Activating console

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Phoenix Point has console for cheating that is also useful for testing or troubleshooting. This console is disabled by default for retail builds but can be activated like this:

Option 1: With keyboard

Start the game and once in-game press following on your keyboard in succession: Up down left right snapshot

Option 2: with autoexec.cfg

Open notepad or any other software that allows you to create text documents. Create a new document. Add only this sentence into the document:

disable_console_access = false

Save the document and name it autoexec.cfg

Alternatively you can download this autoexec.cfg file from here:

Move this document to your Phoenix Point root folder. Where this folder is depends on where you installed Phoenix Point but for example default path for Steam installation is most likely: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Phoenix Point\

Opening console

After activating console either via option 1 or option 2 start Phoenix Point and press ~ in-game to open the console. It depends on what kind of keyboard you have but it is the button under Escape which is the same button as for console in Counter Strike / Half life. In case it does not work try to change your keyboard to an English one.

List of console commands

Community created list of console commands can be found here:

Looks like it was created by someone with nickname Jester814 so thank you Jester814.


This is how the console looks
Where to put autoexec.cfg. Note: This is not default install path but one I chosed myself