered or controlled initially. You need to activate some objective first. To do it move your operative to the blue symbol and activate the objective (activating does not have any costs).

Objective is different for every mission and looks different (find the Scarab access codes, release the Armadillo engine locks, remotely boot the Aspida AI and get the keys to the Kaos Buggy) but functionality and markers are the same.

Objective is visible from round 1 and is marked with blue and white symbol (see picture).

Once objective is activated the vehicle can be acquired by moving your operative next to it. Missions have enemy reinforcements. After recovering the vehicle you need to evacuate all operatives.

Finishing the mission does not give you the vehicle. Vehicle is given to the Maker.

Secure the Scarab

Mission briefing: Preliminary scouting of the area confirmed that the Scarab is there. However, it seems to be inactive. We must deploy our troops and find a way to get it running before extraction.

Enemies in this mission are Pandorans. You need to find the Scarab access codes.

After mission: Good job, Phoenix! I will be taking that Scarab if you don’t mind. What will I do with it? Improve it, of course! It is so dull and boring right now! It needs a bit more flair. Next time you’re at the Marketplace, keep your eyes open for the improvements.

Secure the Armadillo

Mission briefing: Kaos intel says that the Armadillo's engine locks are engaged. We must find a way to override them or it is not going anywhere.

Enemies in this mission are Pandorans and New Jericho. They also fight each other. You need to release the Armadillo engine locks.

After mission: Tobias West sure knows how to make death machines. And once I break this apart, we will know too! Oh, am I going to have fun with this! I will probably have some pretty interesting tech ready next time you visit.

Secure the Aspida

Mission briefing: The Aspida on the ground seems to be stuck in some kind of a software loop. Presumably, this is why it was abandoned. If we manage to reboot it successfully, it should be in good enough shape to reach the extraction point.

Enemies in this mission are Pandorans. You need to remotely boot the Aspida AI.

After mission: I have a problem with the Aspida… it is too pacifistic. All this “knock out and heal” business is definitely not in my style. Once I am done with this little thing, it will be much more entertaining to operate. I am definitely thinking lasers would fit it better. Well, off to work, then!

Secure the Kaos Buggy

Mission briefing: The Maker said that this is the location of his lost Kaos Buggy. He also warned us that it is crawling with Pandorans. We should try and extract it as quickly and quietly as possible.

Enemies in this mission are Pandorans. You need to get the keys to the Kaos Buggy.

After mission: Yes! Finally, my baby returns to me. Thanks for bringing her home, Phoenix. I have planned many improvements for her. Oh, yes. She will be a devastating machine yet! Go away now and let me work. There might be some new toys to play with next time you come around.

When you return to marketplace cinematics 2 are played:

Well, well, well… who knew that doing business with you would be that lucrative, eh? You have seriously impressed me, Phoenix Project. Doing so much in such little time.

So, tell you what. I will talk to the guys at the Marketplace. We will arrange some special discounts, just for you, as a little thank you present for your hard work. So, feel free to look around. I’m sure you will find something of interest.


Accessible from Kaos Syndicate POI. Marketplace offers change every day at 00:00. After finishing mission offers are refreshed immediately. After finishing mission offers will not refresh on the next midnight but one midnight later.

Number of offers

The more missions from Kaos Syndicate are finished the more offers will be on the marketplace.

0 missions finished: 4-5 offers

1 mission finished: 6-8 offers

2 missions finished: 9-12 offers

3 missions finished: 12-15 offers

4 missions finished: 16-20 offers

Price multiplication

The more missions are finished the cheaper the prices are. Each item sold on the marketplace has base price range (this base price range is showed in one of the tables below).

If you finished all 4 missions then base price range is an actual price range of offers.

If you finished less than 4 missions then the base price is multiplied 2 to 10 times.

Exact values are:

0 missions finished: prices are multiplied by 10

1 mission finished: prices are multiplied by 7

2 missions finished: prices are multiplied by 5

3 missions finished: prices are multiplied by 2

4 missions finished: prices are not multiplied (they are multiplied by 1)


Each item has given price range. Every item can be offered more than once at the same time for different price (but only inside its price range).

Prices are multiplied based on how many missions did you finish. All the prices are in Materials materials

Name min price max price
Base prices (in materials) on Kaos Marketplace
Available immediately
Kaos Buggy 350 550
Subjector (Sniper Rifle) 125 225
Obliterator (Assault Rifle) 75 150
Tormentor (Handgun) 50 125
Redemptor (Shotgun) 100 220
Devastator (Heavy Autocannon) 110 200
Available after mission 1 (Secure the Scarab)
Taurus II 150 250
Scorpio VII 250 450
Reinforced Cargo Racks 150 250
Carbon Fiber Plating 250 450
Advanced Engine Mapping Module 200 350
Reinforced Caterpillar Tracks 300 500
Faction Research 700 1300
Available after mission 2 (Secure the Armadillo)
Mephistopheles FT 220 400
Purgatory GL 300 500
Reinforced Plating 200 400
Lightweight Alloy Plating 250 450
Armadillo Supercharger Technology 250 400
Bi-Turbo Engine Upgrade 350 550
Available after mission 3 (Secure the Aspida)
Apollo LT 250 500
Themis NT 350 600
Improved Chassis 200 400
Psychic Jammer 350 600
Hybrid Engine Technology 200 400
Experimental Thrusters Technology 350 600
Available after mission 4 (Secure the Kaos Buggy)
The Screamer 400 650
The Fullstop 500 750
Revised Armor Plating 200 450
Spiked Armor Plating 400 650
Experimental Exhaust System 300 700
Jet Boosters 400 750

Vehicle Equipment



Picture Name Description Damage Shred Burst Effective range Special AP Ammo capacity Weight
Gemini 5.jpg Gemini V Phoenix Scarab Missile Turret Blast 80 20 2 40 Blast Radius 3.5 3 8 7
Taurus2.jpg Taurus II Phoenix Scarab Heavy Turret 350 30 single shot 17 Shock 350 3 4 7
Scorpio7.jpg Scorpio VII Phoenix Scarab Missile Turret Blast 120 20 2 45 Blast Radius 5.5 3 8 7


Picture Name Description Inventory slots Armor Special
Rcr.jpg Reinforced Cargo Racks Phoenix Scarab Hull Upgrade +6
Cfp.jpg Carbon Fiber Plating Phoenix Scarab Hull Upgrade 20 Reduces effect of Acid Damage by half


Picture Name Description Special Speed
Aemm.jpg Advanced Engine Mapping Module Phoenix Scarab Engine Upgrade +6
Rct.jpg Reinforced Caterpillar Tracks Phoenix Scarab Engine Upgrade Allows the Scarab to run over Worms, Mindfraggers and Myrmiddons -6



Picture Name Description Damage Shred Burst Effective range Special AP Ammo capacity Weight
Hailstorm.jpg Hailstorm GT New Jericho Armadillo Gauss Turret 40 5 8 13 2 64 5
Mephisto.jpg Mephistopheles FT New Jericho Armadillo Flame Thrower 80 single shot 12 Blast Radius 3, Fire 40 2 4 5
Purgatory.jpg Purgatory GL New Jericho Armadillo Grenade Launcher Blast 20 5 single shot 40 Blast Radius 3.5, Fire 40 2 4 5


Picture Name Description Special Inventory slots Armor
Rp.jpg Reinforced Plating New Jericho Armadillo Hull Upgrade Reduces effect of Piercing Damage by half
Lap.jpg Lightweight Alloy Plating New Jericho Armadillo Hull Upgrade +3 -10


Picture Name Description Speed
Ast.jpg Armadillo Supercharger Technology New Jericho Armadillo Engine Upgrade +7
Biturbo.jpg Bi-Turbo Engine Upgrade New Jericho Armadillo Engine Upgrade +14



Picture Name Description Damage Burst Effective range Special AP Ammo capacity Weight
Techarm.jpg TECH ARM Synedrion Aspida Tech Arm 10 2 1 Piercing 50, Paralysis 20, Full restore ability 2 12 7
Apollolt.jpg Apollo LT Synedrion Aspida Laser Cannon 120 2 82 2 12 7
Themis.jpg Themis NT Synedrion Aspida Neural Turret 10 4 45 Piercing 60, Paralysis 20 2 16 7


Picture Name Description Special
Improvedchassis.jpg Improved Chassis Synedrion Aspida Hull Upgrade + 1 Seat
Psychic Jammer.jpg Psychic Jammer Synedrion Aspida Hull Upgrade Grants mind control immunity to nearby allies


Picture Name Description Special
Hybrid Engine Technology.jpg Hybrid Engine Technology Synedrion Aspida Engine Upgrade Dash - Move up to half your movement range. Limited to 2 uses per turn.
Experimental Thrusters Technology.jpg Experimental Thrusters Technology Synedrion Aspida Engine Upgrade Leap - Leap to target location within 10 tiles

Kaos Buggy


Kaos Buggy has two weapons in one. One of these weapons is always minigun that is the same for all three weapons. The other weapons varies. During combat player can choose which weapon they want to use.

Picture Name Description Damage Shred Burst Effective range Special AP Ammo capacity Weight
The Vishnu Gun.jpg The Vishnu Gun (Minigun) Kaos Buggy Combined Turret 50 10 8 13 2 64 7
The Vishnu Gun Blast 80 10 single shot 40 Blast Radius 3.5 3 8 7
Screamer.jpg The Screamer (minigun) Kaos Buggy Sonic Turret 50 10 8 13 2 64 7
The Screamer Blast 80 single shot 20 Blast Radius 3.5 Sonic 20 2 4 7
The Fullstop.jpg The Fullstop (minigun) Kaos Buggy Goo Turret 50 10 8 13 2 64 7
The Fullstop single shot 25 Goo 1 2 1 7


Picture Name Description Special Armor
Revised Armor Plating.jpg Revised Armor Plating Kaos Buggy Hull Upgrade Blast Resistance - reduces effect of Blast Damage by half 30
Spiked Armor Plating.jpg Spiked Armor Plating Kaos Buggy Hull Upgrade Spiked Armor - Deals Piercing Damage to the attacker when suffering Melee or Bash attacks 30


Picture Name Description Special Armor Speed
Experimental Exhaust System.jpg Experimental Exhaust System Kaos Buggy Engine Upgrade +5
Jet Boosters.jpg Jet Boosters Kaos Buggy Engine Upgrade Ammo capacity 350 30 +11

Kaos Weapons

Kaos Weapons can be bought only from Kaos Marketplace. They cannot be manufactured. Kaos Weapons are stronger than other weapons but can fumble or explode. They do not have ammo.

Malfunction mechanic

Kaos Weapons have a chance to malfunction upon firing them. All Kaos Weapons start with a base chance to malfunction of 0%. This ensures that the first shot with each weapon will always be successful.

Malfunction usually causes weapon to fumble (Action points are subtracted but weapon does not fire) but when two malfunctions in a row occur the second malfunction will destroy the weapon and cause various effects on the soldier that used the weapon (Acid damage, Blast damage, Poison, etc).

Every time the weapon is fired, a random number is generated. This is checked against the malfunction chance and there are two possible outcomes:

The weapon does not malfunction: In this case, the weapon is successfully fired and its chance to malfunction is increased by 2% (up to a maximum of 40%).

The weapon malfunctions: In this case, the weapon is not fired. Instead, the following rules are observed:

If the previous use of the weapon in the same Tactical mission was successful, the attack is fumbled and the weapon does not fire.

If the previous use of the weapon in the same Tactical mission was a malfunction (fumble), the weapon explodes. This destroys the weapon and applies the Effect when destroyed from the table below to the soldier holding it.

The chance to malfunction is retained between missions. However, the flag that tracks whether the weapon has malfunctioned on its last shot is reset between missions.

Once a shot was fumbled, an indication is shown to the player in the lower right weapon UI panel that the weapon may malfunction again and explode.

List of Kaos Weapons

Picture Name Description Damage Special Burst Effective Range AP Hands to use Weight Effect when destroyed base price range on Kaos Marketplace in Materials
Devastator2.jpg Devastator Kaos Heavy Autocannon 150 Shock 150 2 17 3 2 5 Shock 200 110-220
Subjector2.jpg Subjector Kaos Sniper Rifle 130 Poison 30 single shot 51 3 2 4 Blast damage 20, Poison 20 125-225
Tormentor2.jpg Tormentor Kaos Handgun 50 Piercing 10 2 22 1 1 2 Piercing damage 20 50-125
Redemptor2.jpg Redemptor Kaos Shotgun 50 Acid 5 8 19 2 2 4 Blast damage 10, Acid damage 10 on each body part 100-220
Obliterator2.jpg Obliterator Kaos Assault Rifle 40 Shred 1 8 25 2 2 3 Paralysis 5 75-150

Kaos Buggy

Kaos Buggy stats and its comparison to other vehicles. One advantage of Kaos Buggy that is not captured in this table is that it has 2 weapons (other vehicles have one weapon). Kaos Buggy cannot be manufactured, it can be only bought from Kaos Marketplace.

Name Description Research needed Capacity Speed Hit Points Armor Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials Time in hours with one Fabrication Plant
Armadillocrop.png Armadillo New Jericho Armadillo Ground Vehicle NJ.png

Armadillo development

4 28 1250 31 75 600 5d 8h
Aspida.png Aspida Synedrion Ground Support Vehicle Synedrion.png

Synedrion Aspida development

1 32 700 20 135 630 6d 9h
Scarab.png PX Scarab Phoenix Armored FIghting Vehicle 4 24 900 31 60 480 4d 7h
KB.jpg Kaos Buggy Kaos Ground Combat Vehicle purchasable from Kaos Marketplace 2 21 1540 28 0 350-550 base price 0