Festering Skies

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Festering Skies is DLC 3. It adds air combat, 2 story missions , one mission type (Infested Havens), 23 pieces of research, 15 aircraft weapons, 12 aircraft modules, one new aircraft (Masked Manticore), 3 flying Pandoran enemies on Geoscape with 6 Pandoran aircraft weapons, one new enemy type on Geoscape (Myrmidon), free aircrafts into Phoenix Bases (0 for Legend difficulty, 1 for Hero, 2 for Veteran and 3 for Rookie), and Air force UI tab on Geoscape where you can manage and rename your aircrafts.



Initiating the DLC and starting conditions

To play the DLC you need to purchase and install Festering Skies (which is not part of the Year One Edition released in December 2020), start a new game and make sure that Festering Skies is selected.

It is highly recommended that, at least the first time, you play Festering Skies with the hints and tips on (you can do this in the gameplay options), as these panels are used both to explain essential mechanics and for storytelling purposes.

Special starting conditions:

  1. There is a number of 1pp.png bases with a free Manticore Manticore (depending on difficulty level: 3 on Rookie, 2 on Veteran, 1 on Hero and 0 on Legend). They will have the Manticore Manticore icon next to them on the Geoscape. Remember that you have to research The Phoenix Archives to see the 1pp.png bases on the Geoscape.
  2. There are less haven defense missions.

The DLC starts on January 3rd, with an ominous message from Anu.png Disciples of Anu. Shortly after (January 5th), the Egg arrives with a cutscene. Mount Egg will then appear somewhere near your starting base. You cannot interact with Mount Egg in any way.

On January 9th you will receive a message from Synedrion.png Synedrion and a mission (the Gift), which you will have 15 days to complete.

The Gift mission

You will meet these guys

This mission will be generated at the Synedrion.png haven nearest to your starting base.

Beware that choosing 'START' will commence the mission immediately, without giving you the chance to equip your troops with the usual deployment screen

The mission requires you to reach an evac zone at the other end of the map to escape a Synedrion.png haven under Pandoran attack in a fully armed Manticore. There are a lot of enemy reinforcements on this map, and lot of enemies towards the end of the mission. Don't try to kill them all: the objective is to escape. As all missions of similar type, it's easier with a vehicle.

You can also easily complete the mission with a single Heavy Heavy using Jet Jump

Also, as you get the fully armed Manticore even if you fail, you can sacrifice a single unarmed LVL1 operative

Some things to note:

  1. The aircraft you arrive in is destroyed. This will be told in a tutorial panel (it will say "our transport was lost in the sinkhole").
  2. If you arrive on two or more aircrafts, the last one to arrive and start the mission will be destroyed.

Once you complete the mission, you will be introduced to the aerial combat minigame with a tutorial.

After your complete minigame tutorial your new Manticore (named 'The Gift') will be automatically teleported to the nearest 1pp.png base.

Also, Citizen Eillen (a Synedrion.png SniperSniper) will join your ranks and if there are no available seats on the aircraft, one of your operatives will be teleported to the nearest base.

Aerial minigame

Interception is a fairly straightforward minigame, where two aircrafts face off 1v1 until one aircraft’s hull is destroyed or the player disengages. All human aircraft have slots for 2 weapons and 1 special module, usually a counter to specific type of attack that allows you to ignore it (for example, the starting 1pp.png special module is afterburner, which, while active, makes all visually guided attacks miss the craft).

The minigame starts with the two aircrafts at opposing ends, slowly coming towards one another. You will see weapon ranges displayed for both your equipped weapons and the enemy’s. As either aircraft enters range, weapons will automatically fire against the selected target, and then enter a cooldown state before firing again.

You only have control over what weapons to use and on what (whether on the hull of the enemy craft or on a weapon/module), when to activate the special module (though some are passive and always on), and whether to disengage. This last part is very important: you can press the disengage button at any time to leave the combat in 5 seconds. This can be abused to damage an enemy aircraft using long range weapons, leave the combat before the enemy can respond, and attack again, and so on and so forth.

If your aircraft is destroyed, the operatives on it will take about 100 HP damage each and be automatically teleported to the nearest 1pp.png base.

The Behemoth

Disruption meter of Behemoth can be seen on top of Geoscape
Behemoth on Geoscape

After completing the Gift and the aerial combat tutorial, you will see the Behemoth where Mount Egg used to be. Behemoth spawns either after completing The Gift mission or when the 15 days you have to do the mission expire without doing the mission.

The Behemoth cannot be engaged directly. It roams the land until its 'Disruption meter' is filled up, and then it submerges, to reappear somewhere else some time later (about one week?). While it is roaming the land, it destroys havens, infests them, or damages the districts (on lower difficulties it's more likely that the Behemoth will damage districts, rather than destroy the haven outright).

It also launches Pandoran flyers (of which there are 3 different types) and which will attempt different missions (recon, supply, raid or infestation) on havens and 1pp.png bases (and sometimes other Points of Interest (POI), for no apparent reason)

Disrupting the Behemoth

Once enough disruption points are achieved Behemoth will go back to the ocean for some time. Disruption points are achieved for destroying Pandoran flyers and liberating Infested Havens. Destroying Charun (small flyer) gives 1 disruption point, destroying Berith (medium flyer) gives 2 disruption points, destroying Abaddon (big flyer) gives 4 disruption points, liberating Infested Haven gives 5 disruption points.

If flyer attacks faction haven that has armed faction aircraft above it there will be air battle between the flyer and faction aircraft. If faction aircraft wins this battle and destroys the flyer it will count towards the disruption meter.

Even if not enough disruption points are achieved Behemoth will still go back to the ocean after some time automatically.

Engaging other aircrafts and Pandoran flyers

To engage (initiate the aerial combat minigame) one of your aircraft must be at the same POI and you have to choose the intercept option in the location actions menu.

Note that you cannot engage or otherwise interact with an aircraft or a Pandoran flyer that's not at a POI.

Destroying Pandoran flyers yields resources in the form of Tech Materials or Food, positive attitude adjustment with factions.

Pandoran flyers missions

Recon flight: The Behemoth sends small Pandoran flyers to scount nearby havens.

Supply flight: The Behemoth sends flying Pandorans to raid human settlements and harvest their resources.

Raid flight: The flyer will damage districts at the haven.

Infestation flight: Pandorans spawned from Behemoth will seed corrupting spores and hatch Mindfraggers inside human settlements. The flyer will infest the haven.

Bombardment flight: The largest species of Winged Pandorans will target human settlements for sustained bombardement.

Infested havens

Once the Pandorans evolve Berith (a type of flyer) and Corruption Node, havens may become infested by the Behemoth instead of destroyed or damaged, or by a Berith with an infestation mission.

If a haven is infested, the faction aircraft in it will be taken over by Pandorans, and may be engaged in the aerial minigame and may carry out raid missions on other havens.

To liberate the haven you will have to complete a new tactical mission.

How to destroy the Behemoth

Deploy button location

You have to

  1. complete the Virophage weapons research
  2. carry out Corruption Node Autopsy
  3. research and build a 'Masked Manticore' (requires completing both previous steps and Mutagens)
  4. assault the Behemoth (once the Masked Manticore is selected on the Geoscape, there is a button to the left of the roster that when clicked allows to initiate the mission)

Mutagens can be acquired by destroying Pandoran flyers or infected aircraft over Anu.png Disciples of Anu havens, from captured Pandorans, and in lairs or citadels


Phoenix Project

Phoenix Aerial Combat Program (100)

Px air res.jpg

Prerequisities: Atmospheric analysis is researched. Behemoth has spawned. Behemoth spawns either after completing The Gift mission or when the 15 days you have to do the mission expire without doing the mission.

The attacks of the Behemoth and the lesser flying Pandorans require immediate retaliation. We need to mobilize and arm our Manticore squadron and prepare it for aerial combat.

Our researchers have been tirelessly analyzing intelligence reports, footage, and witness testimonials to learn everything they can about the Behemoth, the newly discovered flying species, and the Festering Skies. The Pandorans seem to be organized by a higher form of intelligence and their flight patterns are far from random. Careful observation of air movements reveals the Pandorans complete very specific objectives such as reconnaissance, raids, and in many cases infestation of human settlements.

Our course of action is clear: arm a squadron of Manticores and systematically attack the Pandoran patrols to prevent their rampage. While we intercept the attacks, a dedicated researcher unit will be working around the clock to study the Pandorans' behavior further and make ongoing improvements to our air-to-air arsenal.

New Items for manufacturing available: Afterburner.jpg Afterburner, Nomad.jpg Nomad AAM, and Orochi.jpg Orochi HC-1

Myrmiddon Egg (100)

Myrmi egg res.jpg

Prerequisities: Myrmiddon Egg was killed

The specimen is a large organic vessel that contains a single Myrmidon. At present, the exact method of how the egg is created and distributed remains unknown.

The specimen’s service has shown resistance to various hostile elements, including acid and poison exposure.

The egg contains strands of insectoid, Pandoran and unknown DNA.

Close observation shows the egg is reactive to approaching humans and even machinery, and the shell serves more like a stasis pod, rather than an incubation or mutation chamber.

Myrmidon Autopsy (100)

Myrmi auto res.jpg

Prerequisities: Myrmiddon was killed

Myrmidons are small and nimble Pandorans often used to support attacks on human settlements.

Summary: Myrmidons are relatively simple organisms, but their group tactics and strategic use of terrain suggests they are guided by some sort of hive mind intelligence. Remarkable feature of their bodies are their light wings capable of performing short-distance flights, making them the perfect reconnaissance trooper for the Pandorans. Their nimble legs provide stability and very fast walking speed. Closer inspection of their internal organs shows close resemblance with various Pandoran worm species.

Genetic origins: 12% oecophylla, 11% brachyura, 12% annelida, 65% unknown

Function: This small Pandoran mutation seems to excel in supporting raids by flanking targets and securing strategic zones.

Offensive mutations: Capable of releasing dangerous gas explosions.

Defensive mutations: These creatures move in large numbers but attack in groups of few, strategically reinforcing certain areas.

Mobility: Very nimble and capable of short-distance flight

Weakness: Vulnerable to gunfire

Corruption Node Autopsy (300)

Node res.jpg

Prerequisities: Corruption Node was killed (Corruption Node appears on every Infested Haven mission).

Specimen: CORRUPTION NODE A species that look utterly alien, even compared to other highly mutated Pandorans. Its unusual anatomy and powerful brain activity, even after its death, need to be carefully studied.

Summary: The first Corruption Node was discovered shortly after the emergence of the Behemoth, and our scientists speculate there is a strong connection between it and the Festering Skies. The shape of the creature is alien and unnatural, and the vast majority of its DNA structure does not resemble anything we've previously observed. Pandoran specialists speculate this creature is the most advanced form of Pandoravirus mutation, something the Disciples of Anu often refer to as "The True Form". It exhibits a very advanced and powerful form of intelligence, though all attempts to communicate with it, or even catch one alive, have been futile. All unarmed humans in contact with a Corruption Node have been telepathically overpowered to the point of complete loss of free will and their settlements overtaken.

Genetic origins: 6% teuthida, 5% octopoda, 2% caudata, 9% human, 78% unknown

Function: Attaches to human facilities to create some sort of symbiotic connection. Its powerful telepathic emission can mind-control humans and even take over human technology, something we haven't seen other Pandoran species attempt.

Offensive mutations: Takes over and controls entire human settlements and technology, including aircraft.

Defensive mutations: Spreads viral agents around it's body to fend off attackers.

Mobility: Once attached, the body remains completely immobile.

Weakness: It seems to have one-sided telepathic connection with its victims. Once the body is dead, all mind-control connection with all entities is broken.

Masked Manticore (1500)

Masked res.jpg

Prerequisities: Virophage weapons and Corruption Node Autopsy are researched.

Using the experimental fusion of alloys and Pandoran DNA will allow us to reach the Festering Skies undetected.

One of our laboratories dedicated to studying the Festering Skies has recently made an exceptional breakthrough - a way to fuse Pandoran DNA with aircraft alloy. Influenced by the Tiamat technology that fuses living flesh with machinery, our team has perfected the method and added one huge advantage - testing proves that Pandorans can't distinguish the material from their own flesh.

This powerful technology now allows us to construct a new kind of masked aircraft and fly it straight to the Festering Skies without being attacked from all sides.

Let's just hope that other factions share our enthusiasm for this genius contraption. If not, we'll have yet another airborne enemy to worry about.

New Item for manufacturing available: Masked manti.jpeg Masked Manticore

Escape Pods (100)

Pods res.jpg

Prerequisities: Human population census is researched and Phoenix Aerial Combat Program is researched.

This upgrade will protect all Phoenix operatives even if a Manticore is shot down from the sky.

The PX Manticore aircraft is regarded as one of the safest state-of-the-art flying machines, and for a good reason. In times of crisis, our new escape pod models provide means of timely emergency ejection and safe landing for every onboard operative. Even if the machine is completely destroyed the odds of survival of the crew are practically guaranteed.

New Item for manufacturing available: Escape pods.jpg Escape Pods

Flares (200)

Flares res.jpg

Prerequisities: Phoenix Aerial Combat Program and Myrmidon Autopsy are researched.

We can employ some of our knowledge of Pandoran biochemistry to significantly upgrade our flare fuel.

The Pandoran species known as Myrmidons are a recent discovery, but our scientist are putting it to good use. Using biochemical analysis of their entrails, we were able to synthesize a high-energy flare fuel that bursts with blinding light upon ignition. Using this technology, we designed specialized rockets that can be used not only as a signaling mechanism, but as an effective distraction to airborne enemies.

New Item for manufacturing available: Flares.jpg Flares

Brokkr AC-3 (250)

Brokkr res.jpg

Prerequisities: Phoenix Aerial Combat Program and Pandoran Spawnery are researched.

Standard issue Manticore autocannon.

A perfect compliment to the Nomad air-to-air missiles, the Brokkr Autocannon provides suppressing fire and is often employed to force the enemy to partake in unfavourable maneuvers to avoid the threat.

New Item for manufacturing available: Brokr.jpg Brokkr AC-3

Fenrir RC-7 (1000)

Fenrir res.jpg

Prerequisities: Phoenix Aerial Combat Program and Virophage weapons are researched.

A powerful Manticore virophage rotary cannon

Our Aerial Combat Program team of researches has been employing data gathered from recent dogfight engagements in the air to develop a brand new style of weapon. The Fenrir RC-7, named after its characteristic burst of seven virophage-infused projectiles, is sure to increase our effectiveness when fighting airborne Pandorans.

New Item for manufacturing available: Fenrir.jpg Fenrir RC-7

Thunderbolt HC-9 (1000)

Thunder res.jpg

Prerequisities: New Jericho Air Force Division and Advanced Laser Technology are researched.

A powerful electrolaser weapon developed by New Jericho experts and based on Synedrion technology.

The "threat from above" has made the Synedrion even more open to information-sharing and cooperation, and this has gotten the attention of New Jericho. The two, together with a team of Phoenix engineers have been hard at work perfecting a Synedrion-patent laser guiding system. Using the core principles of electrolaser guidance in combination with extremely powerful New Jericho generators, our joint team has successfully developed the state-of-the-art Thunderbolt HC-9.

It's rumored that Tobias West himself, who was actively involved in the project, has begun referring to the weapon as "the pinnacle of air-to-air warfare".

New Item for manufacturing available: Thunderbolt.jpg Thunderbolt HC-9

Hand of Tyr (1000)

Tyr res.jpg

Prerequisities: New Jericho Air Force Division and Advanced Shredding Technology are researched.

Through an uncharacteristic sharing of valuable know-how between us, New Jericho, and the Disciples of Anu, our joint team has developed a unique aircraft weapon.

To Synedrion's great disbelief, the Disciples of Anu, New Jericho, and the Phoenix Project have been actively cooperating on the design and construction of a brand new weapon pattern.

Project "Hand of Tyr" is based on hypersonic technology that we successfully developed in conjunction with New Jericho tech experts and invaluable, if at times frustrating, guidance by a clique of innovation-minded priests of Anu.

One particularly excited engineer has jokingly proclaimed she's found the key to uniting two rival factions - a shared love for destruction.

New Item for manufacturing available: Tyr.jpg Hand of Tyr

Disciples of Anu

Anu Winged aircraft doctrine (100)

Anu winged res.jpg

Prerequisities: Behemoth has spawned. Behemoth spawns either after completing The Gift mission or when the 15 days you have to do the mission expire without doing the mission.

The Gospel of the Exalted warns of a "great enemy in the sky" and offers clear instructions for waging aerial warfare.

The Disciples of Anu have completed one of their most sacred rituals - the Rite of Winged Warfare.

The Gospel of the Exalted instructs this doctrine should be set in motion only if a great danger must be met high in the air. The rite includes anointments of airships for war and inscriptions of weaponry with oaths of vengeance. Multiple choirs of young children take turns chanting for days on end until the ceremony is complete.

New Items for manufacturing available: Bulk.jpg Reinforced Bulkheads, Ravager.jpg Ravager, and Ninurta.jpg Ninurta's Mace

Oracle (1500)

Oracle res.jpg

Prerequisities: Anu priest class is researched

A special Disciples of Anu module granting weapons psychic guidance in battle

The pinnacle of Anu innovation is appropriately dubbed the Oracle. Its complicated operation requires the following of specific installation procedures and spiritual attunement only performed by high priests. Once operational, the module allows a priest to telepathically guide air-to-air missiles in battle, rendering conventional countermeasures useless and making Anu a force to be reckoned with in aerial warfare.

New Item for manufacturing available: Oracle.jpg Oracle

Ishara's Bane (1000)

Ishara res.jpg

Prerequisities: Mutog War Beast is researched

Disciples of Anu Mutog catapult

Hardly any other air-to-air contraption has stirred as much discussion among the scientific society as Ishara's Bane. Using live Mutogs as a weapon of aerial conflict has ran the gamut from praise of genius to outrage questioning the practice's humanity and even sanity.

So far, Anu priests have been closely monitoring the ongoing conversation on the subject - mostly for personal amusement, rather than public relations or scientific progress.

New Item for manufacturing available: Ishara.jpg Ishara's Bane

ECM Jammer (0)

Ecm res.jpg

Prerequisities: Advanced Tiamat Development is researched

Electromagnetic jammer module used to disable radar-guided missiles

The successful use of electromagnetic jammer technology is not something the enemies of Anu expect to see in combat, and that's where the genius of the device lies. Usable at short ranges, this special module completely shuts down radar guidance systems, making even the most advanced air-to-air warheads practically unusable.

New Item for manufacturing available: Ecmjam.jpg ECM Jammer

New Jericho

New Jericho Air Force Division (100)

Air force divi res.jpg

Prerequisities: Behemoth has spawned. Behemoth spawns either after completing The Gift mission or when the 15 days you have to do the mission expire without doing the mission.

Tobias West has ordered the formation of the New Jericho Air Force Division tasked with taking on the new airborne threat. It appears the program has been secretly in development for years and only now revealed to the public.

While ground warfare remains New Jericho's preferred method of Pandoran destruction, the faction has invested heavily in an Air Force Division. For the past few years their own innovation team, partnered with a collective of external researchers, has reached great progress in perfecting air-to-air weaponry, extra-light armor plating and arming a large Thunderbird squadron for aerial conflict.

In a publicly broadcast speech, Tobias West has expressed great satisfaction with the developments of the Air Force program and announced a large military parade where he will personally test pilot a brand new Thunderbird pattern aircraft.

New Items for manufacturing available: Marauder.jpg Marauder AC-4, Gadfly.jpg Gadfly RC-6, and Armor plates.jpg Armor plates

Fuel Tank (250)

Fuel tank res.jpg

Prerequisities: Armadillo development is researched

This efficient module allows the aircraft to travel greater distances, while only negligibly increasing its overall weight

Modern flight technology owes a big part of its development to earlier discoveries made for efficient land travel. One such discovery is efficient fuel consumption. Applying principles first tested on Armadillo armored transports, New Jericho aircraft can now optimize fuel consumption to drastically improve the range of its flying war machines.

New Item for manufacturing available: Fuel tank.jpg Fuel Tank

Cruise Control (250)

Cruise res.jpg

Prerequisities: Production Robotics is researched

This superior navigation AI system allows aircraft to move faster and find optimal routes across enemy-infested skies.

Even if a machine's construction is flawless, there is always one big weakness in any navigation system - the human factor. Even the most experienced pilots are known to make impulsive decisions in times of crisis. Luckily, New Jericho's improved AI takes the emotion out of the equation and makes sure every route selected is optimized. Using this tech, our aircraft can now reach their destinations faster, taking into account factors such as weather and even the presence of enemies.

New Item for manufacturing available: Cruise.jpg Cruise Control

Armageddon AAM (1000)

Armageddon res.jpg

Prerequisities: Project Nemesis is researched

The proudest invention of the New Jericho Air Force wears a name appropriate to its destructive firepower.

New Jericho spares no expense or man-hours when it comes to improving its arsenal. Since the launch of the Air Force program, researchers have been exploring numerous ways of making their most powerful warheads light enough to be carried by aircraft and launched at close targets. By all accounts, they've succeeded.

The Armageddon air-to-air missile is the pinnacle of New Jericho innovation and their ultimate answer to any and all airborne threats to humanity.

New Item for manufacturing available: Armageddon.jpg Armageddon AAM


Synedrion Sky Defense Ops (100)

Sky ops res.jpg

Prerequisities: Behemoth has spawned. Behemoth spawns either after completing The Gift mission or when the 15 days you have to do the mission expire without doing the mission.

The Synedrion are deeply concerned about the Festering Skies and the unknown dangers they hide. In a rare display of almost unanimous agreement, they've elected a team of highly skilled pilots to form the Sky Defense Operation Corps.

The emergence of the Behemoth and the aerial raids on human settlements immediately became Synedrion's number one concern. Despite their great discomfort in making decisions in haste, an ad hoc council had to be quickly elected, agree on a strategy, and set a course of action. Luckily, petty debates and interpersonal conflicts among council members were kept to a minimum. After a thoughtful and productive conversation, the council agreed that the skies belong to all humans, and protecting them is the only way to ensure prosperity.

Some of the most talented engineers from across the globe were summoned and provided with extensive funding to equip Synedrion aircraft for combat. The Sky Defense Ops amassed popularity in a matter of days and became celebrated as heroes of progress and defenders of humanity.

New Items for manufacturing available: Fire supres.jpg Fire Suppression System, Artemis.jpg Artemis MK.1 and Prometheus.jpg Prometheus AAM<

Hibernation Pods (0)

Hiber res.jpg

Prerequisities: Synedrion Sky Defense Ops and Nuclear Fusion Technology are researched.

Synedrion's advanced hibernation pod technology allows soldiers to effectively rest and recuperate mid-air.

Probably inspired by the advanced Pandoran egg evolutions, Synedrion researchers have been able to recreate the invigorating effect of stasis sleep in the form of hibernation pod chambers. Compact enough to be included in every type of aircraft, this miraculous invention allows personnel to fall in deep slumber for short durations of time while the onboard navigation AI is taking the aircraft to its destination. Some soldiers have been expressing a preference for the pods over standard military beds, affectionately calling the facility "the blanket fort".

New Item for manufacturing available: Hibernation pods.jpg Hibernation Pods

Medusa AAM (500)

Medusa res.jpg

Prerequisities: Advanced Nanotechnology is researched

Synedrion's special EMP air-to-air missile

Based on electromagnetic pulse technology, this weapon is dedicated to seeking and destroying heavy machinery and electronics. While the Synedrion have been known to occasionally share such weapons with allies, the exact construction method and associated documentation are kept in utmost confidentiality. EMP tech is a prize possession that's earned, never granted.

New Item for manufacturing available: Medusa.jpg Medusa AAM

Security Station (500)

Security res.jpg

Prerequisities: Medical Nanites is researched

A complex security system protecting aircraft from bioweapon attacks.

Synedrion is very serious about the wellbeing of their people and is especially sensitive to bioweapon attacks, condemning them as war crimes. To prevent incidents, many Helios-pattern aircraft come equipped with a complex line of internal defenses, including modified weathertight doors and automated, motion-sensitive security drones. The network is capable of withstanding and neutralizing various biological weapon attacks, including even the Disciples of Anu's unorthodox use of Mutogs for aerial warfare.

New Item for manufacturing available: Security.jpg Security Station

Masked Manticore

Masked Manticore is simillar to Manticore with 2 exceptions: It has capacity 8 (Manticore has capacity 6) and it costs 500 Mutagens.

It can be used to land on Behemoth (once the Masked Manticore is selected on the Geoscape, there is a button to the left of the roster that when clicked allows to initiate the mission).

Name Description Research needed Capacity Speed Range Durability Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials Manufacturing cost in Mutagens Time in hours with one Fabrication Plant
MaskedManticore transparent uinomipmaps.png Masked Manticore Phoenix Air Vehicle 1pp.png

Masked Manticore

8 500 2500 750 68 1215 500 10 days 13 hours

Aircraft equipment

Aircraft Weapons

Each human aircraft can be equipped with two weapons.

Aircraft Weapons
Name Description Research needed Damage Special Burst Ammo capacity Cooldown Hit Points Range Accuracy Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials Manufacturing cost in Mutagens Time in hours with one Fabrication Plant
Weapons using Visual Guidance
Ravager.jpg Ravager Anu Ramming Module Anu.png

Anu Winged aircraft doctrine

200 Schock damage 400 1 99 5 seconds 250 200 65 % 0 250 2 days 12 hours
Ninurta.jpg Ninurta's Mace Anu Heavy Cannon Anu.png

Anu Winged aircraft doctrine

100 7 98 10 seconds 250 800 50 % 5 260 2 days 12 hours
Marauder.jpg Marauder AC-4 New Jericho Railgun NJ.png

New Jericho Air Force Division

120 Ignores Armor 1 15 13 seconds 250 1700 80 % 40 200 2 days 22 hours
Brokr.jpg Brokkr AC-3 Phoenix Autocannon 1pp.png

Brokkr AC-3

100 3 90 7 seconds 250 1300 50 % 15 125 1 day 21 hours
Orochi.jpg Orochi HC-1 Phoenix Heavy Cannon 1pp.png

Phoenix Aerial Combat Program

180 Schock Damage 360 1 30 13 seconds 150 1300 65 % 5 100 1 day 6 hours
Weapons using Heat Guidance
Gadfly.jpg Gadfly RC-6 New Jericho Fury Pod NJ.png

New Jericho Air Force Division

110 6 60 13 seconds 250 800 65 % 45 240 2 days 22 hours
Fenrir.jpg Fenrir RC-7 Virophage Rotary Cannon 1pp.png

Fenrir RC-7

60 Virophage Damage 60 7 98 13 seconds 350 800 65 % 30 50 200 3 days 18 hours
Ishara.jpg Ishara's Bane Anu Mutog catapult Anu.png

Ishara's Bane

Bioweapon damage 40 1 6 20 seconds 250 1400 50 % 0 100 150 2 days 12 hours
Weapons using Radar Guidance
Thunderbolt.jpg Thunderbolt HC-9 Electrolaser Heavy cannon 1pp.png

Thunderbolt HC-9

150 Shred damage 20 1 30 10 seconds 350 1700 95 % 200 60 3 days 18 hours
Nomad.jpg Nomad AAM Phoenix Air-to-Air Missile 1pp.png

Phoenix Aerial Combat Program

140 Shred damage 10 1 30 13 seconds 150 1600 80 % 20 100 1 day 1 hour
Medusa.jpg Medusa AAM Synedrion EMP missile Synedrion.png

Medusa AAM

120 EMP Damage 240 1 12 20 seconds 350 1400 80 % 160 70 2 days 17 hours
Artemis.jpg Artemis MK.1 Synedrion Laser Gun Synedrion.png

Synedrion Sky Defense Ops

80 1 50 5 seconds 250 1850 95 % 90 50 2 days 17 hours
Prometheus.jpg Prometheus AAM Synedrion Incinerator missile Synedrion.png

Synedrion Sky Defense Ops

120 Incendiary damage 40 1 6 26 seconds 250 1200 80 % 130 70 2 days 17 hours
Tyr.jpg Hand of Tyr Hypersonic Missile 1pp.png

Hand of Tyr

300 Schock damage 600 1 12 13 seconds 350 1600 80 % 120 300 3 days 18 hours
Armageddon.jpg Armageddon AAM New Jericho Tactical Nuclear Missile NJ.png

Armageddon AAM

800 1 1 40 seconds 350 900 100 % 50 600 5 days
Name Description Research needed Damage Special Burst Ammo capacity Cooldown Hit Points Range Accuracy Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials Manufacturing cost in Mutagens Time in hours with one Fabrication Plant

Aircraft Modules

Each human aircraft can be equipped with one module

Aircraft Modules
Name Description Research needed Function Hit Points Charges Duration / Preparation Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials Manufacturing cost in Mutagens Time in hours with one Fabrication Plant
Weapon Counters
Flares.jpg Flares Infrared Countermeasures 1pp.png


Counters heat-guided weapons 250 5 10 seconds duration 30 120 3 days 18 hours
Afterburner.jpg Afterburner Evasion Countermeasures 1pp.png

Phoenix Aerial Combat Program

Counters visual-guided weapons 150 5 10 seconds duration 50 250 3 days 18 hours
Fire supres.jpg Fire Suppression System Fire Countermeasures Synedrion.png

Synedrion Sky Defense Ops

Counters Fire weapons and Provides 20 additional armor 250 5 3 seconds preparation 25 125 2 days 17 hours
Security.jpg Security Station Bioweapon countermeasures Synedrion.png

Security Station

Counters bioweapons and Provides 200 additional hull points 250 5 3 seconds preparation 35 150 2 days 17 hours
Ecmjam.jpg ECM Jammer Radar Countermeasures Anu.png

ECM Jammer

Counters radar-guided weapons 250 5 10 seconds duration 70 250 2 days 12 hours
Oracle.jpg Oracle Anu Guidance module Anu.png


Provides weapons with psychic guidance 350 30 100 100 6 days 6 hours
Bulk.jpg Reinforced Bulkheads Anu Defensive Module Anu.png

Anu Winged aircraft doctrine

Provides 500 additional Hull Points 250 0 360 2 days 12 hours
Fuel tank.jpg Fuel Tank New Jericho Navigation Module NJ.png

Fuel Tank

Geoscape range increased by 500 250 10 250 2 days 22 hours
Cruise.jpg Cruise Control New Jericho Navigation Module NJ.png

Cruise Control

Geoscape speed increased by 100 250 50 160 2 days 22 hours
Armor plates.jpg Armor plates New Jericho Defensive Module NJ.png

New Jericho Air Force Division

Provides 50 additional armor 250 20 450 2 days 22 hours
Escape pods.jpg Escape Pods Phoenix Safety module 1pp.png

Escape Pods

Protects onboard personnel if the aircraft is destroyed 250 20 100 1 day 21 hours
Hibernation pods.jpg Hibernation Pods Crew recuperation module Synedrion.png

Hibernation Pods

Onboard personnel recovers Stamins 250 50 250 2 days 17 hours
Name Description Research needed Function Hit Points Charges Duration / Preparation Manufacturing cost in Tech Manufacturing cost in Materials Manufacturing cost in Mutagens Time in hours with one Fabrication Plant


Pandoran Flyers

There are 3 types of Pandoran flyers. They always carry the same ammount of weapons, has same number of Hit Points and award same number of Behemoth disruption points for destroying them. They can have different weapons.

Geoscape picture Name Icon Hit Points Number of weapons Disruption points awarded
Pandoran flyers
Charungeo.jpg Charun Enemy ModuleIcon FlyerSmall ui.png 500 2 1
Berithgeo.jpg Berith Enemy ModuleIcon FlyerMedium ui.png 750 4 2
Abaddongeo.jpg Abaddon Enemy ModuleIcon FlyerLarge ui.png 1500 6 4

Pandoran Aircraft Weapons

Pandorans do not use modules but only weapons. There are 6 Pandoran Aircraft Weapons and three of them use visual guidance. Visually targeted weapons can be countered by Afterburner module.

Pandoran Aircraft Weapons
Picture Name Description Damage Special Burst Ammo capacity Cooldown Hit Points Range Accuracy
Weapons using Visual Guidance
Module ALN Spit ui.png Acid Spit Pandoran air-to-air weapon 0 Acid damage 50 1 99 20 seconds 150 1400 65 %
Module ALN Spikes ui.png Spikes Pandoran long range air-to-air weapon 80 3 99 10 seconds 150 1700 50 %
Module ALN Ram ui.png Ram Pandoran air-to-air close quarters weapon 200 Schock damage 400 1 99 5 seconds 250 200 65 %
Weapons using Heat Guidance
Module ALN Napalm Breath ui.png Napalm Breath Pandoran incendiary air-to-air weapon 80 Incendiary damage 40 1 99 10 seconds 250 800 100 %
Weapons using Psychic Guidance
Module ALN Tick ui.png Tick Pandoran air-to-air bioweapon 0 Bioweapon damage 40 1 99 20 seconds 350 1400 50 %
Weapons using Radar Guidance
Module ALN Void Chamber ui.png Void Chamber Pandoran air-to-air weapon 400 1 99 20 seconds 350 1400 65 %
Picture Name Description Damage Special Burst Ammo capacity Cooldown Hit Points Range Accuracy


Venomous Myrmidon
Acid Myrmidon
Worm icon.png Swarmers
Stats Stats Stats
HP Will Points Movement Accuracy Perception Stealth HP Will Points Movement Accuracy Perception Stealth HP Will Points Movement Accuracy Perception Stealth
180 18 20 200 22 0 250 22 24 200 22 0 320 26 28 200 22 0

Take Flight: fly 20 tiles for 3 AP

Take Flight: fly 20 tiles for 3 AP

Take Flight: fly 20 tiles for 3 AP

Explodes: Does Blast Damage 32 in a 3 tile radius and Poison Damage 50 upon death

Explodes: Does Blast Damage 32 in a 3 tile radius and Acid Damage 50 upon death